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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Uniforms of the Prussian General Staff

Prussian Army: Strike Force Hawk

SF-Hawk after the battle at Ramatunbulla. Fireteams 1 and 2 on the left and right with Captain Erik Falkenhuack's PLT in the center.

The picture shows the SF unit being 3 men short, this was due to casualties suffered during the battle.

6mm Hospital or Barracks

My first 6mm terrain project. Not as good as I wanted it to be but I'm happy with it.

Prussia Lays Claim to more of Poland

Prussian ministers today revealed an updated map of showing areas that are claimed by Prussia. Prussia now claims a large swath of land directly east of Gdansk. The Polish President dismissed the claim as ludicrous. Further, Prussian ministers passed a recognition bill citing the Prussian heritage of Marienburg now called Malbork and clearly stating intent to return that ancient city to the Prussian Reich.

PDF Attack on Stolen Rebel Convoy

Briefing Tent, 5th Army Regiment Command HQ deep in southern Karakistan. Colonel Johann DeBeers briefing Strike Force Hawk Commander, Captain Erik Falkenhuack, on the latest intel from interrogations on the stolen convoy.

"Our Russian allies believe that 2 of the 3 trucks laden with small arms and ammunition are within our operational area, in the village of Ramatunbulla. Now normally I would just send a gunship out there with a scout sniper to check things out but all those assets are currently involved elsewhere. It's up to you Captain Falkenhuack to lead your strike force and determine if the trucks are there and if so capture if possible or destroy them if not. As you know our country is small and we could use the arms those trucks carry." With a crisp and smart salute the captain leaves to assemble his team.

Scenario Rules
To enter or exit a vehicle or building requires one turn.
To enter and start the ammo trucks requires a turn.
If either of the trucks exit the board it results in a Rebel victory.

A Prussian Army Strike Force consists of 2 fireteams, each with an APC led by a sergeant. Also a gunship or tank is assigned to the fireteams, and in this case commanded by the Strike Force Commander in the tank. Captain Falkenhuack lead his Strike Force Hawk to the village outskirts and indeed found the 2 trucks to be parked by one of the large adobe buildings in the village. Captain Falkenhuack gave the order to charge.

The initial deployment with Strike Force Hawk on the left. SF Hawk Veterans D10 Expertise with the Rebels at d8 Seasoned Expertise.

SF Hawk wins initiative but APC1 (upper left) hesitates and fails activation. Rebels activate and spot oncoming Prussian Army vehicles. Rebel Cell 1 (RC1) in the upper building activates and sends out 2 of their cell to exit the building in the hopes of moving the trucks to safety. Rebel Cell 2 (RC2) activates and fires an RPG at the Prussian tank, and scores a hit against it but the tanks armor held.

SF Hawk advances and APC1 activates and opens up with it's LMG and mows down the 2 rebels that exited the upper building as they were making for the trucks. The Prussian Light Tank and APC2 return fire with their LMG's at building 2 and manages a kill there. Remaining 2 members of RC1 exit building for trucks. RC2 fires their RPG again at the tank, killing one crewmember and destroying the tanks LMG.

I normally don't show dice in my game pics but I wanted to demonstrate Bush War FUBAR mechanics. 1 RPG hit with the d8 and 2d10 armor dice that failed to negate the one hit by matching or beating it's score.

Prussians win initiative and continue advance. APC1 let's loose it's LMG again resulting in another kill. APC2 opens up on RC2 in the lower building but failed to hit. The remaining member of RC1 passed his activation with bravado and jumps in the closest truck. RC2 opens up with the RPG again at the tank but once again Prussian engineering wins out.

Rebels win initiative but RC1 can't start the truck as it stalls. APC1 hesitates unsure to whether to open fire at close range on a truck laden with ammunition. RC2 hits the tank again with their RPG this time destroying the main gun. Captain Falkenhuack orders the tank driver to use the tank to block in the second truck hoping that the tank's proximity to their stolen loot will prevent them from shooting at him again for fear of a miss. APC2 storms up to the lower building
entrance and unloads it's fireteam.

SF Hawk wins initiative with APC1 making decisive action and pinning the manned truck between it and the building while APC1 Fireteam unloads. APC2 Fireteam enters the lower building to engage RC2 in close quarters combat resulting in the death of a Prussian soldier. RC1's last rebel is surrounded, fails his activation and surrenders while sitting behind the wheel of the truck. (As an afterthought I should have tested to see if he blew himself and the truck up with a grenade.) Combat continues on the rebels turn with RC2 losing 1 rebel.

