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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Micro-Scale Battlefield - Post 3

I finished up the micro-scale battlefield mat today. Added highlighting and touch-ups here and there. Here are some pictures of 6mm WW2 Americans and some 3mm ACW Union Regiments.  Next for this battlefield will be to craft or buy some 3mm buildings and foliage/trees. Overall this was a fun project. Oh yeah I forgot I have to give this a matte coat.

Add contour lines to the roads and river.

Highlight all areas of the mat and paint bridge crossings.

Cut off excess canvas.

6mm building and models.

6mm WW2 Americans entering a village.

Nice terrain bridge laid down perfectly over the painted bridge crossing.

3mm American Civil War soldiers.

The view from above.


Phil said...

Nice battlefield, this river is very impressive!

A. Jeff Butler said...

Thank you Phil.