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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Crimson Guard of the Royal Army of Ostenburg

Sitting on his great double eagle emblazoned throne; Johanniter III reigns over the Kingdom of Ostenburg from his ancient castle of Konig-Nacht which is nestled in the hills above the city of Altdorf, the capital of his kingdom.

Johanniter III is no fool, he knows that there are some in his court who do not approve of his reign. And so today he is going to take action to ensure his throne and his family's succession. Johanniter's most trusted advisor is his prime minister Ludwig von Wessen, together they have come up with a scheme to clear the royal court of the disloyal.

Speaking from his royal dais the King issues a decree ordering the creation of an new elite unit of the Royal Army, a unit which will act both as the king's personal bodyguard but also as the enforcers of his will. Thus the Crimson Guard were born.

The uniform of the Crimson Guard shall be comprised of three colors, red, black and white. I may even make them grenadiers although I'm not sure yet. I picked up a couple more boxes of 1/72 SYW infantry a few months back but since then I joined the Old Glory Army and am thinking of going with Old Glory's SYW range for the remainder of Saxe-Huack's and Ostenburgs forces. Bittburg (if it survives) can continue on with the army I've already painted up for them.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Battle Report: Barbarians vs. Kingdom of Alexandria

The Kingdom of Alexandria is a small principality located on the southern coasts of the western realm of Sigmar. In the Empire this southern coastal region is known collectivelly as the Border Princes or the Southern Kingdoms. These lands are frequently raided by barbarians, orcs and companies of adventurers. Although too small to present any real threat to any of the great realms of Aeyr the kinglings of the Southern Kingdoms keep and maintain their own armies.

Today my son and I fought this battle using our home mod for Mighty Armies. James' had the barbarian horde and I commanded the Alexandria's Army with the august King Alexander at the center of the line with his chief mage Achem. Alexander wasted no time and as soon as the raiders were in sight he ordered his 2 cavalry groups to head round the enemy and attack their shamans from the rear or flanks. He then ordered the bulk of his battleforce to march forward and form ranks to prepare for the inevitable onslaught.

As the Alexandrian cavalry approached the barbarian shaman on the enemy's right flank began to weave a spell as he traced symbols in the air with his crooked and notched wooden staff. The air cracked and the sky thundered as a bolt of lightening shot out from the shamans staff and disintegrated the hapless cavalry troopers on contact. The shaman on the left flank attempted the same but Sigmar be praised the shot disappated in the air. Alexander ordered his heavy ballista to fire on the barbarians lines and the crew responded by unleashing hell on the right flank shaman sending him to the nether reaches.

For the rest of the battle the surviving barbarian shaman's power was kept in check by the Alexandrian wizard, Achem. His magical weaves of protection kept the army safe from the effects of the shamanistic magic.

Finally the main groups of the two armies met in close combat with shield on shield and pitched screams of savage fury. Both sides pushed each other to and fro but slowly the Alexandrian Army windled down the savage barbarians. Realizing his great host had either fled or been killed the barbarian chieftan turned with his guards and ran from the borders of Alexandria.

Battle was fought using the Mighty Armies rule system.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Fantasy Campaign

I have wresteled with the decision of wether to blog my fantasy campaign. I decided that the trail I am taking with it is large enough to warrant it's own blog. So the Chronicles of Aeyr has been born at: http://aeyr.blogspot.com I have posted much of the background fiction, and geo-political details.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Principality of Rondeau

While visiting his family's villa in the Barony of Lettow, Prince Albrecht decided to tour his family's great estate by horseback, during this tour of his lands the prince inadvertently crossed a small stream that bordered the Barony of Lettow and the County of Rondeau. (The County of Rondeau is the northwestern most county of the Union of Bittburg. It borders the Saxe-Huack barony of Lettow. The painting above commemorates the joy of the people of Rondeau and shows Prince Albrecht with a welcoming gesture as points back across the stream towards Saxe-Huack.) Prince Albrecht and his bodyguard had noticed a small crowd of twelve men standing opposite the stream and they rode over to greet them. As it turns out these men were the magistrates of Rondeau and had been on their way to the city of Lettow bearing a document forswearing the Union of Bittburg and formally requesting admission into the Duchy of Saxe-Huack; when good fortune smiled upon them and they noticed Prince Albrecht and thought it, to their great joy, that God had blessed them in their deed and had sent the Crown Prince of Saxe-Huack to accept their fealty and claim them as his people.

