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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

US Civil War: Army of New England

I bought 3 groups of loose 15mm figures on eBay that I'm going to fix up for my Brigadier Army of New England.  The first regiment will be the 5th New York Zouaves, followed by the 4th Rhode Island Volunteer Light Artillery, the 7th Mass. Infantry, and the 3rd US Infantry.  The Army of New England is led by Brigadier General Clarence McAnally III.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Year in Review and Forward Thoughts on the New Game Year

Despite my paint and game totals I did accomplish a lot in 2012.  Started several new periods/genres, sold a ton of minis that I was never going to game with and purchased a ton more that I will.  I still have thoughts of consolidating my six wargame blogs into one, but am simply not going too.  There exists too much uniqueness to my 6mm Republic of Prussia and Duchy of Saxe-Huack blogs to mix them with others.  I have many thoughts on new and existing campaigns for the coming year.  I will continue to sell off minis that will not be gamed by myself or family and use those funds to purchase items that will see use and bring merriment.

2012 Gaming Year In Review.
Adventures with Gun, Sabre & Horse
Created my VSF Campaign.  Continued work on Balkans Campaign and WW2 German Army, WW1 French.  Colonial battles were fought.

Duchy of Saxe-Huack
Work continued on the Frei Stadt of Bittburg Army, it's only 4 elements from being finished.  Horror skirmish side campaign introduced.

6mm Republic of Prussia
Expanded campaign to include Africa.  Major character was severely wounded requiring retirement.  UN troops introduced.

The Comet Empire
Reintroduced 15mm to the campaign at my son's request.  Work up 6mm RPG system and expand upon it.

The Chronicles of Aeyr
Lots of action here.  Games played.  The Black Dungeon was created.  25mm warband painted up and ready for battle.

The Valeria Victrix
My Imperial Roman Legion Project in 6mm takes flight.  First centuria painted up, based and flocked.  Celtic Project began as OPFOR for Romans.

Upcoming Game Year
New Campaign Ideas
Microscale WW2 at Brigade and Division Level.
Microscale Modern at Brigade and Division Level.

Current Campaigns
Find troops for Balkans Campaign.
Finish Texas VSF Army.
Add Steam-Tech elements to VSF Armies.
Finish 15mm WW2 German Army.
Find troops for some VSF Factions.
Continue work on Fantasy Campaign.
Expand the Black Dungeon.

New Game Ideas
15mm WW2 Bush War FUBAR Skirmish.
Brigadier WW2 Rules
Commodore WW2 Naval Rules

Final Results: The Pledge 2012

Merry Christmas!  It's Christmas Day which means my gaming year begins anew.  A tradition that dates back to childhood when I would receive cash from my aunts and uncles and used that money to build up my model armies at that time.  I can remember fancying myself the "Inspector General" of my Imagi-Nations and perusing armaments to acquire for the army.

Pledge Final Results 2012


6mm: 273/1059
15mm: 188/800
25mm: 13/21
54mm: 0/0
1/72: 0/0

Terrain & Acc: 23/5

Total: 497
Goal: 1000

Games Played Final Results 2012
Bush War FUBAR: 16
Hordes of the Empire: 1
Dark Myth: 8
Pathfinder RPG: 1
Hordes of the Things: 2
Song Blades&Heroes: 3

Total: 31
Target: 50

Now, it's time to set target goals for the new gaming year.  I only achieved 49.7% of my desired painting goal.  So I could reduce that desired number.  I just started using a goal last year, so I have considered removing it and just tallying what I do paint with the ambition of increasing each year.  However I do like the idea of setting a goal for myself to achieve.  So I think I shall set the goal of beating last years total.  As far as "Games Played" goes I do want a goal there, and I am going to keep it at 50 for now.  I believe that in this new gaming year I will surpass that number with ease.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Battle of the Alamo Vignette: SE Wall

I assembled and painted up this vignette as a Christmas gift to a friend of mine.  He's not a wargamer so he won't notice the combatants are out of place.  Besides it's the thought that counts.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

15mm UEF Infantry Squad and Mech

Painted up the first of 3 infantry squads for 15mm FUBAR games with my son.  These were fun to paint.  The Mech is a GW 40K Tau model.
UEF 1st Squad, Strike Force Rhino, and a Class 2 Combat Mech.

