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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Martian Foliage Grass Type 1O.

Stirred up the first batch of flocking for the upcoming Martian terrain I have in mind.  This is Type 1O for 1st Attempt, Orange.  It's actually a mix of Orange and Brown. The next will be an Ochre or a Yellow/Tan or Yellow/Red mix.  The flock below is fresh from the pot and needs to dry. I will post the dry and crushed flocking as I did on the green.

First Flocking Grass is Finished!

Bought a strainer today and used an empty baby food jar to smash the dried clump flocking through the strainer to break the flock up.  I am very pleased with the final results.

Portrait of Duchess Inyanna.

Duchess Inyanna of Foxcrest with her pet eagle, Huack.  Resplendent in her armor the Duchess strikes an imposing figure. This painting was commissioned to commemorate her victory (allegedly) in a campaign against an alliance of Wild Elf tribes.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First Attempt at Making Terrain Flocking

Watched some videos on YouTube on how to make your own flocking so I emptied out the pencil sharpeners at work and gave it a go. I used a bit too much water for the amount of sawdust I had so I know next time to use about half of what I poured.  Still a couple of paper towels to soak the excess and its drying nicely.  Not bad for my first try.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

All Quiet on the Martian Front: Scout Tripod

Received my first shipment from the AQMF Kickstarter.  I was so pleased to receive this, especially since it was delayed 5 months.  More items are due to arrive, they are shipping the product out in waves.  So I sat down at my craft table to assemble the lone tripod sprue that wasn't bagged up with the rest.  After assembly I realized I should have placed the positionable leg up front rather than behind but lesson learned for the rest of them and I do have plenty left to assemble.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

US Army M1 Abrams MBT by GHQ Models. First Elements for Baltic NATO Brigade

Have based up the first 2 elements for the Baltic Force that will serve as the combat forces for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. I left off base decals on account of its multinational role.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Baronial Map of the Grand Duchy of Hawkridge

The Barony of Bearglove

The Barony of Bearglove lies in the South of Hawkridge bordering both the Black Forest and Ravenfell.  The Lord of Bearglove is Marcus Broadsword cousin and close friend to Duke Jokril.  Lord Broadsword has fought many battles against the undead and other fell creatures that slither out of Ravenfell.  He has also waged a long on and off again campaign to claim that portion of the Black Forest that borders his realm.  The problem with that is that area is claimed by a Wild Elf clan and they would rather die than cede an inch of the forest.  Bearglove is blessed with a wealth of mineral deposits and if Marcus ever has his way will have access to unlimited timber.  Marcus is one of the few Barons of Westerness whom can afford to maintain an army. Although his forces are small they are professional and he requires his landholders and serfs to perform military duty once per moon cycle.  The wars of Bearglove have made its people a hearty folk, strong, wise and diligent, but mostly there is a "quasi-spartaness" to them.  The Sigil of Bearglove is a silver bear on a black banner.  Secretly Lord Marcus Broadsword desires a kingdom of his own, a Duchy of Bearglove and he hopes to add large portions of the Ravenfell and the Black Forest to make this a reality.

WW2: US Army Uniform Painting Guide (and a Canadian.)

Love this.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

1/72 Trojan War Project: Testing Base Sizes

I am going to campaign the Trojan War in 1/72.  I was trying to decide between either 40mm frontage bases or 50mm.  Normally I prefer more models on a base than what either of these sizes will offer. However my tabletop space is 4' square and 3 of the corners have permanent (at least for the foreseeable future) setups on them. Memoir '44 on one corner, History Channel Chess Set next to it and then another corner for Battles of Westeros & Battle Cry.  I could pack everything up and leave the table free for larger battles and for armies with larger bases, but at any one time I have incoming models prepositioned there and I must also take into account model storage. It's much easier to store models mounted on 40mm squares.  However I have plenty of time to decide.  I might wait until I order some chariots to see how well they fit on these bases.  Might end up having to go for larger diorama bases.

Baltic States Beefing Up Military Over Russian Invasion Fears

JANES DEFENSE WEEKLY, London: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland announced plans today to purchase M1 Abrams Tanks from the United States.  Concern is growing that Russia might try to invade their territory as they have done in Ukraine.  The first shipments will arrive in Poland this week from US military bases in Germany.  Below are some pictures of US M1 tanks.

10mm Arabs for FFL March or Die Mini-Campaign.

First group of 7 Arabs from Old Glory's 10mm line for my future March or Die Mini-Campaign.  I think the green guy will have to be moved to a HQ element. He was the first test model before I found a color scheme I like. See bottom picture from Plastic Soldier Review for color scheme.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Another 25mm Heavy Foot Element for Human Feudal Army

Still not sure where I am going with this army but why waste the models.  The entire 25mm army is comprised of excess and odds & ends models that had no home, until now.  This element pictured here is classed as Heavy Foot or Blades for DBx players. I should have allowed the wash to dry a little more, the flocking stuck to it like poop on a shoe.  It was a fight to remove most of it.

First Element for Carthaginian Army

Heavy Foot.

The War Begins...

I've been running up to a my own personal campaign for an alternate WW2. In my setting the Axis forces have virtually conquered Afrika and Russia is about on it's knees.  The U.S. African Expeditionary Force under the command of BGen Mark Clark landed in South Africa to help defend it from the encroaching Axis forces.

Major Arthur C Butler, General Clarks HQ tactician was given command of his own Armor Battalion and assigned to the 72nd Regiment. Col. Howard of the 72nd ordered Major Butler to liberate the towns of Holkiss, Kinto and Dutch Mills.  Major Butlers BN would be facing an entrenched enemy battalion.  The Major was given the additional asset of Bravo Co. 1/72 Infantry to assist him in his mission.

The Italians are 1/72 Airfix models. Also are two pictures of a M44 Sherman I painted up.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Hills for Memoir '44

I wanted to add some depth to my hills in M44. So I crafted these from foam, painted brown then flocked the edges while wet.  I will still place the hill hex card on top of these pieces during game play.

More Country Roads

Once again they are little more brown in hand than in the photo.  Dry brush brown on surface and edges, flock while wet and glue static grass.

Memoir '44

I've been gaming a lot of Memoir '44 since I picked the game up earlier this year. It lends itself very well to solo play.  Here are some pictures of the battles I've fought out.