APC1 Fireteam secures the two trucks while APC2 Fireteam kills the remaining 2 members of RC2 in bloody hand to hand fighting but loses another valueable team member. APC2 Fireteam Sgt. Max Groeben is thankful for the extra bayonet drills and his pistol. So with both Rebel Cells neutralized and the convoy trucks captured, and only 3 casulties Captain Falkenhuack breaths sigh of relief and details 2 of his team to drive the trucks back to regiment.

Later that night at Base Camp, Captain Erik Falkenhuack addresses his men. "My soldiers, you have all fought well today. Sadly 3 of our brothers are gone, but we will honor their memory and our victory tonight with beer and a feast, as we deserve and as THEY would WANT us to do!" His men smiling, and cheerful, Captain Falkenhuack sits down to share in the victory celebration.

This was my first full 6mm Bush War FUBAR Battle and it was very enjoyable and played out in just over an hour. I apologize that my vehicles aren't painted up very well, they are in Prussian Field Gray (heh) and dipped. Same with the infantry which are awaiting a source of small flocking for their bases. I did manage to paint the faces, and some details on the infantry, but the vehicles were painted last year prior to my full on jump into 6mm this Christmas. 15mm Battles will still be fought, don't despair, after all this started out as a 15mm Republic. Thanks for reading!

Karakan Rebels Sieze Kyrgyzstan Arms

REUTERS: Moscow. Karakan rebels crossed the border in a daring raid seizing tanks and other arms from a Kyrgystani military convoy. 42 Kyrgystani soldiers and 3 civilians were killed in the attack. Losses include 3, 2-ton cargo trucks full of assault rifles, ammunition and other small arms along with, surprisingly, 3 cold war era 1960's tanks.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Final Results for 2011

The Pledge
6mm: 59/12
15mm: 121/372
25mm: 27/111
54mm: 2/0
1/72: 0/0
Terrain & Acc: 9/17

Total: 218
Goal: 500

Games Played
Ambush Alley WW2: 2
Clockwork Century: 1
Reaper WARLORD: 2
Song Blades&Heroes: 8
Witch's Brew RPG: 1
Dungeoncrawl: 1

Total: 24
Target: 30

Friday, December 2, 2011

Galactic Corporations - Interstellar Defense Solutions

There are many corporations within the Milky Way & Andromeda Galaxies. Ranging from the giant and bloated Pan Galactic Corporation that has it's fingers in almost everything to the small trinket vendors on space stations.

One corporation I shall highlight upon from time to time will be Interstellar Defense Solutions. IDS is a small company, with less than 45 full time employees. It's joint-chaired by Jaap von Huack & Gallo Forchella. IDS has both industrial and military divisions. IDS Industrial Division focuses on planet and asteroid mining, interstellar transportation services as well as ship, ship equipment, military arms and mining equipment manufacturing. IDS Military Division provides custom contractual armed security, intelligence gathering & other services rendered by most private military companies. IDS like most companies takes advantage of the for hire manufacturing lines available throughout the galaxy. However boardroom talk of late has been on the acquisition of a space station, expansion of military operatives and investment in manufacturing equipment.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

GPT, The Ceti Accords & Clone Technology

The UEF was the first faction to develop Gate Projection Technology and reach out into deep space. Now every faction has developed their own gates to jump ships from sector to sector. All gates are heavily defended and protected. However with the signing of the Treaty of Cet most faction gates are open to civilian and commercial travel and serve as communication relays.

The Treaty of Cet mentioned above took it's name from the planet of it's signing. The four major factions have always had strained relations but a fear of the Comet Empire and others along with a desire to expand commerce and cooperation brought about the Ceti Accords. The treaty established the planet of Cet as an interstellar free, neutral diplomatic planet dedicated to maintaining dialogue, trade and peace throughout the galaxy. Cet maintains it's own defense and police forces. The Ceti Accords also provided for the assignment of all beings and sectors of space into the Ceti Registry which details the trustworthiness or lack thereof for any given person as well as the safety and security of a certain space sector. All four factions have adopted the Ceti Registry for their own uses as well, therefore one might have a 2.0 rating with their own faction but a negative rating with another. The Registry identifies persons as either 10.0 Most Trusted, to -10 Interstellar Enemy. All people are born and or entered into the registry with a 0.0 rating. Those with ratings below -4 are heinous villains and it is the duty of all to cause them harm. Space Sectors with positive ratings are generally considered safe for travel and offer some protection. One would be wise to avoid sectors with a negative rating.