General Wilhelm von Bach, Chief of the Royal General Staff, was quoted to have said to the Prince, " I forbid you to go to war and yet you conquer while in your garden."

Duke Augustus was most pleased of this news and sent for the Rondeau magistrates and allowed them to stay in Fortenbras Palace and dine with him and his court. A few days later the county of Rondeau ceased to exist and the Principality of Rondeau was born. Thus it will be until the end of days that the Crown Prince of Saxe-Huack shall also bear the title of the Prince of Rondeau.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cast of Characters

I thought I would reintroduce my characters and to a small extent show the pedigree of some.


Duke Augustus von Lettow
Duke of Saxe-Huack, Margrave of Bittburg, Baron of Charmont & Rightful Prince of Ostenburg

Current monarch of Saxe-Huack. The von Lettow family have held the Barony of Charmont (western Saxe-Huack) since the creation of the duchy. Augustus's great-grandfather was raised as the Duke of Saxe-Huack by the Reich Emperor at the creation of the Duchy 140 years ago.

Wether the von Lettows have claim to the title of Margrave of Bittburg is a question that is likely to be debated in blood for some time. Duke Augustus claims that the last margrave had promised him the title before he died.

As for Augustus's claim as the Rightful Prince of Ostenburg is another sketchy matter. The von Lettow family tree has it's roots in Ostenburg. Augustus's great-grandfather was the 7th son of the King of Ostenburg. Saxe-Huack was created by the Treaty of Charmont between the Grand Duchy of Burgundy (in my fictional world it's still around) and the Empire. A pestillence in Ostenburg killed off much of the von Lettow royal family. The present Ostenburg royal family, the Johanniters are the descendants of Maria von Lettow, and her husband Prince Frederick von Johanniter son of the Duke of Hesse-Ehkel, thus the von Johanniters now rule as the Kings of Ostenburg. Maria was the 2nd child of King Ludwig von Lettow and was Augustus's great aunt. Due to constraints placed upon him by the Emperor & the Treaty of Charmont, Augustus's great-grandfather was not allowed to return home to Ostenburg and assume the throne there as the oldest surviving male heir.

This has been a thorn with the von Lettow family in Saxe-Huack for 140 years. The duke's ambitions and sense of family honor push him to assert his claim as King of Ostenburg. It should be noted that the political landscape in the Reich has changed and the ties that bound his great-grandfather to being content in Saxe-Huack are virtually non existent.

Alexander von Jagow
Prime Minister, Baron of Dinante

The von Jagow family is an ancient one in Saxe-Huack. Closest friend of the Duke, Alexander von Jagow has unquestionable loyalty and a razor sharp political intillect. He is highly respected both at home and abroad.

Jaap von Beuligen
Bishop of Saxe-Huack

His Excellency the Bishop of Saxe-Huack is an admired and well loved primate of the Holy Church in Saxe-Huack. At 89 years of age, he is one of the oldest Bishops in Europe. In times past he has served as the Dukes ambassador in more cordial affairs of state.

Brigadier General Wilhelm von Bach
Chief of the Royal General Staff, Baron of Drax

The von Bachs were awarded the Barony of Drax after the Eschian War or 1st Bittburg War. General Bach at that time commanded the army as Colonel and had distinguished himself as a great commander and diplomat.

Colonel Romulus Paul von Vorbeck
Commanding Officer Royal Army

Son of Major General Paul von Vorbeck (ret.) former Chief of the Royal General Staff. The von Vorbecks hold the Barony of Diekirch. Colonel Vorbeck previously served as the Adjutant of the Royal General Staff. Presently Colonel Vorbeck has upheld his familys honor and is proving an able commander and astute diplomat.

Prince Albrecht von Lettow, Major
Crown Prince of Saxe-Huack, Adjutant Royal General Staff

Son of the duke & heir to the throne. Prince Albrecht distinguished himself as a Captain of Grenadiers in the 1st Bittburg War. Leading his company of Grenadier Guards in a ferocious charge against enemy forces barricaded in a church. Burning a church was not an option for the pious and zealous Crown Prince. Prince Albrechts request to be reassigned as a field commander in the Grenadier Guards so that he could lead men in the present conflict was flatly refused by the Chief of the Royal General Staff saying "You have led men in combat, young prince. Now you must prepare for greater responsibilities that can only be learned here at Staff Headquarters."

