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Sunday, June 19, 2016

First Game of RISK

Today I played the classic boardgame RISK for the first time. It was a blast! My son, a RISK strategist, came to visit me for Father's Day. We setup with him taking gray and I took red. Divided up the globe between us and a green neutral.

Then the mayhem commenced. He focused his early attacks on Australia and Asia. I already controlled most of Europe so I set about to conquer Africa and South America. Within a few turns both continents were under RED control. He took Australia and almost completed a sweep of Asia but we (the royal we) couldn't allow that. So I ordered the RED General Staff to take the Middle East. We did, and we lost it the next go. However we quickly took it back and promptly lost it again. This seesaw in the Middle East began to look like Armageddon. Eventually RED triumphed as was our destiny and we finished that by sweeping up the rest of Europe. After that the frontlines of the war switched to the new world in North America.

Finally with the world painted RED with only Japan and Australia left to him, Lord Gray surrendered. He was allowed to swear fealty as our vassal and awarded Australia as his dominion to provide for his income and oathbound to provide military arms to assist the RED Crown when called upon.

It was at this time that I knew we had lost the war, Alexsandr Gevs, Gray General.


Chris said...

Glad to see you enjoyed the game. I used to play it solo, taking each color in turn to do the best I could with it. It's one of the few strategy-type games I can get my whole family to play, as none of them have much interest in wargaming as a whole.

Oddly enough, the regulars at Boardgamegeek HATE the game with a passion; it regularly makes the "worst games of all time"-type lists. I really don't understand that, but to each his own, I guess. Plus, there are a lot of guys who hate whatever others have created, no matter what.

I made a few games about 40 years ago (ouch!), which admittedly were, shall we say, not so good, but for some reason several assholes felt compelled to send me mail advising me just how bad they were. Just made my day! I was talking to Richard Borg last year, who told me he gets hate mail, too. Granted, this situation resembled Ed Wood (me) talking to Orson Wells (him), but there you are!

Best regards,


A. Jeff Butler said...

Thanks Chris, I know what you mean on the negativity. The last set of wargame rules I wrote to put up at Wargames Vault generally received, not bad reviews but horrible reviews. Oh well, people bought it and played it.