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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Portable Wargame by Bob Cordery

I've been reading Bob Cordery's Wargames Miscellany blog for a few years now. I have quoted him on the left panel here under Wargaming Advice.  I've always found his blog interesting and often times rewarding reading. I recently purchased the epub version of his wargames rulebook "The Portable Wargame" and have enjoyed reading it and found it close to what I had in mind with my Not-HotT homebrew rules. So it's given me more to think about and perhaps some mechanics to cannibalize. It's well worth the price and after reading it I picked up the second book "Developing the Portable Wargame" epub. It too has a greater value than the small price I paid.

His use of the "Exhaustion Point" mechanic is genious! I am very happy with both purchases and will probably pick up the paperback versions too.


Just Jack said...

I've also been a big fan of Bob Cordery's blog for a number of years, I need to pick up the books.


A. Jeff Butler said...

Hi Jack,
They're a good investment.