Cet (pronounced SET) is a lush vibrant planet and was thought to have had no native inhabitants. However archaeologists uncovered remains of a once great civilization that was highly advanced. Many have come to Cet in the hope of a fresh start. Some are drawn to the elite Ceti Foreign Legion. The Legion is open to neutral and trusted candidates throughout the two galaxies, however the onus is upon the candidate to find transport to Cet. Since it's founding, the population of Cet has grown steadily and it's citizens enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the galaxy.

While humans were developing clone tech prior to the Comet Empire's invasion of Earth and today it is common for factions to use clone troops and workers. A recent innovation has progressed clone tech to the next level. Federation scientists have developed instant transfer capabilities from person to clone. The cost of the technology is steep but if one has the right connections or money a clone will be produced and kept animated in a suspense vat hard wired into new clone tech super computers. Every day one can download a copy of one's memory onto your clone's databank. In the event of death those equipped with special neuron transmitter gear can have a quick copy uploaded and inserted into their clone which results in the clone awaking within a few seconds after death. The "new you" that awakes in the vat will have no deformities or disease, (unless requested) and you will remember everything as if you had just awoke from a long slumber.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Strange Happenings....

As the new found peace settles upon the land. The good folk of Bittburg and Saxe-Huack settle back into their lives. Merchants peddle their wares, farmers tend their crops and herds and thus rural life in Germania goes on as it has for hundreds of years. However the nights have grown cold, dark and eerie. Howls and acrid screams pierce the night. Strange happenings are being reported,
not only from the countryside but in the towns and villages as well. Farmers awake to find their livestock mutilated, their remains appearing chewed and gnawed upon as if by great beasts.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Old Hotel in Karakala, Karakistan

Shown in this AP photo are rebel insurgents emerging from the Old Hotel in downtown Karakala in central Karakistan. No doubt a nest of insurgent activity.

I found this cardstock model over at the Junior General website. Good stuff there.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Battle of the Ciberian Forest

REUTERS. Karakistan: Prussian army troops engaged separatist rebels in Northern Karakistan today in the great Ciberian Forest. The firefight claimed the lives of 12 rebel insurgents. A PDF spokesman in Karakistan only commented that the Prussian Army was fulfiling their alliance obligations.

I played that the snow areas were forested areas and if the unit stood on white then it was in cover.

PDF troops advanced to the forest edge and opened fire on the rebels, whom ran towards their line.

Next up the bayonets were fixed and the melee began, end of game. PDF losses 0, Rebels 12.

The battle was fought using the FUBAR Dice Mod rules. It was fun but very short. I'll have to educate myself further at the Forge of War on the nuisances of FUBAR.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Battle for the Village of Turandihar

REUTERS: Moscow. We are receiving word that there was fighting today in the small Karakan village of Turandihar. Prussian army troops were sent into the village to clear it out of any suspected insurgents and indeed found 2 cells of insurgents operating in the village. After bombing runs by the Russian Air Force with heavy civilian casulties, PDF troops from the 3rd Prussian Army Brigade were sent in on a mop up mission to clean it out. Below is an aerial view of the village just after the bombing.

Upon entering the village the Prussian troops were fired on resulting in 2 troops going down with severe wounds and 1 dead. The PDF soldiers stormed the first ruined building, engaging the insurgents in hand to hand combat killing all 5 of the insurgents from the first cell. Below is a picture our reporter took just prior to the Prussian assault.

The second cell operating in a nearby destroyed store stayed put waiting for the PDF troops to emerge. Instead the Prussian soldiers took cover and used precise firepower to clear out the second insurgent cell.

The battle concluded with 10 dead Karakn rebels and 1 Prussian dead and 2 wounded. Russian Major General Sergei Nostov awarded the Prussian troops Russian medals for bravery and spoke well of his Prussian allies.

I fought this battle using the FUBAR rules from the Forge of War Group. PDF as Veterans and the Rebel Cells as Greens. Both sides rolled with the Karakan Rebels gaining initiative. Insurgent Cell 1 activated and opened fire on the PDF troops resulting in 2 unsaved hits which I took as casualties. Insurgent Cell 2 in the south building killed another trooper. The PDF activates so I chose to assault Cell 1 and killed 3, next turn Cell 2 fails to activate and the PDF kills off the Cell losing only 1 more trooper. Turn 3: Cell 2 fails to activate and gets mowed down by assault fire.

