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Friday, July 6, 2012

VSF Background

A quick summary of my first thoughts for my VSF campaign.  Now I'm not saying that I'm going to make armies or even warbands for that matter on each faction, but they will play a part in politics and intrigue.

Earth Factions
Texas (Loose alliance with the CSA and is currently at peace with the Empire of Mexico.)
USA (Loose alliance with Germany and Russia.  The USA is a rising power.)
CSA (Loose alliance with Texas but heavy dependence on allies of Britain and France.)
Britain (A world superpower.)
Japan (A rising world power.)
Germany (A world superpower.)
France (A world superpower.)
Russia (A rising world power.)
Austria-Hungary (A rising world power.)

Xeno Factions
Atlunis (Red Martians, founders of Earth's lost city of Atlantis.)
Hurundi (Green Martians, barbarians, enemies to all.)
Borundi (Blue Martians, nomads, neutral faction but will freely raid where they can get away with it.)
Pafar (Birdfolk Venusians.)
Jafar (Lizardfolk Venusians.)

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