Raid on Kutebbe

Strike Force Jackal led by Lt. Heinrich Pilz was tasked with escorting a UN Peacekeeping team to the small town of Kutebbe.  Word had come that Mafeking Nationalist Front had siezed the town, and killed many of it's folk.  The Nationalists Front sent one of their bloodiest field commanders, Major Umboto Daudee, to capture the town and setup a training camp for young boys being forcibly conscripted into the MNF.  

The UN contacted Prussia and advised that if our forces would liberate the town they would send in peacekeepers to protect it.  So accompanied by a Mafeking Republic political officer the Strike Force set off with the UN team to retake the village.


Mafeking Nationalist Front troops led by Major Daudee.

SF Jackal and UN Peacekeepers

MNF Armored Car takes out a SF HMV and killing the Mafeking Political Officer
 and a Prussian soldier.  The rest of Squad 1 exit the burning vehicle.

Fighting continues as both sides advance.

The UN Team decides to advance cautiously, and comes under fire.
The UN Armored Car fires it's gun but misses.  However just a minute later the
UN armoured  car is hit from RPG fire and takes critical damage.
Luckily the crew survived with minor wounds.

Squad 1 siezes the west bank of the murky Kutebbe Lake and sets up
 a field of fire on the advancing MNF troops.  Squad 2 deploys and
 attacks the MNF in their right flank.  Meanwhile Lt. Pilzs' T-55P tank takes
 out the MNF armoured car.

As their casualties became severe Major Daudee and a follower
 flee the field running for their miserable lives.

Post battle the PDF assists the UN team with clearing the town.  The UN troops commandeer the abandoned MNF cargo truck.  SF Jackal loads up and heads back to Camp Bushbuck.

Friday, December 14, 2012

VSF: Texas Tea in China - The Republic Strikes Back!

The Republic of Texas sent an aether ship and a platoon of soldiers to Hong Kong, China to investigate the alledged kidnapping of Texas import millionaire, R. George Burt.  The Hong Kong Expedition arrived at Mr. Burts warehouse on the western outskirts of Hong Kong close to the silk farms where he purchased his inventory.  Lt. Don Gobel leads a squad of soldiers down to investigate the charred remains of the building once known as Burt Far Asia Imports.
Initial deployment.  Boxers on the left, Texans on the right.

Lt. Gobel's squad investigates the ruined warehouse while
 Sgt. Holcomb's squad waits on the aether ship. 

RTAS Auston with sailors and soldiers of the Hong Kong Expedition.

Nationalist Chinese Boxers.

Boxers spot the hovering aether ship and advance to kill more foreigners.

Seeing the advance Lt. Gobel's soldiers on the ground and his men
and sailors in the aether ship fire on the advancing Boxers killing 4.

Boxers in their frenzy charging the warehouse.  While his squad shoots
 them down, Lt. Gobel orders Sgt Holcomb to burn down
 the Boxer Communal Hall and for his men on the
ground to "FIX BAYONETS!"

Texas Sailors maneuver the aether ship over the Boxer communal hall.

Boxers dying at the feet of the Texans!

Sgt Holcomb and a trooper set fire to the Boxer hall.

Crazed boxers charge in and kill 2 Texans in bloody hand to hand combat.

The RTAS Auston circles back to the warehouse to find
 Lt. Gobel with 3 of his soldiers left holding the
warehouse surrounded by dead Boxers.
The three dead Texas soldiers are, Pvt. Emilio Guiterez, Pvt. John Bach, Pfc William Bell.  All three were buried at sea on the return trip with full military honors.  Lt. Don Gobel and his Hong Kong Expedition were treated as heroes upon their safe landing in Corpus Christi.  All were awarded Expedition medals created for the raid, and some will soon see promotion!  Lt. Gobel and the 4 surviving soldiers of his squad were all awarded The Crockett Star for bravery in combat.