I like the FUBAR rules but I think I'm going to tinker with the rules a bit to suit my tastes. I don't like modifiers of +1 or +2 to die rolls, to much small math is tedious. I want to mod it to add or take away dice.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Campaign Background

They knew of this invasion decades ago. They held the evidence and kept it secret for over 70 years. They can't say we didn't see them coming. Our telescopes and satellites picked up their fleets at the edge of our solar system and still we did nothing, governments and their corporate backers preferring to just ride it out instead of alarming and arming the populace. They knew, and did nothing....

Their great ship first appeared as a comet, but as it neared Neptune we knew it was no comet. At the height of our civilization they came, to conquer and exterminate. They came for our water, our oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, even the water in our own bodies. Tokyo, New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Rome, Beijing all destroyed by the invading hordes. They didn't bomb us from orbit or send their ruin down like rain from the sky. No, they sent their troop ships and took our water, our cities and our very lives by force.

The only glimmer of hope to emerge from this happened in Los Angeles, CA. The United States military, led on the ground by a heroic Marine Sergeant, fought a brave retreating action there and brought down the first of the great troop mother ships. Word of this spread like wildfire around the globe and soon the invaders were retreating. But for how long? Was it a retreat or a regrouping? As a species we could no longer sit back and stare at the stars and wonder. It was time for action, a time for us all to unite or die off. With millions dead and great cities leveled, the survivors began to blame their governments, religions and corporations for the devastation. Being human, they could not unite as one. However, wary of a return to the days of corporate greed and ignorance, they formed into two groups, the United Earth Federation and the Grand Soviet Republik. The UEF on Earth was originally comprised of North & South America, Western Europe and Africa. With the GSR controlling Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

In the 300 years since that fateful time, mankind has bravely sailed the heavens in search of colonies and new threats. Ever on the lookout for the fell creatures that invaded our home those many years ago. Alien contact would be made again and again, however with less disastrous effects as the first, even peaceful beneficial contact was made. Despite this we never forgot where we came from and why we first took to the stars. Yet despite an alliance to assist in the event of another Xenos war, the humans of Earth continued to war against one another throughout the years. Being human, new factions emerged, colonies rebelled and religions grew militant. The race now controls a small part of the Milky Way galaxy, with the major players being the UEF, the GSR, the Holy Malvernis Empire, and the Tau-Ra Collective. The Tau-Ra Collective is unique in that it is the only major power that counts Xenos among it's citizens.

Of course there are many lesser factions among the stars of the Milky Way, including human pirates, petty planetary baronies, lawless frontier planets and asteroids, rogue drone infested stations and satellites, and self-sufficient human colonies aboard giant space stations and manufactured moons.

Yet despite all of our discovery, growth and contact among the stars, there is one theme that unites us all, even the Xenos we've since contacted share this one thing with us. Fear; fear of the return of that dread comet, the Comet Empire.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Factions Draft 2.0 - The Reichmark

The largest and most powerful of the human kingdoms. The Reich, as it is commonly referred to, is made up of 10 semi-autonomous counties. Eight of the ten counties are ruled by a heraditary monarch, the other two are governed by a ruling city-council. From these counties the Emperor is chosen, being elected by his peers, the city-councils and the heads of the two major cults.

Head of State: Emperor Karl Franz
Capital: Altdorf

Religions & Cults:
The Imperial Cult of Sigmar
Head: The Grand Theoginist, Volkmar von Hindenstern

The Cult of Ulric
Head: Ar Ulric, Emil Valgier

The Frei State of Bittburg
The Principality of Altdorf
The Grand Duchy of Wittenburg
The Grand Barony of Nordland
The Grand County of Averland
The Grand County of Hochland
The Grand County of Middenheim
The Principality of Ostland
The Frei State of Marienburg
The Grand Duchy of Prustland

Thursday, October 6, 2011

HOTT Battle Pic: Lizardmen vs. Wood Elves

My daughter and I fought a HOTT battle today. She commanded wood elves while I led the lizardmen. My forked tongue minions inflicted heavy losses on the elves, 12AP. Here is a close up pic of lizardmen elements bringing the smack down upon some tree elves. The lizardmen won the battle with their only loss being an ensorcelled mage.

Prussian Navy Adds First 4 Vessels.

The Prussian Navy at last set to sea with 4 new vessels for their Baltic fleet. The Prussian ships were purchased from Venezuela in an arms deal signed last year during a visit by the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The photo shows 3 cutter class vessels, the Pillau, the Goldap, and the Neidenburg and 1 patrol craft.

Note on minis: I am not sure of the manufacturer or scale, I think 1/3600.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Uniform Template - Huack Royal Army

RAO 1880.10.5.001 Dress Regulations - Army Field Uniforms

For all units of the Royal Army, except those of the Moden Guard.

