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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Orcish Steppes: The War of the Orcs, Part 2

Gritznak looked around for any signs of Zoule and his muscled up goblin bodyguard but none could be found. "Hrmph." Gritznak snorted. Before him on the Orcland plains the Spider Clan army rolled out in front of their camp, chanting, thrusting spears and riding giant poisonous spiders. Gritznaks own goblins began to shake and look about uneasy. Gritnak looked at them then at one of his Blood Orcs. The Blood Orc nodded and walked forward and hit some of the goblins to reassure them they had more to fear from Gritznak then the creepy spiders.

As Gritznak's small army advanced it was assailed with black arrows and goblin magic, some of the goblins were killed but the advance continued. Amazingly the Spider Clan did not advance preferring instead to try and wear down the invaders. Soon the Black Rock warriors were among them and despite their dreadful spiders the Black Rock Orcs were victorious as the Spider Clan ran from their own ruin.

Below is the new map of the Orclands showing Gritznak's ever enlarging kingdom. There are only 3 known Orc Kings and now Gritznak's realm is as large as any.

Gritznak and Zoule Consolidate Power in the Orclands.

Gritznak sits upon his new throne ordering the construction of a new Great Hut to reflect his status as an Orc King. Zoule, the Goblin Shaman, consolidates Gritznak's power within his two petty orc clans. Zoule realizes that to continue his crusade to make Gritznak the most powerful Orc Warlord to ever arise from the Orcish Steppes he must have cavalry and the small goblin camp of the Spider Clan has just what he needs, goblin spider riders. While there are orc and goblin clans with wargs, boars, bulls and other riding beasts, the spider riders are unique, almost elite. Zoule studies the crude goblin crafted map of the Orcish Steppes and plots the army they will need and what path they should take to conquer the Spider Clan.

Upon devising his scheme Zoule sets Gritznak with his small army on a direct path to the Spider Clan camp. Zoule and his bodyguard watch the battle from atop a hill overlooking the camp.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Orcish Steppes: The War of the Orcs, Part 1

The Goblin Shaman Zoule, the power behind the petty throne of Gritznak, Chief of the Black Rock Clan smiled as he pointed towards the south, towards his home camp. The Goblin Camp of Broken Tooth. Gritznak led his small warband of his clansmen to the outskirts of the camp. Goblin sentries spotted the approaching Orcs and ran to warn their chieftan. Gritznak led his warband down to within bow shot of the goblins, to show his contempt as the Goblin Chief Yorst assembled his warriors. Quickly the goblins assmebled around their chief, some trembling, some wetting what rags they wore. Zoule eyed Yorst from behind Gritznak and called out to him saying, "Yorst! Chief of Broken Tooth, you have been found weak and timid before the Savage Gods. Your clan has been given to Gritznak the Bold, Gritznak the Chief of Black Rock, Gritznak the Warlord of the Savage Gods!" Yorst's reply was simple, "Archerssss, tarsuk." And his goblins let loose their black arrows.

The goblins arrows sped their way towards Gritznak's warband but Gritznak had not been idle in training his warriors. At his command they raised their shields and did safely weather the storm of black arrows. However Gritznak suffered an magical attack from Yorst, a minor shaman, for Yorst did poison Gritznak. Zoule quickly responded to this and expelled some of his own energy to withdraw the deadly venom from Gritznak.

Gritznak marched his orcs forward with his 2 archers shooting and Zoule casting spells. The Goblins did loose their arrows and Yorst cast his poison spell again only to be foiled once more by Zoule.

Then within striking distance something happened to Yorst, while his archers unleashed their death and did indeed slay an Orc, and whilst his warriors prepared to fight, Yorst fell dead. His mind having exploded within his skull while attempting yet another poison spell. With their chieftan dead and in great fear of being eaten, the goblins fled back to their camp. Zoule entered the camp with his goblin bodyguard Bulor, and soothed them to make Gritznak their Chief and new King!