The battle was fought using my Bush War FUBAR mod.  The Boxers were classed as Green d6 troops, with the Texans as Seasoned d8 troops.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

UN Peacekeepers

Since the PDF is now involved in the Mafeking Civil War I thought it would be neat to introduce some peacekeepers into the mix.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Skirmish Rules Update: Bush War FUBAR

I've uploaded my own version of FUBAR over at the Forge of War forums, it can be found here: Bush War FUBAR these are the same rules I use in my 6mm modern campaign.  Thanks.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

War Hero Returns Home

 KOENIGSBERG, Prussia (REUTERS News):  Captain Erik von Falkenhuack returned home today aboard an army transport plane.  Due to his grievous wounds suffered during intense fighting to save an allied Russian helicopter crew; the Captain is no longer fit for field service.  For the loss of his right arm, and leg along with his left eye the Captain has been awarded the Frederick's Cross as do all Prussian soldiers whom are wounded in combat.

Captain Falkenhuack has been reassigned to the Koenigsberg Military Academy as an instructor of Small Unit Tactics and German Military History.
Frederick's Cross.  Awarded to all Prussian Soldiers whom sustain wounds in combat.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

15mm Mercenary Army: The Black Hearts

Introducing the Black Hearts.  A Feudal Lords Army.  A collection of mercenaries and outlaws.  Actually a fantasy army for extra, miscellany & oddball miniatures that don't seem to fit anywhere else.  The four elements of Knights I might move to make another army with, but the foot elements are solid parts of the Black Hearts.

VSF: Rep. of Texas: 1st Tex Light Infantry (Bushwhackers)

Finished up the first element of Lurkers for my VSF Texas Army.  Co A, 1st Bn, 1st Texas Light Infantry, Alamo Brigade, Army of the Republic.

WW2: New Elements of the 7th Panzer Brigade

I've had a COMBAT: WWII Germany Army for some time but only had a few units painted up.  Well I've just added an Mortar Team, HMG Team, Sniper and 6 Infantry Squads.

VSF Venus: Atlantean War Beasts

I've had these two small dinosaurs for over 10 years.
I finally painted them up this past holiday weekend.  They will serve as either beasts or behemoths in my Atlantean Brigadier VSF Army.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

25mm British Coal-Fueled Walker

Here is the last VSF model I will do in 25mm as I am switching to 15mm.  I had this based up for years and decided I would go ahead and paint it although I'm done with the scale.  I have not finished it, the model still needs a coat of matte to subdue the shiny but my wife took the camera to her mothers this weekend so I had to grab this pic while I could.  I will post this walker, a steam tank and a large squad of British troops for sale next week.

Yes it's an old GW 40K IG Walker fitted out with a 25mm Ral-Partha British Artillery Crewman as the pilot.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

VSF The Republic of Texas: Newly Painted Elements

Finished painting and basing up 3 more elements for my Brigadier-VSF Republic of Texas Army, The Alamo Brigade.  My basing brush must have been too wet for the glue did not adhere in some small spots on the base but it's hard to tell without staring close.  Maybe I can patch them with grass later. 

The General's element along with 2 rifle elements.

Friday, August 10, 2012

VSF Venus: Atlantean Crystalmancer

I present the artillery element for my VSF Venusian Army of Atlantis Nova.  Long ago the Atlanteans harnessed the power of crystals and this Crystalmancer commands a mighty blue arcane crystal to bring down doom upon any foe.  Also the Crystalmancer's fighting blade has it's own crystal molded in the hilt making him a powerful warrior.  The ancient alter that holds the blue crystal has vines and vegetation growing on and between the stones, but the powerful crystal sits atop unblemished.

The picture doesn't do the crystal justice.

Brigadier WW1 French Army Cavalry

The first element of cavalry for my Brigadier WW1 French Army.  I have one more element on the workbench and hope to have it posted soon.  