Major General Erik von Falkynhuack.
Royal Army
Principality of Huack

Huack Army Machine Gunners

Here are the first 2 elements (MG) of the Principality of Huack Royal Army. Also pictured is an element of Moden Guards (on loan from my WW1 German Army.) The MG crews are in their Huack Red uniforms with khaki trench coats.

British Colonial Army

Note the piper!
Artillery, MG and Cavalry on the painting bench.

The Zulu Impi

The Zulu Impi! 2 Generals, 9 Warbands, 2 Skirmishers and 2 dead markers. In the center front we have Chiefs Unga and Bunga. In the rear flanks are the skirmishers with captured British rifles, with one wearing a red service coat. Only 1 of the chiefs will lead the army at a time. Most likely Unga.

French Army General Element

Not quite a French Army but I did manage to paint quite a few figures, mostly Colonials, but I was motivated for the command element of my soon to be WW1 French Army. The kneeling soldier is a junior officer holding a map.

PDF Forces in the field with the new Chinese Assault Rifle.

The PDF Public Affairs website has released this photo of Prussian Army troops conducting operations in Karakistan; carrying the new Type 97 Assault Rifles recently purchased from China.

Karakan Rebels

Reuters: Our journalist in Karakistan captured this picture of three rebel insurgents on patrol following an explosion on the outskirts of the capital city of Karakala.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Principality of Huack: First Army General

When Prince Karl signed the Army Act into law creating the Principality's armed forces, he created, Colonel Erik von Falkynhuack, his former commanding officer in the Austrian Army as the first General Officer of the Huack Army, bestowing upon him the rank of Major General. General von Falkynhuack was born in Huack in the village of St. Jamestonia in 1824. Pictured below is a photograph taken just after his promotion ceremony at Fortenbras Palace in Alshirejvo. General von Falkynhuack will assume the role of Army Commandant and will be responsible for the organization, operations and training of the new army. Second only to Prince Karl in the Army's hierarchy.

Also, the rank of Lieutenant General has been replaced with that of Colonel-General. Thought I would publish this before we leave for Lake Degray!

Going Dark....

Going on vacation this weekend. The Duchess and I are travelling to Lake Degray near Bismarck AR for a week. We plan on doing nothing, but relaxing at the campsite and enjoying the State Park. We will bring our kayaks, books and of course I'm bringing miniatures to paint. I hope to have a finished Frei Stadt of Bittburg Army to show you upon my return.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Principality of Huack - Army Officer Rank Insignia

From his palace in Aleshirejvo and addressing the Royal General Staff, Prince Karl approved the following insignia for the Royal Army Officer Corps.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Arms Deal Reached

Today Prussia and China signed an arms deal worth 2.8 million Euros. Prussia will buy 5000 Type 97 Assault Rifles shown below and will began production of it's own Type 97 models in two years along with the ammunition rounds. Included in the argreement was the purchase of 5,000 HE artillery rounds, and blueprints for the same.

The PDF expects to have the new rifles in the hands of their troops serving in Karakistan within 2 months.

I have just purchased a pack of Chinese PLA 15mm toy soldiers from Rebel Minis. These will serve as the future basis of the 15mm PDF ground forces. There shall be lamentation in Karakistan!

The Moden Guards

Prince Karl's household guards are known as the "Moden Guards" since the unit was formed in the Prince's ducal estate of Moden. The Guards are the elite of the Royal Army and their training and recruitment standards are rigorous. Below is a photograph of four Guards during a marksmanship training exercise:

Friday, September 9, 2011

WW1 German Army

This is an army I've always wanted, I am so proud to have it. I have more to add to this army and will post pictures of the muster once completed. Note the artillery barrage and gas cloud markers.

The Muster of Saxe-Huack

The 15mm Army of Saxe-Huack. Note the baggage camp behind the command element, it has 2 baggage horses, 1 soldier with a feed bucket, another standing guard. The command element has 4 soldiers, the General on white horse with purple coat, an officer on his left, with a drummer and standard bearer behind them. Two elements of cavalry are on the workbench to be painted with red coats, after that the army will be complete and battle ready. I am considering adding another 4 elements of line infantry but with a different paint scheme, but before I do that I must finish painting the Bittburg army.

click for larger image.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chinese & North Korean Delegates Arrive in Prussia for Arms Trade Agreement

Delegates from both China and North Korea arrived in Koenigsberg to discuss an arms trade agreement with Prussia. Talks were held at PDF headquarters at Fort Frederick the Great in Koenigsberg. If the talks are successful and a deal is signed, the trade agreement will bring huge stockpiles of Chinese assault rifles, artillery projectiles and other conventional military hardware to Prussia, as well as North Korean missile technology in regards to launch vehicles for communications satellites. At right Prussian ministers confer with their Asian counterparts.

