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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Metrics for the Craft.

Happy New Year!  Here are my totals for 2015.  Painting was down a bit (-8) from last years total as was the number of battles fought (-9). I attribute most of this to buying and moving into our new home in the mid-Fall. On a personal note I had set 15 goals for myself during the year and I met or exceeded 10 of them. I have now set 16 for 2016.  Best wishes to all for a joyous and safe new year.

1/600: 23
10mm: 39
15mm: 1
1/72: 7
25mm: 4
Terrain/Acc: 4

Total Painted: 78

Star Wars: 3
World War II: 10
WWII Naval: 5
Colonial: 1
Sci-Fi: 1
SYW: 1
Fantasy: 3
Ancients: 4
Angola Bush War: 1

Year Total: 29

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

WW2 First Game of Tiger Leader the Solitaire Game by DVG.

Had a go at Tiger Leader yesterday and finished up today. The game seems very clunky. I went online and there are many who share that opinion. DVG released an update kit PDF for it which helps some. However there is a night and day difference in some units. Take the Pz1 for example in the box set the Pz1 hits on a 9+ and has a bonus of +2 per die roll vs Infantry. In the update this was changed to a 6+ to hit with a -1 penalty for moving and now feature a defense of 1. And defense has been moved from the "to hit" part of combat to a saving roll. So a Pz1 in the open that hasn't moved will need to roll a 1 on a 10 sided die to save a hit.

Overall it wasn't very enjoyable. Also it came with a big price tag which seems a bit off given all of the trouble that game has had thus far. However there were some things I liked. Once the bullets started flying I had some commanders that were KIA and wounded from battle. This is a new aspect of wargaming for me. Which I find a interesting. I also like how the campaign progresses. However after the first battle my kampfgruppe was basically done for. We suffered heavy casualties up against the first battalion that I didn't have enough units left to continue the campaign. Something doesn't feel write about the enemy battalion card draw. I may not have read it correctly but selecting 23 points of enemy battalion cards is a LOT of units to fight against.

I am going to look at some ways to modify the game to my liking. I will probably borrow quite a bit from Memoir '44.

Monday, December 21, 2015

1/600 Desert Battlefield Part 4 Finished

Now that the dust is starting to settle from the home purchase/move. I found some time today to complete my 1/600 Desert Battlefield. The pictures don't show it very well but the oasis has a water effect in it. I used tacky glue for the water. This project ticks off a check on the Painting Pledge for the year.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

First Game of Bolt Action

Visited my FLGS Fort Z in Fayetteville and took in a game of Bolt Action. It has some very interesting concepts. The local gaming club is running this on Friday nights. I've decided I will join them once or twice a month and will start with Italians.

Heer soldiers in control of the Allied objective.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Terrain: Isandlwana Battlefield

I am attempting to craft a battlefield and match it to Isandlwana as closely as my skills will allow. I am debating on whether to use a dark brown or black as the undercoat. The foam board came from a box at work and measures just under 2'x3'.

Monday, August 31, 2015

WW2 15mm German Army Reinforcements

I added two more units to my 15mm OHW German Army. The additional infantry unit wasn't thought out very well. I had the models and the extra base so I threw them together before realizing I already had 4 units of infantry already.

WW2 10mm German Army

I have shown pictures of this army in battle reports but never posted a showcase of it. It is my intention to use this army for One Hour Wargames, my own Brigadier General wargame and future games of Weird War II.

WW2 10mm French Army

I have shown pictures of this army in battle reports but never posted a showcase of it. It is my intention to use this army for One Hour Wargames, my own Brigadier General wargame and future games of Weird War II.

Friday, August 28, 2015

WW2: One Hour Wargames - Delaying Action at Wassuphomi Pass, North Africa

I wanted to test out my new damage marker system and my recently rebased 15mm WW2 models and come up with a delaying action battle scenario. The American force is trying to hold up the advancing German Army. The Americans have 2 infantry and 1 artillery unit. The Germans go first and start the game with 2 advancing infantry units. One the next turn they gain 2 more units and 2 more the next. The goal of the German force is to make it off the board edge. The game lasted 9 turns with the Germans finally destroying the American forces attempting to hold the pass. Germans earn 1 VP for each destroyed American unit and for each unit off the southern board edge. The Americans earn one VP for each German unit destroyed.

German VP 5, American VP 1.

The German Army is coming down the pass road with one unit watching their right flank.

American Infantry nervously await their first battle.

The American Artillery Battery is confident in their guns.

German left.

German right.

American center.

Artillery King of Battle.

The King of Battle takes 6 points of damage right off the bat.

Turn 2 German Armor and another infantry unit arrive.

German Armor advances on the American Artillery.

After a brutal firefight the Germans destroy an American Infantry unit.

I forgot to add double casualties for this attack.

The lone American Victory Point.

After taking a beating the last American unit is routed.

One Hour Wargames: Damager Markers

I worked up two different sets of damage markers for my battles of One Hour Wargames. The first is a set of figure bases painted red/white with a # inside them. The bases are from Mantic Games.

