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Friday, March 20, 2015

New Terrain Board Underway: The Crescent Oasis 1/600 Scale.

Have begun work on a new 3mm battlefield. A desert oasis somewhere in North Africa. The battlefield will feature an oasis, a dusty trade road, a small village as well as several rocky outgrowths. This will be my second board with permanent terrain features. The first was the lunar board.

Basic project foamboard from Hobby Lobby $3.59 with a HL 40% Coupon. The board has a cardstock surface on front and back with foam between.

Trade road marked and the oasis cut out..
My first attempt at flocking the battlefield failed as I used a HL spray adhesive glue which did not do anything but make my hands and arms sticky. Will use the tried and true but timely Elmers glue tomorrow.

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