Captain Manfred von Jagow
Commanding Officer, Battery A, Royal Artillery

Son of the prime minister. Captain Jagow is an adventorous and promising young officer. Like his father he has a sizeable intellect and he has a keen interest in both artillery and cavalry tactics.

Lieutenant Wilhelm Rommell
Platoon Leader, 1st Royal Infantry Regiment

Eyes are starting to turn to this young officer due to his fortitude, dependability and courage. Army officers are seeing the possibility of promise in young Rommell.


Revolutionary Council of Bittubrg
Similiar in setup to the directorate of the French Revolution. The council really stepped in it when they arrested the Bishop of Bittburg. However much lies ahead and who knows what the outcome of the present conflict will be.

Max Hiddenburg
Bishop of Bittburg

Presently under arrest in the Tower of Bittburg under trumped up charges of crimes against the people and union.


King Frederick von Johanniter III
King of Ostenburg & Duke of Hesse-Ehkel. The present monarch of Ostenburg. Questions have been raised as to his suitability to rule, indeed some of his ministers and barons are considering overtures to Duke Augustus.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Fantasy Campaign Project - World of Aeyr

Setting: Aeyr, a world of high & dark fantasy. A world of magic & arcane technology.

Inspiration: Tolkien's Middle Earth, Warhammer Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder Inner Sea Guide, Warmachine, Magic the Gathering: Innistrad, & other fantasy settings.

Games Intention: Hordes of the Things, De Bellis Fantasticus, AD&D Battlesystem, Song of Blades & Heroes, Pathfinder RPG, Tales of Myth & Legend RPG,  D&D, GURPS & others.

"Herein lies the account of Guldas, servant of the wizards, Lawedyr & Dynuil. In my many years of service to my masters I have travelled across, above & beneath the world of Aeyr. I have seen many wonderous things & met many fantastic creatures & people. I have set my pen to paper to recall the great deeds of my masters & other nobles lest men forget.

The lands of the known world are vast, wild and wondrous. From the black gates of Nod in the east to the shimmering crystal blue seas of Ulthantis in the west one will find great forests, mountains, cities and a myriad of creatures. Of the lands beyond the dark lands of Nod I know little. I believe that my masters journeyed there but only briefly and they imparted little of what they saw there. It is believed that nothing exits beyond Nod, just dry barren desert land full of darkness and monsters

Battle of Edsenburg (Bishop's Crusade or The 2nd Bittburg-Saxe-Huack War)

News has spread throught the duchy of Colonel Romulus Paul von Vorbeck's victory over the pagan army of the Union of Bittburg in the battle for the northern Bittburg county of Edsenburg. From the small village of Pree to the great city of Huack, people are celebrating and offering thanks to God that injuries to our army were slight. Indeed more people are beginning to see this latest outbreak of hostilities as a genuine Holy War with God on our side.Colonel Vorbeck setup his headquarters in the great town hall of Edsenburg and dined there that night with his officers, church clergy and local worthies whom had remained loyal to the Holy Church. The next morning the former priest of the town of Edsenburg reopened the doors to his church and held mass. Some church property was relocated but the most valuable and greater portion of it all had been ensconced to the city of Bittburg.

Colonel Vorbeck appointed a new mayor from amongst the local church congregation and detached a platoon of infantry to remain behind in the town to provide security. The rest of the army marched off on their quest to free the Bishop of Bittburg.

The picture above shows the two forces arrayed for battle from the side of the Bittburg Army which today was commanded by my son James. Normally I solo-wargame. Four elements of the 12 that made up the conscript/militia of the Revolutionary Union of Bittburg's Army were held in reserve. I had 15 elements including 1 field artillery element (Joy of an army with royal patronage). I deployed 6 line elements in the center with 3 line elements on my left with the 1 element of artillery. Also at the center were Colonel Vorbecks retinue element and 1 element of the Grenadier Guards. On my right were the 3 remaining elements of the Grenadier Guards.
The Bittburg militia moved their forces forward with their right wing occupying the trees, tavern and church seen on the right. The enemy commander moved his group forward and took cover on the side of the great hall while the left wing marched to intercept the Grenadier Guards behind the great hall.

