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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vietnam: More 3mm Supplies from PicoArmor

Received some reinforcement from PicoArmor today.  From left to right, 2 MiG-15 Fighter Jets for the NVA, 6 Brown Water Navy Patrol Boats for the USA and 75 more infantry for use as NVA and VC.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vietnam: First American Units PAINTED!

I've painted up the first 8 elements for my "Brigadier: Vietnam" US Army, the 1st U.S. Half-Brigade aka The Shadow Spears.  I might add a few scenics to the bases but they are field ready!

VSF: Behold the Black Pyramids of Ona-Set

I found these pyramids at a thrift store and thought they might make good terrain for my VSF campaign.

15mm WW1 British Elements

Have the first three elements for a WW1 British Army.  A HQ, HMG and a Tank element for HITT.

15mm Cottage

Found this little cottage at the Potter's House in Fayetteville today.  I think it will fit in perfect with 15mm.

Prussian Army Unveils New Combat Uniform for Northern Europe

Cpl Heinrich von Pilz shows off the new PDF combat uniform.
Heeding advice from Israeli military advisors the Prussian Army unveiled a new combat uniform today of an digitized olive drab color.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Vietnam: First Elements of the Shadow Spears in 1965

I've decided that I want to extend the life of my First US Half-Brigade from WW2 into Vietnam.  Now the WW2 campaign will still be run in 6mm and is still a go but I want to add a Vietnam campaign and run it in 3mm.  Bought my models from PicoArmor to just get a feel for them and I like them so I will buy more soon.  Below I have 2 companys of infantry of 2 platoons each, 2 tank platoons, an engineer or HQ element and a Huey gunship element.  The Huey's rotor and stand were made from Fiber Craft Painted Paddle Wire.  Also I've opted for 30mm frontage bases.

7th Panzer Brigade: Anti-Tank Armored Car

Painted up this armored car the day after painting up the two PzI tanks.  This will serve as force protection from allied tanks and has an HMG to thwart infantry attacks.

7th Panzer Brigade: Two New Pz I

Painted these two PzI for my COMBAT: WW2 Germany Army.  Each model is worth 7 points and has a 16" movement rate. However can easily be blown away.  I intend to use them as fast attack against enemy artillery and infantry.  I painted the *ironcross* on each as I don't have any 15mm decals.  Both models are from Battle Honors available at oldglory15s.com.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Work Begins on First Company of Vichy French

I have enough models on hand to make a battalion of Vichy French for my upcoming Microscale WW2 campaign.  Here is the first company, 8 models based on a handcut 40mm x 40mm vinyl base.  I'll post another update later when I have the company primed and painted.

Battle for Lentz

The day after capturing the village of Goetz the Royal Munchhausen Brigade set out on march towards the town of Lentz.  Upon entering the outskirts of town they were met by Major Haus's Freihauble Regiment supported by four companies of local militia.  The two sides deployed their forces as shown in the artist rendering below.

Initial deployment with the town of Lentz directly behind the
 Freihauble Regiment of the Union Army.

Major Haus advanced his cavalry and militia towards the wooded areas to secure them
from enemy use ordering their officers to await there to ambush the
 royalist forces as they advance between the woods.  However the elite
 Royal Grenadier Guards of the Munchhausen Brigade were already entering the wood.
 Colonel Kliest advances the brigade with the jaegers leading in front.
The far left jaegar company suffered a hit from the union artillery battery.
  However the Royal Artillery Battery puts paid to a company of militia.

The royalist forces advance while the union line holds firm allowing
 the cavalry and militia to capture their objectives.

The Guards and the union cavalry fight it out in the bad going,
with the Guards quickly overcoming their enemy.

During the advance both artillery batteries lob shells at the other sides forces.

Union infantry fire on the Guards only emboldening their
 resolve to bring the fight to the enemy.

The militia companies break out of the woods charging and shooting wildy
 at the jaegars whom with cold nerve turn to face their enemy.
 Meanwhile the Grenadier Guards advance closer to the enemy line.
The Union Artillery Battery suffers great hits from
 the Royal Artillery and abandon the field.

Guards and union infantry enter melee, while another company
of union infantry advance to flank the Royal Jaegars while they are fighting the militia.
 Colonel Kliest directs his brigade from the center of the field,
 boldy staying atop mount despite the whizzing musket fire.

Close up of the militia and jaegars in combat while Colonel Kliest directs the battle.

Close up of the Royal Infantry shooting at the Union Infantry while
the Grenadier Guards fight a desperate contest on the flank.

Final straw, the Royal Infantry hails lead down on the Union side
 destroying the resolve of  the enemy forcing them to abandon Lentz to Royal mercy.

Close up of Colonel Kliest and his staff.

Close up of the Royal Infantry firing upon the Union line.

Final disposition of troops as the enemy begins to break.  Major Haus
 unable to rally his men orders a general retreat back to their barracks at
 Freihauble and dispatches an urgent message to
 General Brendel and the Union Assembly.

