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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Republic of Texas: RTAS Auston

Finished up my first scratch built aeronef for my VSF campaign.  The Republic of Texas Aeronef Ship Auston.  Named for the great Texas Navy Captain Baden J Auston hero of the Battle of Cozumel during the War of the Mexican Succession.  

No gun at the moment.  The minis are unpainted RAFM US Infantry.  They will serve as the first soldiers of the Texas Army.  The Auston and crew will soon see action not only on Earth but the Moon, Mars and Venus.

The Auston was contructed from carboard, a failed Xmas ornament, bottle cap, plumbing copper piece, plastic artillery limber wheels and a straw.  With a screw and wood chip for a base.  I know it's not great but I am proud of my first scratch built vessel. 

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