Above is the map of the Orclands east of the Gray Mountains. Gritznaks holdings which now include Black Rock and Broken Tooth are shown in light brown, Other greenskin camps are shown around the newly founded Orc Kingdom of Black Rock. Gritznaks power is growing and with the disunity amongst the greenskins it might grow to the peril of the west, verily to the peril of Aeyr. This was another test battle for Myth.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mythic Storm Rising Part 2

With Gritznak secure as Chief of the Black Rock Clan, Zoule began to work out his next step in the task set before him by the twin Savage Gods. As Zoule meditated in a dark cave on the hillside above the camp a vision came to him of surging power. Zoule felt his veins enlarge and his muscles tense, his head was thrown back and his eyes bulged, while his throat began to hummm and burn. Soon Zoule began to levitate above the small fire in his cave, and he sensed he had changed. He was levitating by the force of his own will. He ordered rocks to assemble beneath him and they did. Moss to grow on the rocks to cushion his descent and it did. Slowly and with dark joy, Zoule came down to light upon the makeshift seat. He could feel power pulsing from his eyes, his hands and feet burned with it. His small staff leaning on the wall next to him came rushing towards his outstretched hand. Zoule had become a great sorcerer. Zoule arose from his cave and descended upon the Orc Camp in dark splendor. All the orcs but Gritznak either bowed, knelt, trembled or ran away before him. Zoule approached Gritznak, and just for a moment sensed a small tinge of fear behind Gritznaks red eyes. Then Zoule bade him to come inside the Chief's great hut and discuss the next step in their jihad against the world.

Zoule is now a level 3 mage in the Mythic Storm Fantasy Skirmish Game.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Mythic Storm Rises in the East....

The Goblin Shaman Zoule, awoke in a cold sweat
from a fevered dream. He had received a vision from the savage gods. A vision of a new chieftan, a mighty warrior that could unite the Orc clans as one and shake the foundation of the world.

He would have to find the Blood Orc named Gritznak the Bold. Then convince him that the savage gods had annointed him Warlord and Chief of Black Rock and to raise a warband to kill the old chief. Zoule found Gritznak in the Orc Camp of the Black Rock Clan. Black Rock is called such for the huge black rock that fell from the sky in ages past and crashed upon the summit of a sloping hill in the Great Wastes. Zoule cautiously approached Gritznak, with spell ready in case the Blood Orc refused his counsel. True to the Blood Orc's nature, he had no trouble turning him against the chief and to fight for the leadership of the clan. Gritznak was able to summon followers by convincing them that the magic of the chief was dead and that he, Gritznak the Bold had new and powerful magic.

Advised by Zoule, Gritznak hid himself and his followers while the majority of the clan went out for the daily hunt. With just a few orcs remaining, older females and orclings; the chieftan was virtually alone, with only three trusted bodyguards, a single archer and 2 pet goblins in the chief's great hut.

The lone archer was posted as a sentry outside the hut and as he turned and eyed Gritznak's warband, he barely had time to squeal before an arrow pierced his throat and he drowned in his own black blood. The Chief and his crewe ran out to meet the invaders, surprised to see Gritznak, a few warriors and 2 goblins wearing a mix of blue paint.

The Chief's Crewe

Gritznak and Zoule with Warband

Gritznak indeed found the Chief's magic was ebbing and he could feel magic springing up within him. He ordered his own archer and a warrior to circle around the hut while he led the rest head on at the chieftan. His old nostrils sniffing blood the Old Chief charges with his bodyguard at the usurper.

The Chief is old but still deadly!

The Chief was indeed getting old but he had many battle scars and cut a deadly swathe into Gritznak's warband, wounding Gritznak and killing one of his warriors. Gritznak's archer soon cut down another bodyguard, while Gritznak stomped and crushed one of the Chief's pet goblins. Zoule burned up another bodyguard with baelfire spellcraft.

The melee continues and soon the Chief kills two more of Gritznak's warriors and wounds the Blood Orc. But with his bodyguard gone the Chief is soon cut down in the final melee. Zoule cuts off the Chief's head and splashes his blood upon Gritznak and annoints him Chief of the Black Rock Clan. In celebration Chief Gritznak allows his warriors to feast upon the dead chieftain and BBQ his remaining pet goblin.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Map of the West

Campaign Map of Aeyr

Above is the map of Aeyr, the Ulthantean Continent. The Reichmark or The Empire to some, is shown in red, while the Elvish homeland of Ulthantis is shown in blue.

"Aeyr, Let These Things Be..."

