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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Last 3 Samurai for Fantasy Warband

Principality of Huack: Royal Navy Gunboat SMS Auston & Naval Landing Party

I bought these models on eBay back in December.  I still have to touch them up a bit, paint the sailors back cloth blue and find some guns for the "gunboat" and then give them all a wash.  But I am anxious to show them off.  Consider this the "before" picture.  Anyway, the Royal Navy is ready to do their part to take the fight to the vile Turkoslavians!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Principality of Huack: Royal Naval Officers Uniform.

Commodore von Bach also designed the new Naval officers uniform requirements for the Royal Navy which was readily approved by Prince Karl.

Principality of Huack: Royal Navy Sailors Uniform

Commodore von Bach designed the new uniform requirements for the enlisted men of the Royal Navy which was speedily approved by Prince Karl.  Keenly aware of the Naval requirements of the Principality on Lake Hreshta (Ohrespa in Turkoslavia) the Commodore submitted a request to Prime Minister Jagow for 100 rifles, infantry belts, pouches, boots, leggings and daggers in addition to the new uniforms.

Principality of Huack Royal Navy Officer Sleeve Insignia

Desiring that his navy should have comparable uniforms to other European Navies, Commodore von Bach designed and submitted the sleeve insignias shown below to Prince Karl, whom gladly added these to the Royal Navy Uniform Instructions 1881.

Principality of Huack - First Officers of the Royal Navy

Prince Karl created the first 6 officers of the Royal Navy today at his lakeside palace in the town of Auston. Prince Karl appointed Siebrecht von Bach formerly a Captain of the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Navy as the head of the Principality's Royal Navy and bestowed upon him the rank of Commodore.

Commodore von Bach's first task is to setup bases in St. Jamestonia and Auston; design, and build the first ships and finally recruit and train sailors for the Royal Navy.  The Commodore is also tasked with coordinating the coastal defense of the Principality with the Royal Army.

Commodore von Bach, far right with cigarette, poses with the first Royal Naval Officers.

Principality of Huack - Naval Officer Insignia

From his palace in Aleshirejvo and addressing the his court and both the Royal General Staff and the future senior Naval Officers, Prince Karl signed the Navy Act formally creating the Principality's Royal Navy.  Part of the Navy Act was the creation of a standardized rank structure.  The ranks below were approved as insignia for the Royal Navy Officer Corps.

More Samurai of the White Empire

Painted these models up yesterday evening. They are based on wood pieces bought from our local craft store.  Three more Samurai left to paint and the warband will be finished and stand at 6.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Samurai Painted

Hidjeko Kidonda, Samurai of the White Empire.

WWII: North Africa: DAK: 7th Panzergrenadier Brigade Schlieffen Painted and Based

7th Panzergrenadier Brigade Schlieffen
Painted and based up the first 10 elements of the 7th Panzers of the DAK.  I have ordered more reinforcements and they will be field ready by the end of the week.  Next up Italian Allies of the DAK and then on to the British 8th Army.

Monday, August 26, 2013

WWII: North Africa: DAK: OOB 7th Panzer Brigaden Schlieffen

HQ & HQ Battalion: Oberst Albrecht von Huack, CO, Oberstleutenant Siebrecht von Stueben, XO
7th Panzer Brigaden Schlieffen

HQ Support Coy.:   Major Ernst Orschuut.
7th Special Pioniertruppen Coy.: Major Hans Klieben.
8th Reconnaissance Coy.:  Rittmeister Wilhelm Reitter.
3rd Special Fallschirmjager Coy.: Major Hermann Kroth

2nd Field Artillerie Abteilung:  Major Sepp Dresden
  -1st Bat. Pak40:  Hauptmann Emil von Kliest
  -2nd Bat.IG18 :  Hauptmann Louis Karnhem
  -3rd Bat. IeFH18:  Hauptmann Paul Dailmer

1st Infantry Battalion:  Oberstleutenant Karl Franz
  -1st Coy.: Hauptmann Manfred Jagow
  -2nd Coy.: Hauptmann Heinz Aleshire
  -3rd Coy.: Hauptmann Adolf Gundzt
  -HW Coy.: Hauptmann Eiland Ganzot

