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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

South American Wars: The 1995 Alto Cenepa War

I am thinking of either recreating the 1995 Cenepa War between Ecuador and Peru or a fictitious 2015 war between the two or a mix of other South American states or perhaps both. I know for certain I will use 1/600 scale aircraft. However I am undecided on infantry and vehicle models. My first thoughts are 6mm but I am very tempted to just do the whole thing in 1/600. PicoArmor has the O8 stuff and its great.

Although the idea of a mixed wargame army of 1/600 fighter jets and helicopters along with 6mm ground forces sounds intriguing. If you've not seen the 1/600 aircraft go take a look at picoarmor.com.

I can fit out the infantry with my current 6mm models and several of the fighting vehicles. I can almost say the same for my 1/600 collection. I will put together some sample pictures of an all 1/600 Ejercito Ecuador force and an mixed scale force of 6mm ground with 1/600 air support to post here later.

Also on the general conflagration between Latin American states I don't think including the big three of Brasil, Argentina and Chile would work unless you divide them up against one another. Perhaps more in the North. Anyway Cenepa War for certain and perhaps just a general war between Peru and Ecuador to keep it simple.

WW2 Alternate British Helmet

The first I ever saw of this helmet design were on the 1/72 toy soldiers that come with the Med Expansion Pack for Memoir '44. I like it.

Friday, February 27, 2015

The 3rd Bittburg-Saxe-Huack War Begins

Emboldened by his new veteran army and desiring to see a return of Bittburg lands captured by Saxe-Huack, Albert Brendel, General and Lord Protector of Bittburg invades southern Saxe-Huack with the aim of taking back the towns of Lentz & Freihauble both of which had been lost to Saxe-Huack just months prior to the outbreak of the SYW. General Brendel knew his army would be outnumbered but he would depend upon his armies experience and his leadership to win the day.

General Brendel and the core of the Protectorate Army.

Colonel Kleist and the Munchhausen Brigade.

Saxe-Huack Line Regiment with a Jaeger Bn and an attached Captain.

The Grenadier Guards Regiment with a Jaeger Bn and their own attached Captain.

Protectorate Cavalry with attached Captain.

Lord General Brendels Protectorate Army of Bittburg.

The Royal Munchhausen Brigade of Saxe-Huack.

Both sides deploy for battle.

Colonel Kleist despite having the initiative thanks to an early warning does not initially advance but decides to get the "ball" rolling with a cannon shot from the Royal Artillery Battery on the center hill. The shot decimated the lowly Bittburg militia in the woods. General Brendel held the Protectorate Army back waiting to see the first moves of his opponent.

Colonel Kleist orders a general advance and feeling most splendid decided to leave the baggage camp on its own. This was too much of an inviting target for the young Bittburg Hussar Captain so he moves his regiment on the extreme right flank at breakneck speed to capture the enemy baggage.

The Guard Captain pushes his regiment force marching them across the field as the regiment stoically faces cannon and mustket fire from the Bittburg lines.

The 2 main Saxe-Huack regiments advance but Colonel Kleist orders a battalion of Muskets to turn back and attack the advancing cavalry threat in their rear. This would prove too late.

The brave Bittburg militia open fire up on the Line regiment dispersing two units of jaegers.

The hardened Bittburg line of SYW veterans disperse a unit of Saxe-Huack jaegers.

Cannon fire inflicts more casualties on the poor jaeger battalion. But they served their purpose.

One unit of muskets attempts to target the fast moving cavalry but to no avail.

The Line Regiment opens fire and pours out death to a militia company.

The dreaded Saxe-Huack cannon rains more lead on the hapless militia unit on the left. This would prove too much for them as the survivors turned and ran from the field.

The Bittburg Protectorate Guard opens up a volley at the Grenadier Guards.

The lines engage as the 2 units protecting the Bittburg artillery leave it and advance to flank the enemy.

The last Jaeger unit boldly charges the last Bittburg Militia unit and chases them from the field.

The Grenadier Guard pushes back the Bittburg center line.

The Bittburg Hussars capture the baggage camp killing most of those within it.

The Line Regiment attempts to rush to the aid of the Grenadier Guards while the lone Line Musket Battalion led now by Colonel Kleist engages the Bittburg Hussars.

General Brendel sees an opportunity and jumps into the melee leading the Bittburg Guard in a ferocious assault on the Grenadier Guards.

The Bittburg Line Regiment takes heart and fights back savagely, the heretofore undefeated Grenadier Guard regiment is in trouble.

The Bittburg Hussars smash their enemy, Colonel Kleist is caught up in the fray.

In the melee Colonel Kleist was killed his head cut clean off by a sharp Hussar sword.

Having seen the Guard suffer great loss and now losing their commander, the Munchhausen Brigade leaves the field in defeat. The first military loss for Saxe-Huack.

Lord General Brendel arrived as a conquering hero to the people of Lentz and Freihauble personally going to the town square of each to hoist the Bittburg colors. Lord General Brendel is making a reputation for Caesar like force.

At Fortenbras Palace the Duke and the Royal General Staff learn of the defeat of their largest brigade and the unfortunate death of its commander with no small measure of bewilderment. However Marshal Prince Albrecht is quick to react and promotes Manfred Paulus to Colonel and gives him command of the newly formed, at least on paper if not in reality, Southern Brigade. Colonel Paulus is to round up the survivors of Colonel Kleists brigade and augment them with fresh troops and troops from other Royal Army units. Upon reaching full brigade strength he is ordered to march south and destroy the enemy.