In the beginning, Illuvata created the Einor as his children. Then he created the world with but a single word, Aeyr. Illuvata sent the Einor to Aeyr to establish the world and to begat life so that the Einor might know love of his children which were ordered in the mind of Illuvata and the Einor.
The first to be sent to Aeyr was Danu, the daughter of Illuvata for she is the mother of Aeyr. She created all things green and good in the world in accordance with the mind of Illuvata. Trees, shrubs, grasses and all manner of strange and beautiful plants. Then she called forth the animals of the air, land and sea.
Next came Thor into Aeyr. Thor raised the mountains and great canyons upon the earth and placed within them the great minerals and wealth of the world. But Thor had his own mind from Illuvata and sought to create his own children. So Thor created the dwarves, the moutain dwellers. Iluvata sought out Thor and chastised him for his creation of dwarves. Thor then raised his hammer to crush his creation and the dwarves were afraid. Having sympathy for Thor and the dwarves, Illuvata stayed Thor's hand and granted forgiveness and adopted the dwarves as his children. So it was that the dwarves were the first to awaken in Aeyr and are known as the elder race. Thor loved the dwarves and instructed them in all things under the mountain.
Danu, having perceived Thor's creation and knowing that they will come to her great forests and bring down her creation, created the Tree-Ents to protect the forests. She then created those to tend her creation and nurture it, the fey folk, brownies, fairies, centaurs, satyrs, unicorns and fauns. Then not to be outdone by Thor, she begat her own children, the elves and instructed them in the worship of Illuvata, the Light and only sought their reverence in the protection of her creation. Thus it is today that many tribes of the elves wander the great forests as rangers striking down those whom enter with a black heart.
Then came, Romulus unto the western lands and with his sister Danu, created the great lands of rolling hills, groves and valleys of great beauty and plenty. Then having perceived perfectly the mind of Illuvata, Romulus created men and halfings and instructed them in the worship of Illuvata, the Light.
Then came, Ulric unto the northern lands and with his sister Danu, created the great ice realms of the north. For in ice and snow the Light is magnified. Knowing the mind of Illuvata and knowing that to live in his bright yet cold lands that men would need to be hearty, thus did Ulric create the great men of the north, men of great renown and strength.
Strife ran between the children of Thor and Danu. Illuvata arose in splendor and came down to Aeyr to set peace upon Aeyr and his children. Thor and Danu sought forgiveness from Illuvata and created the gnomes together as a sign of peace between themselves and their children forever. Thus it came to be that the gnomes have traits of the fey and the dwarves.
Then came Sabek unto the eastern lands and with his sister Danu and created the great plains and vast openness of the east so that nothing might hinder the Light from shining upon Aeyr. Then Sabek lamented with pity for himself, for he knew not the mind of Illuvata and jealous of his brother Romulus he created men also, thus it is today that the men of the east strive with those of the west. Pity turned to anger in Sabek's heart and he turned against Illuvata and his siblings and desired to set himself up as master of Aeyr and force all to call him Lord. Then did Sabek steal some men from the west and using his magic to twist them into the race we call Ogres, which is why the western lands are under near constant attack from these dreaded creatures. Then did Sabek steal two groups of elves from his sister Danu and he took one group and did darken their hearts and set them beneath Aeyr away from the Light where Sabek had created his kingdom of the Underdark, thus it is how the dark elves, the Drow came into being. The other group did he twist with vile magic into the Orcs. Thor took notice of Sabek and set his protection on the dwarves but forgot the gnomes, whom Sabek stole from and twisted a few into the vile goblins. Then he used his malice to create his own work of daemons, monsters and misshapen beasts and other vile races.
The came Amun, the youngest of Illuvata and with his sister Danu created the great sands of the south and the fertile plains therein. There did Amun create not only men, but other majestic & noble races of good heart as in the mind of Illuvata and instructed them in the construction of the Great Temple of the Light and in the worship of Light. Then having seen the terrible works his brother Sabek had wrought in the east, did Amun travel to the far east and created a race of militant men unbeknownst to Sabek. Amun instructed the far eastern men to worship the Light and to always oppose Sabek and the dark.
Thus it was that the world and all therein was created in the ancient days.
Seeing the terrible things that Sabek had wrought upon Aeyr, Illuvata summoned the Einor back to him and forbade them to ever enter Aeyr again. But mighty are the Einor and though they cannot walk upon Aeyr again, they still intercede on behalf of their creation and on occasion send messengers and assistance from above, all save Sabek, whom Illuvata has hidden away in the deep void but has promised him release if ever the whole of Aeyr was to call him out.
For a thousand years Aeyr rested at relative peace. With fighting never growing larger than a few skirmishes or battles between the races of the Light and those of the Dark. For in those days the races of good would ally with one another against the dark and whereas the Dark forces would invariably fight amongst themselves. In time many fell away from the worhsip of the Light and began to worship false idols and things. Some began to worship the Dark.