2nd Infantry Battalion: Oberstleutenant Fredrick von Schrotte
  -1st Coy.:  Hauptmann Alfred Sielditz
  -2nd Coy.: Hauptmann Albert Rebentropf
  -3rd Coy.: Hauptmann Hugo Brenauz
  -HW Coy.: Hauptmann Emil Schlufhausen

1st Panzer Battalion: Oberstleutenant Godfed Haus
  -1st Coy. Pz6 Tiger: Hauptmann Karl Richtenoff
  -2nd Coy. StuG: Hauptmann Erik Ludenik
  -3rd Coy. Pz3: Hauptmann Kramer Egliest

1st Afrika Staffel Jagdgeschwader: Staffelkapitan Walter Kluge
2nd Afrika Staffel Kampfgeschwader: Staffelkapitan Helmuth Gobel

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My First Samurai Warband

 I found some 25mm Samurai in a box of scrap miniatures that I bought 4 years ago at a wargames convention.  I cleaned them up, primed them and started painting today.  Have one finished and another started.  Have them based up for skirmish gaming since I don't do Medieval Warfare in 25mm, yet and/or Samurai Wars in 25mm.

WWII: Stukas Up in the Air

Working in 3mm can be tricky.  However I was able to mount my two Ju87 Stuka Dive Bombers on wire flight stands.  All the Afrika Korps models are glued to their bases now and are ready for priming tomorrow.

VSF: All Quiet on the Martian Front

I jumped in on this Kickstarter campaign: All Quiet on the Martian Front  at the deluxe invasion level a few months back.  Earlier this week they released the pledge manager.  After all the bonus levels that were achieved I'm going to receive enough miniatures to make 2 full VSF forces using whatever rules I want.  Not to mention several posters that I can further decorate my war room with.

WWII: 3mm Forces for North Africa

The start of 2 new 3mm forces.  The Afrika Korps and the British 8th Army.  I am in the process of basing up what I have and researching what I want to order next.  I am toying with the idea of recreating both units on company level in 3mm.

Start of the Afrika Korps.

First elements of the British 8th Army.

Human Fantasy Army

I was digging through my lead pile searching for minis to work a trade with a fellow from TMP.  As I was going through all the odds and ends of my collection I found enough miniatures to piece together a human army for to paint up for sale.  However as I went along the more I liked the idea and decided to keep them for Fantasy Brigadier.  These minis are true 25mm and are very small when compared to the stuff available now but they are still a little larger than 1/72 scale.  They will work great with my 18mm dwarfs (Shadowcorps) and my 1/72 Caesar Orcs and Goblins.  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

WWII: United States Expeditionary Force Command

WASHINGTON D.C. (AP): January 28th 1941.  The White House and the Pentagon today announced the commanders of the four great armies that will fight for our freedom at home and overseas.

American Expeditionary Force: General Marshall.
European Expeditionary Force: General Eisenhower.
Asian Expeditionary Force: General MacArthur.
African Expeditionary Force: General Clark.

WWII: Alternate Timeline for My World War II Project

Alternate WW2 Campaign Background  

Japan conquers Manchuria.

Stalin begins the Great Purge, the Russian Army officer corps is decimated. 

September:  Mongolian Army troops attack a Manchu and Japanese Army Base along their border.  The next day Manchukuo and Japan declare war on Mongolia.  Russia declares war on Japan and Manchukuo.

October:  Italy invades Ethiopia. 

By the end of the year Japan occupies half of Mongolia and captures Vladivostok and parts of Southeast Russia.  The Second Russo-Japanese War has started out bad for Russia. 

Britain, France and the United States increase military spending.

Italy conquers Ehtiopia. 

Spanish Civil War begins.

Second Russo-Japanese War begins to stalemate in the East with both sides encamped in trenches on opposite sides of a huge front that stretches from the Arctic to China.  Both Japanese and Russian arms industries reach peak production.  However Japan needs more resources and starts looking South into China.  

July the Imperial Japanese Army invades China to secure resources for the war against Russia and the Sino-Japanese War begins.  

United States cuts off oil supply to Japan.  As a result of the U.S. oil embargo the Imperial Japanese Navy begins to plan an invasion of the United States and Canada with landings in South America to capture the Panama Canal, Columbia, Venezuela and Peru.  From there the Imperial Army can march up Mexico and down from Canada to capture the Western United States.