I moved my forces up while firing rounds from my artillery at the center line of the enemy. My left wing exchanged fire with the enemy that occupied the tavern area for most of the battle. The results of the musket fire on this part of the field kept both forces from engaging in melee combat. Meanwhile my center advanced on the great hall and the Guards moved steadily forward and destroyed the left wing of the enemy and approached the flank of the enemy commander. However the battle ended (Bittburg lost 6 elements) before we could capture the enemy general as he fled the field in disgrace with his remaining forces.

My son and I enjoyed this battle. He claims that he wants to assume the identity of either Bittburg or Ostenburg and raise his own army. That would be nice, and something I would enjoy as well.

In other news I have purchased 2 more box sets of 18th century 1/72 plastic infantry; Austrian and Prussian. I have had for some time a box of AWI British cavalry but have yet found time to assemble them up. I have also been playing paintball, which is quite fun. I decided that I probably have too many hobbies and have stopped playing the MMO Eve Online. In other sadder news my father passed away on the 11th. I miss him very much.

I am debating about sending some of my lead and plastic to Sri Lanka to be painted by Fernando Enterprises, his rates seem reasonable and he has a good rep over at TMP.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bishop of Bittburg Arrested!

The Bishop of Saxe-Huack, his Excellency Jaap von Beuligen bears a letter from the Holy See in Rome to Duke Augustus:

Your grace, as you well know of late the Revolutionary Council of Bittburg in their heretical fury have banned the church, confiscated church property and have exiled, arrested and murdered many priests and laypersons. Early last week they abandoned God and arrested the Bishop of Bittburg. If you continue to stand by and allow the heresey advocated by those of power in Bittburg to go unchecked it may spread to other lands in Christendom and the fault will lie with you the closest divinely ordained noble.

I must ask myself what kind of traitor are you? Why have I allowed someone such as you to be nourished and brought up in God's church when you would allow your Lord to be treated with such shameful contempt and attrocity by low born militants!

I call upon you as a Defender of the Faith to free the Bishop of Bittburg, and restore the Church in those lands at once. You have my blessing and may carry my standard in battle. Do not fail me Augustus.

Pius VI
By the grace of God, Pope & Servant of the Servants of God

Noticing the face of the duke growing redder, Bishop Beuligen slowly speaks. "I leave you now your grace to reflect upon your situation and indeed the situation of those you rule and remind you that there will be no baptisms, no confession, no marriages, a spiritual shutdown, the "No one from Saxe-Huack need apply" sign will be posted at the gates of heaven should you choose to do nothing. And with a courtly bow the bishop and his attendants turned to leave. Just as they reached the doors of the duke's great hall they were startled to hear the duke cry out "Bring me my arms! And convene the royal general staff! Now damn you move!" With this alarming outcry the dukes attendants were scurrying in every direction. The bishop smiled as he turned to step out between the great eagle emblazoned doors.

Friday, January 18, 2008


This past Christmas my father nearly died. My company brought me home as quick as they could. He is recovering but could possibly be headed for a nursing home. So now for family reasons I have left my semi-truck and fortunatley was able to return to the corporate world.

Which means I'm home everyday and off on weekends! Which means it's time to puruse such noble and honorable activities as the glorification of war in miniature! So diplomatic packages will be going out shortly and a resumption of hostilities between the Duchy of Saxe-Huack and it's heathen enemies shall commence immediately!

Anyway I am most glad to be back among you all again and I look forward to catching up on the latest news from 18th century fictional Europe.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The End of Camulod

For the past 7 years I've been reading the Camulod Chronicles by Jack Whyte. My heart flew through the ages back to Camulod. I could feel the cold air that tugged at Ambrose and Merlyn that winter in the cave. I could smell the blood and gore on the battlefields.

Tonight I finished The Eagle and despite myself, I sobbed for several minutes. Clothar and I both had lumps in our throats while we listened to Arthur tell us of his plans for Clothar and the Queen to return to Gaul. And upon reading my dear friend Clothar's words, "and now they are all dead." some tears came.

Several times throughout the series I had to fight through the loss of people that I admired, Lucanus, Dedalus. It did not bother me a whole lot when Publius or Caius past on for I expected as much. I knew the eventual outcome of the whole story, but tonight I feel as though I've lost some of the best people I've ever known. As though part of myself died in Camulod.

Thank you Jack Whyte for taking me to Camulod. Let me quote Clothar one last time. "I miss them all."