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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Focus on 2020

Greetings my fellow wargame bloggers. Instead of doing the annual recap of 2019 I'm just going to skip that and focus on what I plan to achieve in this new year with the time that is given me.

Blogging: I plan to slim this blog down even more to just simply cover horse and musket up to the Great War. I plan to move the Second World War, Vietnam and other modern warfare along with the  Atomicpunk stuff to their own blogs.

Painting: I am going to change how I track painted models this year. I will focus on completed forces rather than individual miniatures. With that said I hope to complete, across all genres at least 4 complete and field ready forces.

For this blog I plan to continue to chip away at the Royal Spanish and American forces for the Spanish-American War. Perhaps even get back to my 3mm ACW armies and the VSF elements for both wars.

Battles: I fought one! I had a few solo-playtests of Warhammer Underworlds but as far as matching my force against another, only one. I don't care for that number. I want to engage in narrative solo-gameplay and perhaps get in at least 3 games at the conventions this year.

Conventions: Recruits is on as well as the Recruits Spring Sale but ReaperCon is out this year. I would like to also make it up for Border Wars but that's during Ren Faire Cosplay season so that would be a difficult to make.

Campaigns: For this blog I want to continue work on the Spanish-American War and just perhaps the Battle of Prairie Grove in 3mm.

I want to wish anyone who reads this a happy and prosperous new year. -Auston

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