December:  Stalin becomes more paranoid due to the war with Japan and begins to fear the west, particularly Germany and decides that he must create a buffer zone which extends from an area Northwest of Leningrad to Romania.  Stalin demands land from Finland and offers a territorial trade.  Finland refuses to comply and Stalin orders the Soviet Military Command to begin planning an invasion of Finland, Poland, and Romania.
December: King Carol II dissolves parliament and becomes dictator of Romania and sides with Germany.

Polish spies copy notes from a senior German General whom was present for the secret meeting Hitler had with the General Staff in the Reichstag in 1937 wherein Hitler expressed his desire to conquer Eastern Europe including Poland.  Poland undertakes massive operations to expand their military and defensive positions.

March 12th Germany annexes Austria.

March 15th Neville Chamberlain dies, Churchill becomes Prime Minister. 

September: British and French ministers cannot agree on a plan for Germany and Czechoslovakia.  France is willing to appease Hitler but Churchill says Britain will stand with the Czechs.  As a result Hitler is forced to rethink his strategy towards Britain.

October:  Hitler orders his General Staff to begin plans for the invasion of Czechoslovakia and Poland to begin within 1 year. 
Soviet Generals develop three pronged attack plan to invade Finland, Poland and Romania at the same time.  Stalin rejects the plan fearing it will take too many resources from the war in the East with Japan.  Instead Stalin orders the plan to be implemented one step at a time starting with Finland. 

October 31st:  Russia invades Finland. 

November: Britain and France offer military aid to Finland but want passage across Sweden and in the process to occupy the Swedish iron mines preventing export to Germany.  Germany threatens war if Sweden iron production is disrupted so Sweden refuses.  Italy and Germany send aid to Finland. 

Eastern Front: “No man’s land” between the trenches in Russia moves but a little.  Each side sends bombers and lobs shells at the other but both have learned to minimize the damage.  Although casualties on both sides continue to climb.  Japan changes political and propaganda strategy in Asia and actively recruits all Asians into its Armed Forces.

Spanish Civil War ends with a fascist victory.

Finnish troops are proving a determined adversary for the Red Army, Russia gains ground slowly but is paying a heavy price.  Stalin threatens to arrest General Putarkin if he doesn’t “finish the job.”

Germany invades Czechoslovakia and Poland, meets stiff resistance.  

Britain and France declare war on Germany. 

Battle of Lake Baikal:  With an overwhelming manpower and tank surge Russian troops under General Zhukov push the Japanese back to the Eastern shore of Lake Baikal and the front line changes drastically as a result.  However both sides hastily dig back into trenches on each side of the lake and the new front line that once again extends North to the Arctic and South to China.  The Russians re-capture the city of Irutsk and 50km of territory but at the loss of 906,000 men. 

Italy invades and conquers Albania.

Germany conquers Czechoslovakia and divides the country up.  Operations in Poland are advancing for Germany but the Poles are fighting hard.  After heavy fighting and hard losses Germany retakes Polish Corridor and captures Danzig.  Hitler orders his General Staff to speed up operations in Poland and then regroup for an attack on Soviet Russia.  

Further Hitler orders the conquest of Norway.  

Germany grants 18 HE-111 Medium Bombers to the Finnish Air Force.

The British light cruiser HMS Ardent Resolve sinks German freighter Hamburg in the Indian Ocean.  

French and German forces skirmish along German border but neither side invades the other, each preferring to hide behind their formidable defensive lines.  

Britain calls up its reserves and trains them for deployment to France.

Germany, Italy and Japan sign the Tripartite Pact Berlin, Rome & Tokyo Axis.  Lesser signatories: Chile, Hungary, Romania, Iraq, Monaco, Montenegro, Albania, India (Nationalist Free Gov’t), Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Slovakia, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, and Argentina.  

Axis signatories declare war on Britain and France.

German submarine U-652 sinks the American destroyer USS Greer.   The same day the Imperial Japanese Navy with a regiment of Imperial Marines captures Guam while the Imperial Army invades the Philippines.  

The United States declares war on all Axis states.

Italy invades Egypt pushes British back to Cairo.

Spain captures Gibraltar but suffers heavy losses.  

Spain invades Portugal.  

