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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Republic of Texas: Texas Bushwhackers (1st Texas Light Infantry)

Austin, TX:  Camp Travis, Army General Headquarters.  Gen. John B. Hood seeing the need for a quick recon force coupled with the capability for hit and run tactics ordered the creation of the 1st Texas Light Infantry today.  Three battalions of three companies each will be raised with each company stationed throughout the republic.  The Light Infantry will take on the moniker of the Texas Bushwhackers due to their covert nature.  Each brigade will have it's own company assigned to it used at the discretion of the brigade commander.  The call went out for volunteers among the regular army, the Alamo Guard and local militias.  Pictured below are three units of Bushwhackers in training at Camp Bowie, in Brownswood.  The Light Infantry will be commanded by Lt. Col. Woodford H. Mabry.  Colonel Mabry has established his regimental headquarters at Camp Travis, with the three battalions induction barracks each at Camp Bowie, Camp Seguin and Camp Liendo in the Yucatan province.

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