These events passed into legend and legend into myth. Then came the time of the elves. Blessed by their mother Danu with immortality and a fervent belief in the Light, there arose in the far west on the islands of Ulthantis a great city and a call for unity of spirit and worship of the Light. A desire to unite all of Aeyr under the rule of the elves so that all of Danu's creation would be watched over and protected and that the Light may rule the lives of all. Many of the Ulthantean elves began to seek pilgramage to the south to worship at Amun's Great Temple Pyramid of Light, for it was believed that to bask in the warm light at the top, was to receive the direct love and admiration of Illuvata. Those whom survived the journey and made it back became great heroes and elders of the elves. Many elves, leonines and men were there that day to worship the Light, each one taking their turn to ascend the steps to the top. There among them was an elf warrior named Aenarion, as his turn came and he reached the height of the temple pyramid a great cry was heard in the heavens, all eyes turned towards the sky and there descending in glory was the Great Phoenix, the messenger of Illuvata. The phoenix swept downward towards the pyramid and leveled out in a direct path towards Aenarion at the summit. Aenarion knelt in reverence and in a great firey crash the phoenix exploded at the summit hiding the top in a massive fireball. After many seconds, the fireball burned out and there stood Aenarion arrayed in glory with a golden crown which had the appearance of a phoenix upon his head. All bowed as Aenarion made his way down the pyramid. Never had there been such a noble to walk upon Aeyr and never again was it permitted for any to ascend save for a candidate to the throne. Aenarion had been blessed by the gods as the first Phoenix King. He bade all there to journey with him back to Ulthantis and those whom did go with him became the first Council of Light, thus the legends of men and other races serving first in what has become a council of elves.
Upon his return Aenarion had built a magnificent palace of gold and ivory so that all whom entered would be mesmerized by it's majesty. And within his palace a great throne the back of which was the outstretched wings of a phoenix. The elves of Ulthantis became known as high elves for their lofty character and pursuit of noble ideals. The many realms of the west and south sent emissaries and swore their alligieance to Aenarion and thus it was the that the Ulthantean Empire was born. Aenarion a wise and just ruler, lost his immortality, it is the price of to pay for being the Phoenix King. Aenarion lived for a thousand more years and died an image of a king in glory. His soul was seen arising from his body with the wings of a phoenix, he bowed his head and disappeared from sight. By the time of his death Aenarion and the Ulthantean Empire ruled two thirds of the known world.
Many there were among the Council of Light and other realms that desired the phoenix throne for themselves. Many did travel to the Great Temple Pyramid of Light in the south. Many ascended and never did the phoenix appear. For months on end, thousands gathered around the temple awaiting the blessing of their next king, but the phoenix never returned. Years went by and it was decided that the Council of Light would choose the next king from among themselves. And so it was that Eltharion, came to don the purple of the throne and wear the phoenix crown upon his head. In time many whom had swore allegiance to Aenarion now fell away, without a divinely sanctioned king, their oaths no longer held sway over their hearts. So the first great wars began in the west, with the legions of Ulthantis trying to hold together it's empire and keep tribute to it's great city and king.
A thousand years passed again and ended with the Ulthantean Empire in retreat to it's home islands. Many elves split away arguing that it was never the goal of Aenarion to war with the west but to protect Danu's creation and to seek out the Light. These elves retreated to the great forests of the west and established their own kingdoms within and became known as the wood elves.
A thousand years later and the tribes of men are growing larger and stronger. Among them a great war chief emerges, his name is Sigmar. It was Sigmar whom lead a raiding party into an orc camp and rescued the High King of the Dwarves, Durin Stonebreaker. Durin awarded Sigmar with a great warhammer named Ghaal Mararz and titled him Lord of Men. Then from the east a darkness grew and became strong, thousands of orcs, ogres, goblins and other vile creatures burst from the pass between the Worlds Edge mountains and the west. They overran the dwarven gates that protected the pass and stormed into the west. King Sigmar gathered together the greatest army that had ever been seen in the west, even greater than the ancient legions of Ulthantis and marched upon the invading army. The Dark Army was pushed back to the pass, when their Dark Lord appeared, the Witch King, an ancient servant of Sabek, on the back of a mighty dragon. Sigmar and his allied army fought with great valor and finally at the center of all stood Sigmar and the Witch King. A circle formed around them and they began battle, the thunderous clash between the two warriors was immense. After a terrible fight Sigmar fell with a mortal wound and it appeared all was lost, but as the Witch King made for his killing blow to sever Sigmar's head, a light shown down from the heavens upon Sigmar and he swiftly arose with renewed vigor and smote the Witch King, although the Dark Lord was only slain in bodily form. The armies of the west held the field and the dark armies fled back through the pass. Sigmar raised his hammer in triumph and the light grew stronger around him and the voice of Romulus was heard for the first time in a millennia. “This is my champion and he will be a guiding light to men in the West.” Then Sigmar, irradiated in glory established his Empire which came to be known as the Reichsmark and he reigned for 40 years before disappearing on a quest to bring the Light to the east. His parting words as he set off from court alone, were “I go now, alone, a light into the darkness.” Thus it has been since the time of Sigmar that after the 40th year of an emperor's reign, if the reign lasts that long, the Emperor abdicates and leaves the west through the mountain pass to the east which is known as Black Fire Pass. Though there have been a few emperors ignore this but none lived much longer after ignoring the call to quest. Today the quest has been out of practice for 200 years.
Today, a thousands years after the departure of Sigmar, the Reichsmark is the largest and most powerful kingdom of men in the world. The Cult of Sigmar is the major religion in the west for it is believed that Romulus made Sigmar a demi-god. The Phoenix King sits on his great throne in Ulthantis, the Emperor Magnus the Pious rules from upon his golden throne in the imperial city of Altdorf. The wood elves protect the forests and the dwarves mine beneath the mountains. Leonines and other noble races ply the savannahs and sands of the south. In the east, a shadow grows, dark and terrible to behold.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Uniform Template: Moden Guard, Huack Royal Army

