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Saturday, January 30, 2016

15mm Colonials - Test Game of New Home Rules

I have had the notion in mind for quite some time to come up with a division level set of home solo-wargame rules. But I can't seem to wrap my mind around each unit being a battalion vice a company. Anyway I've been reading a lot of other wargames and books and thought I had come up with a pretty good mesh of ideas/mechanics. However my "plans didn't survive first contact with the enemy." 

The "to hit" mechanic is straightforward for a solo-wargamer. Roll a d6 and score a target goal. Said score inflicts a single fatigue point hit on the target unit.  A command point is required to remove the hit otherwise any unit with a FP has it's capabilities nerfed.  

I had thought that each force would have a set amount of command points to activate units and rally away fatigue points (hits) but this really cripples a force once the bullets start flying. I do want it to have a tactical impact but not one that causes a side to lose completely to it. The Zulus as they drew nearer to the British line were unable to move enough of their units due to the activation spent rallying a hit unit. However that may be more accurate than I think. Perhaps I should increase the foot movement for certain types of forces, like the Zulus.

Further playtesting and more reading is required.


Don M said...

solo war games are always a bit tricky, take a look at http://gameofmonth.blogspot.com/

he has a few good ideas

Brigadier General said...

Thank you Don, will do.