Friday, August 3, 2012

Venus: The Atlantean Army

I present the surviving Atlanteans.  An army for Brigadier Victorian Sci-Fi Battles.  Their number one enemy is their escaped lizardmen slaves, whom have populated large areas of the steamy jungle planet of Venus.  Atlantis Nova is the greatest city of Venus and stands stalwart against the lizardmen and the harsh environment of Venus.

I am thinking that these models will feature white clothing and tanned skin tones.  Their plumes will vary and the tips of their weapons will reflect the colors of the weapon crystals the Atlanteans have mastered.  Also am considering crafting a crystal artillery piece.  The individual based models behind the army are for FUBAR skirmish battles.

1 General
4 Spears
6 Shooters
2 Beasts

Friday, July 27, 2012

New Prussian Heavy Tank: Neo-Panzer II

The Prussian Army today unveiled it's newest tank, manufactured at the Krupp Works in Koenigsberg.  The Neo-Panzer II is classed as a main battle tank and the first units rolling off the assembly line are being loaded on cargo aircraft for Africa.  This one pictured below is painted in what the PDF has labeled Mafeking Bush Camo.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Republic of Texas: The Alamo Brigade (1st Texas Brigade)

Below is a picture of my Brigadier army and FUBAR skirmish force thus far.  Have yet to paint up an OPFOR but I'm working on it.  I've decided to name these models The Alamo Brigade or the 1st Texas Brigade.  The Brigade is commanded by Brigadier General Juan Erasmo Seguin, with his headquarters at Camp Seguin which was named for his father, Juan Seguin, President of Texas from 1861 to 1869.

Republic of Texas: Texas Bushwhackers (1st Texas Light Infantry)

Austin, TX:  Camp Travis, Army General Headquarters.  Gen. John B. Hood seeing the need for a quick recon force coupled with the capability for hit and run tactics ordered the creation of the 1st Texas Light Infantry today.  Three battalions of three companies each will be raised with each company stationed throughout the republic.  The Light Infantry will take on the moniker of the Texas Bushwhackers due to their covert nature.  Each brigade will have it's own company assigned to it used at the discretion of the brigade commander.  The call went out for volunteers among the regular army, the Alamo Guard and local militias.  Pictured below are three units of Bushwhackers in training at Camp Bowie, in Brownswood.  The Light Infantry will be commanded by Lt. Col. Woodford H. Mabry.  Colonel Mabry has established his regimental headquarters at Camp Travis, with the three battalions induction barracks each at Camp Bowie, Camp Seguin and Camp Liendo in the Yucatan province.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

British Solar Empire: Lt. Butler's Detachment

Arriving in London, our hero Lt. Geoffrey Arthur Charles Butler reports to the Admiralty and is informed of his next assignment.  You have been selected to lead 14 British Tars to an exotic location....Venus, inform your men as you deem fit, only ensure no dissent.  Suffice it to say you will encounter dangerous natives, wild beasts and a deadly landscape.  Begin training your men immediately, for you will set sail soon to stake the Queen's claim in a great unexplored vastness.

These 15mm minis are based on U.S. pennies and will conduct their battles using the FUBAR-VSF rules.  I wanted to flock them with a neutral material that would be suitable for battles in a myriad of environments from Africa, India, and Mars to Venus and the Moon.

1 Officer, D12, Lt. Geoffrey Arthur Charles Butler
2 NCOs, D10, Sgt Hunt and Cpl Smith
12 Soldiers, D8

Republic of Texas: First 15mm Army Units

Finished up flocking the first batch of my Texas Army units.    My VSF 1880 to 1899 campaign encompasses 2 rule systems thus far.  Brigadier for mass battles and FUBAR-VSF for skirmish.

Brigadier: First up and first in the fight a bold Texas Ranger.

Brigadier: Next up a battery of the Victoria Light Artillery.

FUBAR: A squad of Texas soldiers from the 1st New Braunfels Rifles.  Led by Lt. Don Gobel.