Royal Army Jaegers

In just a few short weeks Colonel Prince Albrecht fulfilled his orders to establish a Jaegers Battalion, in fact the Prince went beyond his commission and established a regiment. Two battalions of three companies, with the Crown Prince as their commanding officer. The regiment will be known as the "Prince's Own." Being a former guard officer the Prince chose green jackets with red collars and cuffs for the regiments uniform. Prior to the Prince leaving Berlin, he arranged the purchase of rifles to arm his regiment. Each jaeger is promised a rifle to keep as a reward for service. The Prince is building a small barracks for the regiment at the Royal Army camp in Huack. In normal times only a single battalion shall be on duty at a time, the rest will be placed on half pay and sent home. In times of war both battalions will be available for march. If the Prince has his way, the Jaegers will be the new rapid strike force of the Royal Army. The regimental colors are shown below.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crown Prince Returns

After an absence of two years serving in the Prussian Army as an Adjutant to HRH Prince Heinrich, Crown Prince Albrecht von Lettow returned to Fortenbras Palace in the uniform of a Prussian officer having risen to the rank of colonel. Prince Albrecht, whom had already seen combat in the Royal Army of Saxe-Huack as a Captain of Grenadier Guards, was thrust into battle on several occasions during his tour in the Prussian Army. That night the Duke ordered a royal banquet, during which the Crown Prince was promoted to colonel in his father's Royal Army.

After the dinner and an appropriate amount of time spent with family and friends the Crown Prince was summoned to the west wing of Fortenbras Palace which houses the Royal General Staff. Inside the Prince found the Duke, General Bach, Colonel Vorbeck, Captain Stueben, Colonel Kliest and the many other officers waiting for his briefing. Colonel Prince Albrecht gave a detailed report of his experiences in the Prussian Army and was quite eager to suggest the creation of an Jaeger Battalion as the newest addition to the Royal Army. Everyone agreed and the Prince was chosen as it's commander. Thus that night, on paper, the 1st Jaeger Bn was born. The Prince set about filling it's ranks immediately.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

On Patrol in Karakistan

On the right are Prussian Army troops on patrol in an Karakan town. These troops are part of the 3rd Brigade on deployment under allied Russian command. The soldiers are all wearing the new field gray uniforms. As you can see from the ruins, Karakistan has seen better days.

These are my first 15mm modern minis for my campaign. They are from Old Glory-Command Decision packs. I've decided to switch to an imaginary state for deployment vice Chechnya since I am very unfamiliar with the crisis there.

Friday, September 2, 2011

JANES DEFENSE WEEKLY: Prussia Unveils New Light Tank & Offensive Weapon Systems

The Prussian Army today announced the roll out of their first Prussian made tanks. The light urban warfare tank, called the Nacht Panzer 8. Below is a picture of the first 5 painted in field gray as per the new PDF orders, formed in a troop on test runs prior to deployment to Chechnya.

Also new information has come out on the PDF's offensive strike capabilities. The army's strike missile systems are at full mission operations and could be a serious threat to Prussia's neighbors. Intelligence reports indicate ground launched "cruise" missiles and there are sketchy reports of a larger possibly ballistic missile. Interestingly Prussia has also manufactured some rather large offensive artillery guns pictured below, the larger gun having possible range to target Warsaw, hence it being dubbed the Warsaw Gun.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Prussian Defense Force Organization

The PDF has undergone major reorganization in the past year. The PDF is broken down into two sub-branches: the Prussian Army and the Prussian Navy. Both are headquartered in the capital.

The Army reorganized into 4 brigades. A HQ Brigade in Koenigsberg, 1st Brigade at Fort Frederick the Great. 2nd Brigade at Fort Erwin Rommel and the 3rd Brigade at Fort Falkenhayn. All three brigades serve on rotational deployments overseas. Currently the 3rd Brigade is in allied service with Russia fighting rebels in Chechnya. All brigades contain air, ground and missile elements. As such each brigade is fully operations capable on it's own. Also on a side note, the Prussian Army has abandoned green camouflage and reached into the past with a return to field gray, but in a digitized pattern.

