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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Uniforms of the Prussian General Staff

Prussian Army: Strike Force Hawk

SF-Hawk after the battle at Ramatunbulla. Fireteams 1 and 2 on the left and right with Captain Erik Falkenhuack's PLT in the center.

The picture shows the SF unit being 3 men short, this was due to casualties suffered during the battle.

Prussia Lays Claim to more of Poland

Prussian ministers today revealed an updated map of showing areas that are claimed by Prussia. Prussia now claims a large swath of land directly east of Gdansk. The Polish President dismissed the claim as ludicrous. Further, Prussian ministers passed a recognition bill citing the Prussian heritage of Marienburg now called Malbork and clearly stating intent to return that ancient city to the Prussian Reich.

PDF Attack on Stolen Rebel Convoy

Briefing Tent, 5th Army Regiment Command HQ deep in southern Karakistan. Colonel Johann DeBeers briefing Strike Force Hawk Commander, Captain Erik Falkenhuack, on the latest intel from interrogations on the stolen convoy.

"Our Russian allies believe that 2 of the 3 trucks laden with small arms and ammunition are within our operational area, in the village of Ramatunbulla. Now normally I would just send a gunship out there with a scout sniper to check things out but all those assets are currently involved elsewhere. It's up to you Captain Falkenhuack to lead your strike force and determine if the trucks are there and if so capture if possible or destroy them if not. As you know our country is small and we could use the arms those trucks carry." With a crisp and smart salute the captain leaves to assemble his team.

Scenario Rules
To enter or exit a vehicle or building requires one turn.
To enter and start the ammo trucks requires a turn.
If either of the trucks exit the board it results in a Rebel victory.

A Prussian Army Strike Force consists of 2 fireteams, each with an APC led by a sergeant. Also a gunship or tank is assigned to the fireteams, and in this case commanded by the Strike Force Commander in the tank. Captain Falkenhuack lead his Strike Force Hawk to the village outskirts and indeed found the 2 trucks to be parked by one of the large adobe buildings in the village. Captain Falkenhuack gave the order to charge.

The initial deployment with Strike Force Hawk on the left. SF Hawk Veterans D10 Expertise with the Rebels at d8 Seasoned Expertise.

SF Hawk wins initiative but APC1 (upper left) hesitates and fails activation. Rebels activate and spot oncoming Prussian Army vehicles. Rebel Cell 1 (RC1) in the upper building activates and sends out 2 of their cell to exit the building in the hopes of moving the trucks to safety. Rebel Cell 2 (RC2) activates and fires an RPG at the Prussian tank, and scores a hit against it but the tanks armor held.

SF Hawk advances and APC1 activates and opens up with it's LMG and mows down the 2 rebels that exited the upper building as they were making for the trucks. The Prussian Light Tank and APC2 return fire with their LMG's at building 2 and manages a kill there. Remaining 2 members of RC1 exit building for trucks. RC2 fires their RPG again at the tank, killing one crewmember and destroying the tanks LMG.

I normally don't show dice in my game pics but I wanted to demonstrate Bush War FUBAR mechanics. 1 RPG hit with the d8 and 2d10 armor dice that failed to negate the one hit by matching or beating it's score.

Prussians win initiative and continue advance. APC1 let's loose it's LMG again resulting in another kill. APC2 opens up on RC2 in the lower building but failed to hit. The remaining member of RC1 passed his activation with bravado and jumps in the closest truck. RC2 opens up with the RPG again at the tank but once again Prussian engineering wins out.

Rebels win initiative but RC1 can't start the truck as it stalls. APC1 hesitates unsure to whether to open fire at close range on a truck laden with ammunition. RC2 hits the tank again with their RPG this time destroying the main gun. Captain Falkenhuack orders the tank driver to use the tank to block in the second truck hoping that the tank's proximity to their stolen loot will prevent them from shooting at him again for fear of a miss. APC2 storms up to the lower building
entrance and unloads it's fireteam.

SF Hawk wins initiative with APC1 making decisive action and pinning the manned truck between it and the building while APC1 Fireteam unloads. APC2 Fireteam enters the lower building to engage RC2 in close quarters combat resulting in the death of a Prussian soldier. RC1's last rebel is surrounded, fails his activation and surrenders while sitting behind the wheel of the truck. (As an afterthought I should have tested to see if he blew himself and the truck up with a grenade.) Combat continues on the rebels turn with RC2 losing 1 rebel.

APC1 Fireteam secures the two trucks while APC2 Fireteam kills the remaining 2 members of RC2 in bloody hand to hand fighting but loses another valueable team member. APC2 Fireteam Sgt. Max Groeben is thankful for the extra bayonet drills and his pistol. So with both Rebel Cells neutralized and the convoy trucks captured, and only 3 casulties Captain Falkenhuack breaths sigh of relief and details 2 of his team to drive the trucks back to regiment.

Later that night at Base Camp, Captain Erik Falkenhuack addresses his men. "My soldiers, you have all fought well today. Sadly 3 of our brothers are gone, but we will honor their memory and our victory tonight with beer and a feast, as we deserve and as THEY would WANT us to do!" His men smiling, and cheerful, Captain Falkenhuack sits down to share in the victory celebration.

This was my first full 6mm Bush War FUBAR Battle and it was very enjoyable and played out in just over an hour. I apologize that my vehicles aren't painted up very well, they are in Prussian Field Gray (heh) and dipped. Same with the infantry which are awaiting a source of small flocking for their bases. I did manage to paint the faces, and some details on the infantry, but the vehicles were painted last year prior to my full on jump into 6mm this Christmas. 15mm Battles will still be fought, don't despair, after all this started out as a 15mm Republic. Thanks for reading!

Karakan Rebels Sieze Kyrgyzstan Arms

REUTERS: Moscow. Karakan rebels crossed the border in a daring raid seizing tanks and other arms from a Kyrgystani military convoy. 42 Kyrgystani soldiers and 3 civilians were killed in the attack. Losses include 3, 2-ton cargo trucks full of assault rifles, ammunition and other small arms along with, surprisingly, 3 cold war era 1960's tanks.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Final Results for 2011

The Pledge
6mm: 59/12
15mm: 121/372
25mm: 27/111
54mm: 2/0
1/72: 0/0
Terrain & Acc: 9/17

Total: 218
Goal: 500

Games Played
Ambush Alley WW2: 2
Clockwork Century: 1
Reaper WARLORD: 2
Song Blades&Heroes: 8
Witch's Brew RPG: 1
Dungeoncrawl: 1

Total: 24
Target: 30