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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Final Results: The Pledge 2012

Merry Christmas!  It's Christmas Day which means my gaming year begins anew.  A tradition that dates back to childhood when I would receive cash from my aunts and uncles and used that money to build up my model armies at that time.  I can remember fancying myself the "Inspector General" of my Imagi-Nations and perusing armaments to acquire for the army.

Pledge Final Results 2012


6mm: 273/1059
15mm: 188/800
25mm: 13/21
54mm: 0/0
1/72: 0/0

Terrain & Acc: 23/5

Total: 497
Goal: 1000

Games Played Final Results 2012
Bush War FUBAR: 16
Hordes of the Empire: 1
Dark Myth: 8
Pathfinder RPG: 1
Hordes of the Things: 2
Song Blades&Heroes: 3

Total: 31
Target: 50

Now, it's time to set target goals for the new gaming year.  I only achieved 49.7% of my desired painting goal.  So I could reduce that desired number.  I just started using a goal last year, so I have considered removing it and just tallying what I do paint with the ambition of increasing each year.  However I do like the idea of setting a goal for myself to achieve.  So I think I shall set the goal of beating last years total.  As far as "Games Played" goes I do want a goal there, and I am going to keep it at 50 for now.  I believe that in this new gaming year I will surpass that number with ease.

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