HQ Brigade and Commandant of the Army: Major General Paul von Lettow.
1st Brigade Commander: Brigadier General Luther Suldowolowitz
2nd Brigade Commander: Brigadier General Wilhelm Braun
3rd Brigade Commander: Brigadier General Helmuth Gershwin

The Navy structure is still classified at this time.

PDF Set to Build First Tank

Today the Prussian Defense Force announces plans to manufacture the first combat vehicle for urban warfare use. Colonel Albert Brendel head of the PDF Engineers Corps said "We expect to roll out our first tank in the next 6 months." The project name of the tank is Panzer 8. Our forces serving under allied Russian command in Chechnya have repeatedly demanded an small combat vehicle that can fight in urban terrain and out. PDF engineers have come up with a light tank design that can be crewed by 3 troopers, has a top speed of 120 km per hour and can offer field commanders a nice strike package with light and heavy machine guns and a 40mm gun. While urban warfare is not exactly the tanker's dream, many future battles will no doubt take place in an urban environment. The force value of a tank cannot be underestimated in an urban setting in which a commander needs all available combat elements to complete his mission while keeping casualties low This urban warfare tank will become an indispensable tool in our arsenal of freedom.

Peace Conference of Furth.

Baron Alexander von Jagow, Prime Minister to Duke Augustus returned from a recent trip to Berlin. While in Prussia the Baron met and dined with Crown Prince Albrecht whom is currently on military assignment in Berlin whom sends his greetings and report to his father the Duke. Before leaving the Prince warned the Baron that trouble was afoot, that the political climate in Berlin was changing.

Baron von Jagow also met with several Prussian ministers whom were most interested in how the "crusade" against Bittburg was proceeding. The Baron informed them of the current situation in Bittburg and of the mandate given the Duke by the Holy See in Rome. The Prussian ministers advised the Baron that the Duke should bring his army home and end the war. The Baron made queries as to why we should do such a thing and it was revealed to him that strong protestant forces inside Prussia and out desired to see Bittburg throw off the shackles of the Catholic church. The Baron nodded his understanding but wanted to put forth his sovereign's claim as the Margrave of Bittburg to the assembled ministers. That they did not question and they seemed favorable towards this disposition and that he should seek his claim, just not on the orders of Rome. As far as they were now concerned, Rome should no longer have any hand in the affairs of state within the Reich.

On hearing his prime minister's words, the Duke retired to his library to contemplate his decision. The next morning the Duke assembled his court and from his golden eagle throne ordered the Royal General Staff to bring the army within the newly drawn borders of Saxe-Huack. That the army should garrison the city of Munchhausen and await there for further instruction. Second that a peace delegation be led by Prime Minister von Jagow accompanied by his staff and a company of Liebstandarte Guards.

The peace settlement plan included two parts. The first that the nature and cause of the current war was that of religious reasons and that for the same reasons should end. To achieve this end if the Revolutionary Council of Bittburg would release the Bishop of Bittburg unharmed, that Saxe-Huack would end all current military operations against Bittburg. That the city of Munchhausen had in it's own accord sworn fealty to the ducal crown and was now a royal estate and no claim should be put forth against it. The second part of the settlement was a demand that the Revolutionary Council recognize Duke Augustus as Margrave of Bittburg, disband, and submit to the Duke's mercy.

The peace conference took place in the village of Furth, midway between Munchhausen and Bittburg. In attendance were the Saxe-Huack delegation, the Revolutionary Council, Colonel von Vorbeck, Colonel Brendel, whom eyed one another with calculating curiosity, and ministers from Prussia, Bavaria and France. While the delegates debated the settlement Colonel von Vorbeck took the time to casually stroll through the village of Furth, paying close attention to the units of the Revolutionary Army that had accompanied their colonel to the peace process and realized that Bittburg now had regular, uniformed line infantry in it's army. He also noticed a pair of their officers discussing the current events in English.

After hours of deliberation the peace settlement was made. The Bishop of Bittburg would be freed and allowed to return to his church and throne in the city, but no longer would he be allowed to meddle in affairs of state. Any attempt by the bishop to raise an army or organize resistance to the revolution would result in the bishop being forcibly exiled from the state and his property forfeit. The City of Munchhausen was now a recognized estate of Saxe-Huack and the Frei Stadt of Bittburg was now officially recognized by Prussia, Bavaria and France. The second part of the peace plan, as expected, was summarily rejected by the ministers of Bittburg.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Nobility of the Balkan Wars between Huack & Turkoslavia, circa 1880.

