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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Top Prussian Ministers Discuss Leaving the Russian Alliance.

KOENIGSBERG, Prussia (AP):  An inside source has leaked that the Chancellor and her cabinet are holding high level meetings with the Council of Prussia about the future of the alliance with Russia. It appears that since the Russian invasion of Ukraine following the Crimean annexation. That some members at the top of government have become concerned. Although publicly Prussia has had no issue with the Crimean annexation it has not voiced support for the invasion of Eastern Ukraine.

Already in Karakistan PDF forces have begun the transfer of command of Camp Condor to the Russian Army. With most troops & equipment being flown home over the last few days under the pretense that conflict with Lithuania could be eminent as well as an uptempo in our advisory role with the Mafeking forces in southern Africa.

Rumor has it that since the introduction of the Prussian Mark (PM) and the establishment of German as an official language that many ministers are leaning closer to Germany. Especially since it was the Germans who provided top intel during the Polish-Prussian War of 2010.

Some ministerial aides have hinted of patriotic parades and other Pro-Prussian activities being planned around the country. Quickly followed by an announcement of the end of Russian as an official language. Others have mentioned that Prussia's lone oil rig in the Baltic Sea has been ordered to increase operational days from 15 per month to 20. The same has been applied to the refinery in Cranz.

An announcement is expected in the coming weeks as to what position the Chancellor's government will take. Certainly any step away from Russia possibly emboldens Poland to invade Prussia. However an independent and non-Russia aligned Prussia is a strength for the neighboring Baltic states. They don't want Russia back on both borders again.

Meanwhile in Washington DC some analysts at the CIA and NSA have speculated that Prussia has been developing an atomic weapon in secret despite guarantees from both Prussia and Russia to the contrary.

Patriotic Prussian emblems are popping up all over the tiny country.

The Chancellor and her Cabinet.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Warhammer: The Skaven Menace Grows

I am now up to 6 regiments based up and painted for my 1-Hour Hammer Skaven Army. I still have one more regiment base to add and that is a unit of 2 rat ogres. Then I will have 3 character bases to add, a poison globadier, a gray seer, and a warplock engineer.

Base flocking coming soon.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Warhammer: First Skaven Bases

I have rebased some of my skaven models for my new 1-Hour Hammer game. Here are 2 regiments. The next two regiments I am working on are the Screaming Bell and Rat Ogres.

Yes all bases will have flocking. :)

One Hour Warhammer: Basics

*Note that these rules below require the use of the One Hour Wargames Rulebook by Neil Thomas.

I am using 5" bases with varying depths to accommodate my models. I have changed the movement rate in 1HW for 1HH to an increment of base depth.  For example most foot models I have based on 2" depth, cavalry and some monsters on 3" or as needed.

I have added characters that may add bonuses to regiments, issue orders, rally troops and capture victory points.  Characters will be based on skirmish bases. One problem I am running into is that my metal models and some plastics have that damnable slotta style base requirement. I can clip that off for some but for others it has to be there forcing me to use the slotta bases on top of the wood bases.

Range is 12" for most shooters, while others have the range of the entire table (playing on a 3'x2' and 3'x3' table for most battles but I can setup a 4'x4' table when needed. Though I doubt the need will ever arise for the latter as a key feature of 1HW are the smaller regiment requirements. I am planning my 1-Hour Hammer armies around 6 unit regiments. I may add a few additional regiments here and there and may or may not field them depending upon the scenario I want to run. This would be a good point to mention that scenarios are at the heart of 1HW and will be for 1HH.

Warhammer: One Hour Warhammer - The Skaven

1Hour-Hammer: The Skaven
*Note to use these rules you will need the book One-Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas.

*The first value given is melee the second is ranged.

Clan Rats 0/-2
Stormvermin 2/-
Jezzail Guns -2/2
Rat Ogres 3/-
Screaming Bell 0/0 Causes morale test to targets it hits.
Warp Cannon 0/-2 Poison and causes morale test to targets.

Poison Globadiers are characters that can attach to units and embed themselves in the regiment thus giving the regiment the "Poison" ability.

Warhammer: My Own Alternate Ending

Archaon the Lord of the End Times led his army of madness and rage from the north against humanity. While the epitome of evil, Nagash rose the dead against all from the south. Hundreds of thousands died, cities, armies all were destroyed. The Emperor Karl Franz is believed lost in battle. Archaon was rumored to have been slain by Valten, yet others rumors say the opposite is true. All in all there is no longer a thing that can be called civilization. The war was so great and terrible that all were defeated and all were scattered.

Across the world there exists pockets of souls in isolation. Be they men, good or evil, beasts or orc. What few souls that can find each other band together. The Empire is gone and in its place hundreds of petty warlords rule hamlets of miserable, starving people; most just waiting to die.

Bands of Chaos warriors and beastmen wander the wilds ever in search of slaughter. The Dwarfs have receded deep in their mountain halls. Some are believed lost forever beneath the fall of great mountains. Undead wander the night in search of the living. Elves as there is no longer a distinction between the once proud High Elves and their woodland cousins. They are the closest the world has to a "civilization" and I use that term with derision. But they too are small and weak, scattered, divided and leaderless. Their civil war being fought at the same time as the fall of the world was unfolding around them. No one knows if any dark elves survived. If any did they are most certainly bound slaves of their Chaos masters.

The world is as it was in the time of Sigmar, scattered & warring tribes surrounded by darkness and enemies on all sides.  The end has come and these times are the ashes of its smoldering fire. A fire that in some places still burns....

After almost a decade I am going to delve back into Warhammer. The new End Times has many, including myself excited about the Old Worlde again. Now I know that GW is going to kill the Old Worlde and bring in something new and that is fine I will look at that as it arrives this summer. However I still want to play in the Old Worlde so I will rebase some of my former armies over for use in a new semi-campaign. Battles will be fought using Neil Thomas's 1 Hour Wargames but with my own translation of generic and Warhammer fantasy layered on top.

The first 1Hour-Hammer Army I produce will be with the Skaven. Taking a pinch selection of models and rebasing them for my new gameplay rules and bearing in mind Bob Corderys advice of keeping my armies small.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: The Skinsaw Murders

My son and I were able to sit down and play out a few scenarios from the Skinsaw Murders Adventure Path. As before PACG is much fun.

We used miniatures to identify what area our characters were in.

Border War - Angola Raiders by Decision Games

Picked this game up from eBay. It is a solo wargame and I think it's a good game. I enjoyed playing despite the last minute defeat at the hands of SWAPO. Here are some pictures.

Nice neat packaging.

SADF units start out on the left. I had the map dry mounted to keep it flat and extend its service life.

SADF counters and game cards.

Place enemy counters, SWAPO, Cubans, etc in a bowl to randomly select forces.