The unit's in the painting above distinguished themselves
and the Royal Army in battle and have earned battle honors.

Bittburg Raises Militia Companies

Major Godfred Haus, Freihauble Regiment, Union Army
General Brendel ordered elements of the Union Army to report to Major Godfred Haus Commander of the Freihauble Regiment with a message authorizing the Major to raise 4 companies of militia.   The Major sent out word to his officers to begin drawing volunteers from the local towns and villages in the area.  The militia were ordered to elect from among themselves their officers and to report at once with whatever arms they may have to Major Haus in Freihauble.

As you know our enemies have captured the town of Goetz, you must muster your regiment and save the town of Lintz.  You are all that stands between the enemy and the fall of Northwest Bittburg...."

Friday, January 11, 2013

Vichy French: The Territorial Armee d'Afrique

The first enemy the Shadow Spears will engage in combat will be elements of the Vichy French Army of Africa.  The first major action involving Col. Darby's brigade will occur at St. Cloud.

ORBAT for the Armee of Afrique in St. Cloud
1st Bn, 16th Algerian Traillieurs
2 Companies of French Foreign Legion
2 Artillery Batteries
1 Armored Car Company

In total the AoA will have 10 elements, 9 combat and 1 GHQ.

ORBAT First U.S. Half-Brigade, II Corps, U.S. Army

Made up a quick ORBAT for Colonel Darby's brigade that he is putting together in Ireland and Scotland.  The second artillery battery is anti-tank and the odd infantry company is Heavy Weapons.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vinyl Hand Cut DBx Bases.

Made 24 bases for games of DBA and HOTT-Ancients from a $0.35 cent vinyl floor tile from Lowes.  You can make $15 worth of bases from 1 floor tile.

Vinyl Hand Cut DBx Bases for HOTT.

Made 24 bases for games of HOTT from a $0.35 cent vinyl floor tile from Lowes.  You can make $15 worth of bases from 1 floor tile.

Vinyl Wargame Bases

Made 24 bases for games of Brigadier from a $0.35 cent vinyl floor tile from Lowes.  You can make $15 worth of bases from 1 floor tile.

Prussia to Join Russian Naval Exercise in the Baltic

WIRED, New York:  The Russian navy is about to stage its largest war exercise in a long time — possibly the largest since before the breakup of the Soviet Union. It’s a chance for President Vladimir Putin to show off his military might, of course. But the exercise may also be a subtle warning to the United States: Stay clear of waters that traditionally lie in Russia’s sphere of influence.  The Russian defense ministry says its the “first time in decades” it’s launched naval exercises on this scale. The drills involve warships from all of Russia’s fleets: “the Northern, Baltic, Black Sea and Pacific,” noted a statement from the ministry. The exercise will be reportedly held in late January, and involve amphibious landings in the Caucasus and naval exercises in the Mediterranean. The Prussian Navy has been assigned a supporting role in the Baltic Exercise Area.  With the Prussian Navy doubling in size and strength it may one day find itself a bigger player in future naval wargames with it's Russian allies.

Full report here: http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2013/01/russia-exercise/

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Prussia and Argentina Sign Naval Arms Deal

Argentine Navy
JANES DEFENSE WEEKLY, London: Prussia has agreed to purchase 4 Allen M Summer class destroyers from the Argentine Navy for 7 million Prussian Marks.  The purchase has confused some naval analysts as to why any state would purchase these aging ships.  Perhaps the Prussian Navy has plans to modernize the ships?  However they could simply use them as part of their upcoming deployment commitment to the UN Anti-Pirate Fleet operating off the coast of Somalia?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Grand Army of the Frei Stadt of Bittburg

Mustered and ready to march forth to defend the Frei Stadt is my General Brendel's Army of Bittburg.  The army is 3 points shy of the full 25 I want it to have to field against Saxe-Huack.  Not sure where I want to spend those points.  Probably 1 more regular infantry and 1 militia.

Army of Bittburg: 1st Republic Infantry Regiment

Comprising 2 battalions, one of 2 companies the other of 3.  Uniformed, drilled and disciplined troops to help preserve the Frei Stadt!

Army of Bittburg: 1st Republic Artillery

An artillery battery painted in the national color of blue.  One of the crew members is out of uniform.  Charges will undoubtedly be filed.

Army of Bittburg: General Albert Brendel

Brigadier General Albert Brendel and staff.
Here he is, in his new Union Army uniform astride his gray mount.

WW1 British Highlanders

I did some trading on TMP and these fine troopers came with the minis I acquired.  I did not paint them but I did wash them (dip), base on round wooden chips from Hobby Lobby and then flock them.  They are based up for skirmish games of FUBAR.

WW1 British Cavalry Troopers

I did some trading on TMP and these fine troopers came with the minis I acquired.  I did not paint them but I did wash them (dip), base on round wooden chips from Hobby Lobby and then flock them.  They are based up for skirmish games like FUBAR.