His Royal Highness Prince Karl Michael Alexander Lothringen, Prince of Huack, Duke of Moden. Born in December 1853 at Castle Moden in Austria, the only child of the Duke and Duchess of Moden. Prince Karl was raised an avid hunter and was educated in Vienna at the Imperial Military Academy. During the Russo-Turkish War the Prince was the Austrian military observer with the Russian army.

His Excellency the Khedive, Mahemed Ali Pasha. The son of a doctor, born in July 1849 in Constantinople. Mahemed joined the Ottoman Navy at an early age. In 1867 he was promoted to junior commander and given command of a patrol boat. By the time of the Russo-Turkish War he was captain of a destroyer on the Black Sea where his daring exploits and military accomplishments earned him the nickname "The Kraken." It was as a reward for his naval service during the war that he was created Khedive of Turkoslavia.

The Congress of Berlin

The Congress of Berlin which ended the Russo-Turkish War of 1877 to 1878 established the Principality of Huack and the Khedivate of Turkoslavia on the southern shores of Lake Hreshta. The Principality of Huack was created an autonomous vassal state of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Khedivate of Turkoslavia an autonomous vassal of the Ottoman Empire.

In Huack, Archduke Karl Michael Alexander Lothringen of Austria was titled Prince and took Castle Huack as his royal court in the city of Alshirejvo. Whereas in Turkoslavia, Mahemed Ali Pasha an Ottoman naval commander, and nephew of the Sultan was crowned Khedive. Immediately both states saw the other as a rival and threat. Before the end of 1879 skirmishes and naval engagements were breaking out between the two small states. Both states are wary of not only each other but their balkan neighbors as well.

The lands of the two kingdoms are prosperous and fertile. Wine, cheese, wool, iron and lumber are the main exports from both. Lake Hreshta as it is known in Huack or Lake Ohrespa in Turkoslavia is fed from the tributaries and creeks of the Danube.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bittburg Appoints New Army Commander

The Hon. Ludwig Stauffenberg, recently appointed Prime Minister of the Revolutionary Council today promoted Albert Brendel to Colonel and commander of the Union Army of Bittburg. Born and raised in Bittburg. Albert left home 8 years ago for England to seek adventure. Albert spent the last 5 years in India where he served as a captain in the military forces of the East India Company.

Also while in session, as his first act Colonel Brendel demanded that the Council make a proclamation; Order #1 announcing that all able bodied men and women of Bittburg and the surrounding areas to report for military duty. Whether sewing uniforms, aiding the sick, cooking, chopping wood or fighting, all would be needed to win this fight and stop the army of Saxe-Huack from marching into the capital and ending the dream of a free republic in the heart of Europe.

Colonel Brendel is not alone in his challenge to equip and train an adequate army to fight Saxe-Huack. The Colonel brought several close friends with him from India whom he has appointed as officers and given staff and command positions. He also sent another comrade from India back there with funds to purchase artillery pieces from the East India Company.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Test Battle of HOTT+ Fantasy

I've been working on a HOTT mod for my campaign needs and have had two test battles to date. Here's a picture from the most recent involving undead and wood elves. It involves close combat between a Wood Elf Ent and Dragonfly Drakes vs Undead Pike. Test battles have no effect on the campaign world of Aeyr.

Much more work lies ahead for my HOTT mod. I've changed the direction I was going, and am simply adding new troop types, possibly more spells and slightly increased weapons ranges. Played this battle using a d8 vice d6, but that idea doesn't seem to work very well.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Duke's Instructions 1765

The Royal General Staff has issued new instructions for the operation and conduct of the Royal Army. All officers shall keep the instructions upon their person and shall ensure compliance at once.

I have decided to return to my roots in wargaming and go back to DBx systems for all my wargaming activities. Simple, smaller armies on smaller tables but has the greatest feel of commanding an army that I've found in my 10 years of wargaming. I will be playing Horse, Foot, Guns by Phil Barker of WRG. I will play with a modified version to fit my campaign.

I have almost completed my transition to 15mm with the Royal Army of Saxe-Huack. Have decided to add peasant hordes to the Army of the Union of Bittburg so that they too might bear arms in their revolutionary struggle. I have been contemplating doing away with Ostenburg, having it absorbed into Prussia but have yet to decide it's fate.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brigadier Field Marshall's Baton

My first attempt at making a movement gauge. I am proud of it despite my jacked up black lines.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Final Results, The Pledge 2010

Updated: 10.22.10
Painted-Read / Purchased
6mm: 0/166
15mm: 10/235
25mm: 1/82
54mm: 0/0
Scenics/Terrain: 0/2

Total Painted: 11

I hope to accomplish more in regards to my wargaming hobby this year.