Royal Army Order 1881.3.16.007 Dress Regulations - Uniform of the Royal Moden Guard.

For those elements of the Royal Moden Guard. The standard khaki Royal Army trench coat shall be issued to all Guards as well.

Major General Erik von Falkynhuack
Royal Army
Principality of Huack

French Rifles Redoux & The Cavalry Have Arrived

I have rebased my French Rifles to 3 per stand, this has left me with 1 element of rifles and 1 element of French Trench Raiders (Sturmtruppen). So I have to paint up 7 more infantrymen to complete 4 elements of Rifles.

Also I now have enough WW1 French Cavalry to make 4 elements but I only need two. They are early war Cavalry but that's all I could find. They are uniformed and equipped as the troopers shown in the picture at right.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Odds and Ends = French Artillery Gun

I have had no luck trying to find just a single WW1 French Artillery gun and crew I could buy or trade for to complete my WW1 French Army for play on the 15th. So I've decided to scrounge through all of my bits and see what I can come up with on my own.

Now it's my understanding that the French used guns left-over from the Franco-Prussian War (see picture at right) during the early years of the Great War. So I have come up with a gun, carriage, carriage wheels and a crew, all from different periods and manufacturers but I think I can make it work. The artillery crew are WW1 French Army Minifigs. The gun is colonial British as well as the carriage. The wheels for the carriage are from some long forgotten trade made years ago so I have no clue as to what period they may be for but they fit and look good. I will post a picture of the gun once I have it based, painted and flocked. The crew is taking a Simple-Green bath at the moment to remove the old paint job that came with the minis when I bought them.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nuclear Plant Begins Operation

In a stunning surprise to the world Prussia announced the completion of it's first 3 nuclear power plants. Both the EU and the United States immediately called for UN Inspectors to be allowed in to inspect the facility. Poland is threatening aerial strikes, which has put the PDF on high alert. Chancellor Jaap von Huack says that the plants were publicly announced 2 years ago, so they should not come as a surprise to anyone. Further the Chancellor stated that UN inspectors will be allowed access to the facility but will be accompanied at all times by Prussian Energy employees and members of the Prussian Intelligence Service (PIS). The three plants will produce enough energy to not only meet all of Prussia's energy needs but will allow Prussia to export energy to neighboring countries. Only one of the plants uses a cooling tower the rest use the waters from the Baltic Sea.

