Friday, December 14, 2012

VSF: Texas Tea in China - The Republic Strikes Back!

The Republic of Texas sent an aether ship and a platoon of soldiers to Hong Kong, China to investigate the alledged kidnapping of Texas import millionaire, R. George Burt.  The Hong Kong Expedition arrived at Mr. Burts warehouse on the western outskirts of Hong Kong close to the silk farms where he purchased his inventory.  Lt. Don Gobel leads a squad of soldiers down to investigate the charred remains of the building once known as Burt Far Asia Imports.
Initial deployment.  Boxers on the left, Texans on the right.

Lt. Gobel's squad investigates the ruined warehouse while
 Sgt. Holcomb's squad waits on the aether ship. 

RTAS Auston with sailors and soldiers of the Hong Kong Expedition.

Nationalist Chinese Boxers.

Boxers spot the hovering aether ship and advance to kill more foreigners.

Seeing the advance Lt. Gobel's soldiers on the ground and his men
and sailors in the aether ship fire on the advancing Boxers killing 4.

Boxers in their frenzy charging the warehouse.  While his squad shoots
 them down, Lt. Gobel orders Sgt Holcomb to burn down
 the Boxer Communal Hall and for his men on the
ground to "FIX BAYONETS!"

Texas Sailors maneuver the aether ship over the Boxer communal hall.

Boxers dying at the feet of the Texans!

Sgt Holcomb and a trooper set fire to the Boxer hall.

Crazed boxers charge in and kill 2 Texans in bloody hand to hand combat.

The RTAS Auston circles back to the warehouse to find
 Lt. Gobel with 3 of his soldiers left holding the
warehouse surrounded by dead Boxers.
The three dead Texas soldiers are, Pvt. Emilio Guiterez, Pvt. John Bach, Pfc William Bell.  All three were buried at sea on the return trip with full military honors.  Lt. Don Gobel and his Hong Kong Expedition were treated as heroes upon their safe landing in Corpus Christi.  All were awarded Expedition medals created for the raid, and some will soon see promotion!  Lt. Gobel and the 4 surviving soldiers of his squad were all awarded The Crockett Star for bravery in combat.

The battle was fought using my Bush War FUBAR mod.  The Boxers were classed as Green d6 troops, with the Texans as Seasoned d8 troops.

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