I was as surprised as some of you may be as to the outcome of this battle. My new wargame rules are coming along nicely. No headaches from tedious small math done over and over. Clear mechanics and gameplay though things were a bit slow at first as this was my first BIG playtest.

Also I am so happy that I took the time to rebase my two forces. I love the look and the fact that it allows me more complete forces to field.  I have more troops coming for both sides, in fact after posting this I am going to go scrub them down to remove the old paint from them.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Army of Bittburg: Rebased, Flocked and Field Ready

Here is a picture of my Bittburg force rebased and ready for battle. I do have some expansions in mind for it to bring it up to about 20 units or so. I am so glad I heeded Mr. Bob Cordery's advice to "Keep your armies small." My current basing goes as follows. All bases 1" square except officers, baggage and BUAs. Officers based on skirmish bases, pennies for captains and a quarter for the general (he has more cents.)(sorry.) 2 foot soldiers per base except for skirmishers at 1 per base. 1 cavalry per base.

I have the future additions out in the garage now soaking in "Simple Green" to remove their old paint. All my SYW minis were purchased cheap and second hand, most were broken (i.e. no bayonets, some broken horse tails.) and had been painted with no primer.  The future units include more guards, cavalry, one more militia and muskets.

Army of Bittburg

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Iron Kingdoms

I've really admired the Warmachine models since their introduction back in 2003. I have had a sizeable Protectorate of Menoth force for some time. However I have not enjoyed their wargame rules. Probably due to my aspergers and abstract thought patterns. Which is why I've always enjoyed grand tactical games like the DBx system, Avalon Hill games and others. Anyway I digress. I'm going to collect a series of small forces for each faction. I recently picked up a good Khador starting force with a warcaster, 2 heavy jacks, and some man-at-wars, though these are all unpainted. I will fight out battles set in the Iron Kingdoms using a system of my own creation with the intention of having smaller forces. Note this is not a replacement of my other two fantasy campaigns.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

1/72 Trojans Arrive!

I bought an unused pack of Caesar 1/72 Trojans online from another gamer. Now I  am searching for cheap 1/72 Bronze Age chariots.

Axis & Allies 1941

Used a 20% off Barnes & Nobles coupon to buy this. I used to have the original, in fact I've owned it twice in my life and this is the first subgame I will have had for it. Now to find the original (again.)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Twin Kingdoms: 1/72 Undead Army Elements

Here are the first 5 units of the Army of the Black Duke based, painted and flocked. Field ready to serve the Dark Lord. The gargoyle is a Mage Knight model. All I had to do for him was remove his clix base and touch up his right eye.

Twin Kingdoms: 1/72 Dwarf Mortar

Rebased an older 18mm Reaper Shadowcorps Dwarf Mortar for my 1/72 Dwarfs. I painted this model about 5 years ago and had it based up for HotT.

Army Updates

I am presently in the process of rebasing several of my classical armies. Some have never seen the light of day here and most were never fully completed. My Sub-Roman Britons have been lingering around 70% complete for years. However the basing standards for my new wargame changes all this. I now have a very well rounded Arthurian Army.

Other armies undergoing rework.
15mm Gauls
15mm Normans
15mm Assyrians

Other armies under consideration for rebasing.
15mm Macedonians
15mm Imperial Romans
6mm Imperial Romans
6mm Gauls
6mm Carthaginians

Friday, February 13, 2015

2ACW First Scenario: The Silver Legion Marches on Fort Smith

My very first Memoir '44 scenario or at least using the scenario editor. The Silver Legion needs the weapons stored at the former National Guard Armory in Fort Smith Arkansas. The Legion decides to send its forces in Western Arkansas to Fort Smith to overpower the remaining Federal and State Troops at Camp Chaffee.

The PDF of the scenario can be found over at Scenario from the Front at Days of Wonder.

A Very Arkansas Civil War or the 2nd American Civil War 1930s

I've decided to open this campaign idea back up. I am thinking I will use 1/72 scale toy soldiers and Memoir '44 along with a homebrewed skirmish game to fight out the battles of the campaign.  For now I think I will keep the campaign confined within my home state of Arkansas.  I will write up a better background but for now it will be FDR was ousted in a coup and the union fell apart. When the union fell the state government declared a republic and nationalized both the State and National Guards. Workers in Pine Bluff organized the Arkansas Workers Party with the intent of turning the state into a communist nation. The of course Charles Lindbergh sent a faction of his cronies down to the natural state to ensure that the state becomes a part of a larger future fascist America. Here are the flags of my factions:

The Arkansas Republic

The Peoples Republic of Arkansas

The Silver Legion of Arkansas

Silver Legion recruiting poster.

Republic recruiting poster encouraging men to join the Arkansas Infantry Force.

Flag of a Communist Regiment from Pine Bluff.

The State of Arkansas when the Union fell.

Flag of Russian backed Communist Organizers in America.

Major General William Arthur Murray, Military Commandant of the Republic.

Republic soldiers patrolling near the West Memphis bridge.

Republic soldiers under inspection in Texarkana.

Republic Cavalry at Camp Chaffee in Fort Smith.

A Republic Infantryman at Camp Robinson in Little Rock.