The next is a series of nails and beads. One inch nail adhered to the corner of a base. Add a red bead then the unit has taken 5 points of damage. Add a white bead the unit has only taken 1. I have several other colors of beads to choose from and may come up with some ideas for colors like a green bead would indicate a fantasy unit has been poisoned. Blue might be a buff or curse of some sort. Here is the same unit from above with beads to indicate 6 points of damage.

WW2: One Hour Wargames 15mm U.S. Army Regimental Combat Team

I reworked this Army from my existing Flames of War and Combat WW2 collection. As with the Germans I intend to push this force out to 10 units as well in the future.

1 Armor
1 SP Anti-Tank Gun
1 Artillery
3 Infantry

WW2: One Hour Wargames 15mm German Panzer Group

Here are the first 6 units of my 15mm German Panzer Group. These are reworked models from Flames of War & Combat WW2. Although six is the largest requirement for an OHW army I do plan to increase this set to 10 eventually.

1 Armor
1 Artillery SP
4 Infantry

New Additions as of August 31st, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

One Hour Wargames: My Review

I should be picking up my war room at present vice writing this reivew. However as I look at my models that are still based up for other systems and think of how I am going to rebase them  I can't help but reflect on how much more I like One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas. I can almost see the casualties as they fall or flee and virtually feel the morale of the unit dripping away as they resolve to be steadfast and strong. OHW has upped the imagination factor for me by 10x or more and that I believe is what we as wargamers strive for in our miniatures recreation.

I can't really put my finger on why I was so keen to buy this book. I remember reading the reviews up on TMP but my first thoughts were it was overly simple. What I didn't realize until I bought and read it was that it was simple genius. Neil's rules are subtle and sophisticated. I've spent way too much time looking for that perfect set of rules to capture the feel I wanted from wargaming and at long last found it.

I was guffawed at how his army sizes capped at 6 units but then started thinking about the average size Warhammer army like this one below (*note image had to be removed Aug2017) and discovered that they almost always have around 6 core units.

So I was hooked and decided to look at basing schemes that keep with the principles I've learned on army design from the masters like Donald Featherstone and Bob Cordery on starting and keeping your armies small. I've come up with 50mm square bases for 10mm World War II as you may have seen in two of my recent battle reports here. The other base size is 1.5" x 3" for 6/10/15mm ancmed/fantasy models which you can see on my fantasy blog here: The Chronicles of Aeyr. I am also flirting with using 50x40mm bases for 1/600 VSF & moderns along with 2" x 5" for 28mm fantasy. 

Applying the principles above with Neil's suggested guidelines I now have several really well rounded forces for OHW and am close to completing several others. And most importantly to me are projects I've had sitting for years are seeing the light of day and are drawing closer to completion. 

One side effect however is that I have developed a voracious appetite for wargame scenarios. Gone are my days of the tournament style pitched battle. Done. Well it's 1600 hours here in Northwest Arkansas so I should return to cleaning up and organizing my messy war room. In closing OHW, for me, has been my best wargame purchase of 2015. Possibly in the last several years. Cheers.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

WW2: One Hour Wargames Second World War Rules, Scneario #4. The Eastern Front

This weekend is tax free weekend in Arkansas so I am alone at the house while the wife and grandkids go shopping leaving me enough time for a OHW WW2 Battle. This time I went with an Eastern Front theme and picked Scenario #4 from the "One Hour Wargames" book. I rolled up both armies on the matrix and setup my battlefield to match the scenario.

In scenario 4 two lone units sit on a hill holding the hill while awaiting reinforcement. The side in control of the hill after 15 turns is the victor.  I also made a video report while playing which is a bit cumbersome so my next game will have just a few pictures with the majority of the time spent in pleasure vice reporting.

At one point I lost track of the turns, I will use a d20 to remedy this in the future, but the game lasted until turn 13 with the Germans (Blue) capturing the hill. The Soviets made the Germans pay a high price for the hill.

Soviet Forces 
                     3 Infantry                      
2 Mortar (Artillery)
1 Tank (Armor)

German Forces
3 Infantry
1 Anti-Tank Gun
2 Tanks

The battlefield with a hill being held by 2 Soviet infantry units. A road and woods in the East.

Turn 1. Germans appear.

Turn 1. Germans advance

Turn 2: Russian elements shoot at the advancing German Armor.

Turn 2: Bottom of turn 2 the Germans return fire. (That's my 1HW notecard at the bottom.)

Turn 3. General advance continues however some units dig in and fight.

Turn 3. Casualties are starting to spread. The Germans take out the advancing Soviet Armor.

Soviet Artillery puts the hurt on some German units.

The Germans destroy the Soviets on the hill.

The turn of death. Most units ever killed in a single turn during any of my 1HW thus far.

Close up picture of all the units destroyed this turn.

Another German infantry unit falls to the Soviet barrage.

German armor advances to destroy the Soviet Artillery.

Soviet aerial photograph of the battlefield.

German Armor races back to control the hill before turn 15.