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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

3D Printed Hex Terrain Tiles for Random Mini Campaign Maps

It is my plan to use these hexes to create maps for random one off mini-campaigns. I am working up a method for drawing and placement. Here are some pictures and an example of the draw.

Begin with first drawn hex in center.

Place new draws clockwise from top.

Continue with clockwise placement.

Now I added a rule where any arctic tiles are placed on the top
and bottom of the map.


Justin Penwith said...

Hexes for 3d Settlers of Catan?

I just bought a 3d printer, also. I am even now printing up some things that I will paint and put on my own blog in a week or so, for comment.

Man, this isn't the 80s anymore. :)

A. Jeff Butler said...

Yes and available on Thingiverse. Good luck with your new printer.

Terrement said...

I think they look great, and I am one of those who have the original Mighty Empires hexes that I've similarly used, but have always hated the fact that they were printed on such thin card that they warp overnight.

Not having a 3D printer myself, it this something that you might be willing to print and sell? Or too much time / trouble?


MIN ManofTin said...

Interesting stuff! These 3D printed hexes could make some more interesting Heroscape hex tiles that many gamers use - the interesting cobble ones etc are pretty expensive. Mark, Man of TIN blog

A. Jeff Butler said...

Thank you JJ. The time required to print them makes selling prohibitive. Just takes too long.

A. Jeff Butler said...

Thank you Mark.