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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

National Assembly and the Chancellery Work On 2015 Budget

KOENIGSBERG, Prussia (AP) The ministers of the National Assembly and the Chancellery have spent the past few days working on compromises on the budget for the new year. At the forefront of this years budget is military spending & infrastructure. The nation will celebrate its fifth year in existence which means that there are thousands of people now eligible for citizenship having completed their 5th year of service to the Republic.

Ministers from the coastal areas are clamoring for 7 million marks for infrastructure projects that are seen as crucial in their areas. They have been pushing hard for the money the past 6 months.  Also speculation is brewing on whether the PDF commander Major General Paul von Lettow might retire and take up politics.
Some in the Chancellors bloc have suggested that a promotion might be in order to keep him content in the military and out of political life.

The Citizens Voice has been given a copy of the first proposed draft budget from an unnamed ministers aide. Here are a few of the big budget items on the proposal.

  • PM-7,000,000 for coastal infrastructure projects.
  • PM-10,000,000 military arms for the heinleinist faction in Mafeking.
  • PM-1,000,000,000 defense spending increase.
  • PM-230,000,000 military advisory committee budget.
  • PM-260,000,000 roads & highway maintenance.
  • PM-68,000,000 military academy spending increase.

Other items with no specific amount listed are:

  • An endowment for the National Library.
  • An endowment for the National Museum of the Arts.

Other legislation attached:

  • Expansion of the Republic Farm Bureau geared towards an increase in homegrown crops & animals.
  • Review of the Republic Service Centers Administration Board.
  • Also a section entitled Area 511 was included but was blacked out to hide its contents.

Friday, December 12, 2014

1/72 French Imperial Guard Base Assembly Muster & Base Testing

Picked up 200+ bods for $10. From these I picked these models out to serve in what will be my first Napoleonic French Army. I still haven't decided what the army composition will be but the Imperial Guard will be a crucial part of it. Probably 2 to 4 elements out of a total of 13 with baggage.  Anyway without further adieu here are my IG bods.

50mm x 40mm base.

50mm x 40mm base.

50mm x 40mm base.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Latest Additions...

Bods from this box set will be used in VSF, colonial
 and fantasy wargaming.

Bods from this set will become "Red Martian" for VSF.

Some of these bods will serve in the Royal Army of the
Principality of Huack, others will serve elsewhere.

Battle of Prairie Grove Reenactment 2014

Attended the 2014 Battle of Prairie Grove. Absolutely loved it. The cannon fire would shake the ground. I asked a union artilleryman about the costs behind it and he said each shot fired costs the battery $12. My video is not the best, made it with my cell phone and had to hold it up high which resulted in a little shaking.