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Friday, December 27, 2013

Painting and Gaming Totals for 2013.

Well my gaming year ended on Christmas day.  This years painting numbers are down but the gaming total was up.  Also I stopped tracking purchases and setting target goals.  So I will continue with simply tracking models painted but I am changing the format of games played.  Instead of listing the name of the game and how many times I played it I will list by period and how many battles were fought in that period.

2013 also held a couple of achievements for me.  The release of my element based WWII wargame rules and the launch of my own miniatures line at Bat Cave Minis.

Models Painted
3mm: 170
6mm: 15
10mm: 0
15mm: 15
25mm: 23
54mm: 0
1/72: 1
1/2400: 0
1/6000: 0
Terrain & Acc: 3

Total Painted: 227
Prior Year Total: 497

Games Played
Mayhem: 1
Dungeons: 3
Tales of M&L: 3
Combat WW2: 3
D&D: 1
Brigadier: 8
Battletech: 2
Battlesystem: 1
Legatus: 2
Commodore: 1
Song Blades & Heroes: 1
Freeblades: 1
Bush War FUBAR: 2
Myth & Legends: 3

Year Total: 34
Prior Year Total: 31

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