New Chancellor Elected!

The Election Day results are in and the elected ministers of the 2nd National Assembly have
been sworn in by the Chief Counsel of the Council of Prussia. The first order of business is to elect a citizen as Chancellor and then the new Chancellor will appoint his cabinet. After a few hours, Jaap von Huack of Koenigsberg was elected Chancellor and immediately confirmed by the Council of Prussia. His vacant seat in the National Assembly will be filled by the citizen candidate that had the second most votes on Election Day in his district.

Election Year, New Rules for Ministers and More Police

National elections are being held today for the National Assembly of Prussia. Changes to the Assembly Law were introduced late last year to change the representation ratio from 1 minister for every 1000 citizens to 1 minister for 73 polling districts. Now while the new law uses the term people vice citizen, only citizens can vote and hold public office. There are 114,873 registered citizens out of a population of 360,000. This years election will reduce the seats in the National Assembly bringing the total down to 73. Chancellor Hekel may not stand for re-election to the Chancellery this year by law so he is running for a ministers seat in the Assembly from his hometown of Freidland. He may seek the Chancellery again in 2 years. Currently there are 3000 citizens running for office.

Another law passed in the last Assembly Session was the Currency Act of 2011, which renamed the Prussian Thaler to the Prussian Mark. 1PM = 1 Euro. Military expenditures increased by 80 million marks. The Republic expanded the Black Eagle Vodka label to include several new product lines including beer and wine. Alcohol and tobacco taxes were raised and the Commerce Transaction Fees put in place. The Republic Police Force was increased to 3500 members with 3 Command Centers. New recruits for the RPF are shown below in full dress uniform outside the Koenigsberg Republic Police Academy.

Once again Republic Service is open to all whom apply. Something will be found for you. Whether testing medical products, delivering mail, driving a truck or taking a bullet in Karakistan, there is a job for you in the Republic. Apply at your local Republic Service Center. You will be given medical & psychological examinations, undergo various testing procedures and given a standard 8 day indoctrination program and from there be sent to begin training in your new career. Remember, citizenship is awarded for 5 years of honorable service.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

TAU-RA Taruk Rider

Last night I painted and then dipped the first mini for my upcoming Tau-Ra FUBAR Force. A Taruk Rider. Added the base and flocking today. He wears white carapace armor and carries a Gauss Lance weapon. The Taruk Riders are brave and tough opponents upon their mighty Taruk. The Gauss Lance is essentially an anti-tank weapon, it can cut a whole through most armor. It would vaporize a single soldier. The Riders charge into battle with the primary goal of taking out enemy vehicles but can lend firepower support to Tau-Ra infantry squads.

In my particular mod of FUBAR (Bush War FUBAR) I think I'll start the Taruk Riders out as a 8" movement rate, d10 experience level unit, light cannon firepower with gauss (which reduces target armor save by 1 or 2) with +2 Carapace Armor for the rider.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

HOTE Battle: Mafeking Zulus vs. 7th Foot, British Army

Traveled down to Fort Smith today to visit my son James and his bride to be Jessica. We met up for lunch and then headed over to Hawgshead Comics on Greenwood Ave for some Magic CCG games and Hordes of the Empires. Now, I apologize, but I forgot the battlefield and the rules so we had to make due from memory and this was our first go of HOTE all together.

The British Deployment

We each played with 24 points. The British Baggage Camp came from my Duchy of Saxe-Huack SYW Army, but HEY, at least were wargaming and having fun. :)

The Zulu Deployment

The first couple of turns saw the armies advance on the Mafeking plains. Sunlight glitterd off spear points and the air was pierced with the shouting of orders and marching of boots.
In the picture above James sent his Cavalry (Kn) around the hill to attack my left flank in the rear.

Above the Skirmishers followed by the Chief and 2 Warbands advance upon the woods towards the Gatling Gun. I pulled 1 Warband off to stall the Cavalry "coming round the mountain." The action on the right flank is all close order marching to battle.

James knocks out my Skirmishers but this allowed my Warband to close!

The right flank: The British enjoyed volley fire at my Zulus whom sang and danced to intimidate the enemy (low PIPs) before joining in melee.

As the above picture shows I was able to sneak a single Warband into the Baggage Camp but blast the dice the Camp Defenders won!

But next turn it was over (we played this way due to time restraints) the British General took a spear and now has a maggot hole in his belly.