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Thursday, July 5, 2012

VSF Campaign: Map of North America circa 1889

First draft of North America for the start of my VSF campaign.  Adventures will circle the globe as well as taking place on the moon, Venus and Mars.

America:  U.S. Civil War begins in 1849 and ends in 1853 with a southern victory.  The southern states form the Confederate States of America.  The USA moves forward with expansion in the northwest.  The CSA fights a brief war with Spain for possession of Cuba.  The CSA is eyeing expansion in South America.

Texas:  Texas never joined the union.  The Yucatan joined Texas in 1836 fighting for independence from Mexico with both winning their freedom.  Five years later the Yucatan Republic joins the Republic of Texas.  In 1849 Texas purchased land due west of the republic from the Empire.

Mexico:  Santa Anna died with no heir.  Maximilian of Austria is offered the throne and accepts.  By 1890 Maximilian IV rules an Empire that stretches from the United States to Columbia.

Britain:  The British Empire takes Alaska during the Crimean War.  Grants Quebec semi-autonomy and rules an Empire known now as The British Solar Empire.


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