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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Points values assigned to soldiers of Bush War FUBAR.

d6 = 1
d8 = 2
d10 = 3
d12 = 4

Simple enough?  Now multiply that by the number of Attack Dice for their weapons. So an d8 soldier with a laser rifle would cost 2 points.  A squad of 5 soldiers with laser rifles cost 10 points.  Same squad but 1 with a LMG 12 points, the extra die for the LMG adds another 2 points.

Vehicles:  As above but per weapon.

Friday, September 20, 2013

WWII: Brigadier General Playtest in 10mm Germans and French.

I bought two 10mm WW2 armies at Recruits, 1 German and 1 French for one low $20 price.  They were already painted and based ready for battle and more importantly based up right for our new rules, Brigadier General.  So I ran a playtest today of Brigadier using these new minis.  Here is my report.  Very enjoyable game with more insights into the Brigadier system.  So glad I bought these minis.

Some Brigadier terms used int his battle:  HQ = General, INF = Infantry, HW = Heavy Weapons, REC = Recon, ART = Artillery, LAR = Light Armor, AR = Armor.

The battle lines are drawn.  The German Solo-AI deployed their REC, LAR and an AR on
 their right flank with two AR on their left with their HQ, ART and INF with HW in the center.

The German Force.

View from the French HQ.

End of first turn.  The AR at the top of the picture clash.

Alternate view.

Alternate View.

Alternate view.

View from the German HQ.

2 French AR hit the lone advancing German AR and produce a hit on them.

German REC races forward in an attempt to get behind our HQ and cut the French lines, the
French LAR takes out the REC with accurate devastating fire power.

End of turn 2.  Fatigue points can be seen popping up here and there.

The 2 opposing infantry battalions with HW support draw close, while artillery from
 both sides rain down.

German and French AR meet up for a gruelling battle.  In the picture you will notice
 the French REC has managed to get in behind the German AR and cut their supply line.
 1 German AR company is destroyed.
The far most flank German AR takes a heavy beating and is forced to pull back,
meanwhile the French attack continues.

With their supply lines cut the German AR at the top cannot remove
 their fatigue points and the French are coming.  However the German LAR at bottom
 is pushing back the French LAR.

End of the turn.

Now the tide starts to turn, the French win initiative and advance to take out the lone
 and depleted German AR destroying them.

The French Infantry boldly advance but take a beating. A long German AR manages
 to sneak in and attack the French HW in the flank forcing them to stop their INF
 support and deal with the AR.

The German AR being caught up in the battle gets bested by the French HW teams
 on daring do or die exploits.

Another Element lost for the Germans.  Things are going badly for them.

End of the battle.  The German commander though valiant has lost the field and
 has ordered his last 6 elements to retreat.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

WWII: My Second World War Campaign Scrapbook

As I mentioned before I am going to keep a scrapbook of my WW2 campaign for fun and just in case blogger were to ever disappear.  Here are the pages thus far.