The United States battleship the USS Arkansas BB-33 sinks the Spanish destroyer Allente and the freighter De Soto enroute to Argentina.

Japanese and Manchukuo forces capture the Mongolian capital. 

Finland conducts surprise night time bombing raid on the Kremlin in Moscow.  Only one of the bombers returned.  Stalin would die within a week from his wounds**Many suspect that Stalin was smothered to death by his guards while recovering.  

Finland begins to push Russians back.  Nikita Khrushchev appointed Premier of the Soviet Union.

Churchill sends Field Marshall Wavell to Egypt, within a month the British push the Italians back to Libya.

Hitler sends General Rommel to Africa to assist Italy with their operations there and to retake the lost German African colonies.

Italians capture Malta but with heavy losses.  

Germans and Italians take Egypt and push southward and west in Africa.  Afrika Korps expanded; Hitler orders Rommel that after he reclaims the lost German colonies to move south and capture the diamond and gold mines in Southern Africa.

First heavy French vs. Axis fighting takes place in North Africa.

Japanese and Russians are deadlocked in East Russia. Imperial Navy moving ahead with plans to invade Alaska, Hawaii and California. 

British move up from South Africa and Rhodesia while British in Kenya fight delaying action against the Italians and Germans.  

The United States creates four commands to handle the war.  They are the European, African and Asian Expeditionary Forces and at home the American Expeditionary Force to deal with the war in the Western Hemisphere.

Operation Screaming Eagle, the invasion of the United States and Canada is being developed in Berlin, Madrid & Rome as well as plans for the invasion of Brazil with allied Axis help from Argentina and Chile.

Legatus: Celts vs. Romans II

My son-in-law Barry and I gamed out a battle of Legatus today. I had the Romans while he commanded the Celts.  Roma Victor!

Friday, August 16, 2013

WWII: Two 60 point games of COMBAT: WWII

Played two quick games of COMBAT: WWII today with my son-in-law Barry.  Barry played Germans while I commanded the US Army.  Both games resulted in American victories but the second game was much closer.  60 points or less is a very fast and small game.  Both games played out in 20 to 30 minutes each.  A standard game is played at 100.

OOB Germans
10 Regular Infantry
1 HMG Squad (Regulars)
1 Mortar Squad (Regulars)
1 Pz I Tank (Regulars)
1 Pz VI Tiger I Tank (Veterans)

OOB United States
11 Regular Infantry
1 Ranger Squad
3 Jeeps with HMG (Regulars)
1 M4 Sherman (Veterans)

The battlefield.

Barry deploys his Germans.

American Deployment.

Jeep takes cover behind destroyed building.

American troops using farmhouse for cover.

The valiant crew of the Sherman advance on the field in search of targets.

Barry moving the Germans up.

Americans coming up using the buildings for cover.

The Sherman takes out the Pz 1 but the big Tiger is lurking around the hill.

The Tiger's crew is confident of a quick kill on the Sherman but they rolled a 1.

The Sherman spins and takes out the Tiger's main gun.

American troops enter the destroyed building for cover against the advancing Germans.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

WWII: More 6mm German Elements

Four more elements for my 6mm WW2 German Army the 7th Panzergrenadier Brigade Schlieffen.  An infantry company on each end, with an armored platoon and a field artillery battery in the middle.  These are more of the models that I bought off eBay and rebased and flocked for Brigadier.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

WWII: HQ Element 7th Panzergrenadier Brigade Schlieffen

I bought some painted models on eBay and rebased and flocked them for my upcoming Brigadier WW2 wargame rules.  I printed off a description of the element to attach to the base and gave them an insignia.  More to come tomorrow.

My WWII Wargames Shirt

My shirt for WW2 home wargames.  I have applicable rank to scale it up and down depending on the level of command involved.  This was a fun project and have more to add to it later as my WW2 campaign progresses.

North Africa Theater Patch

Bought an original WW2 North Africa Theater patch on eBay.  It's a bit more darker than this picture.  I have it sewed onto a shirt for WW2 wargaming along with a II Corps patch.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

European Theater Patch

Another original WW2 patch from the rescued shoe box collection that my mother-in-law bestowed upon me.

2nd Wargame Room

While this is our third home since the Duchess and I wed; this is my second wargame room.  Alas though we will be moving again early next year but the good news is that I will another wargame room there.