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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Year in Review and Forward Thoughts on the New Game Year

Despite my paint and game totals I did accomplish a lot in 2012.  Started several new periods/genres, sold a ton of minis that I was never going to game with and purchased a ton more that I will.  I still have thoughts of consolidating my six wargame blogs into one, but am simply not going too.  There exists too much uniqueness to my 6mm Republic of Prussia and Duchy of Saxe-Huack blogs to mix them with others.  I have many thoughts on new and existing campaigns for the coming year.  I will continue to sell off minis that will not be gamed by myself or family and use those funds to purchase items that will see use and bring merriment.

2012 Gaming Year In Review.
Adventures with Gun, Sabre & Horse
Created my VSF Campaign.  Continued work on Balkans Campaign and WW2 German Army, WW1 French.  Colonial battles were fought.

Duchy of Saxe-Huack
Work continued on the Frei Stadt of Bittburg Army, it's only 4 elements from being finished.  Horror skirmish side campaign introduced.

6mm Republic of Prussia
Expanded campaign to include Africa.  Major character was severely wounded requiring retirement.  UN troops introduced.

The Comet Empire
Reintroduced 15mm to the campaign at my son's request.  Work up 6mm RPG system and expand upon it.

The Chronicles of Aeyr
Lots of action here.  Games played.  The Black Dungeon was created.  25mm warband painted up and ready for battle.

The Valeria Victrix
My Imperial Roman Legion Project in 6mm takes flight.  First centuria painted up, based and flocked.  Celtic Project began as OPFOR for Romans.

Upcoming Game Year
New Campaign Ideas
Microscale WW2 at Brigade and Division Level.
Microscale Modern at Brigade and Division Level.

Current Campaigns
Find troops for Balkans Campaign.
Finish Texas VSF Army.
Add Steam-Tech elements to VSF Armies.
Finish 15mm WW2 German Army.
Find troops for some VSF Factions.
Continue work on Fantasy Campaign.
Expand the Black Dungeon.

New Game Ideas
15mm WW2 Bush War FUBAR Skirmish.
Brigadier WW2 Rules
Commodore WW2 Naval Rules

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