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Friday, July 12, 2013

Brigadier Full Playtest

Had a very successful playtest of the new wargame rule book I'm writing.  It's focus will be WW2 regiment to division wargaming for the solo-wargamer.  In the pictures you see I'm using 15mm models but the game is being designed for multiple scales.  What you can't see is that there were 12 elements to each side.  Key mechanics are being smoothed out and are functioning well.  As this is the first ever solo game I've designed I've found that I had to keep that thought first and foremost in my mind while playtesting and writing.  So far I'm having fun pretending to be a General watching units advance, push forward, fall back and do their utmost to take the attack to the enemy.  The AI artillery at one point in today's game hit my HQ stand, luckily I had an infantry company nearby and ordered them to turn and attack the artillery.  I know the armies below were allies in WW2 but for playtesting they can pretend.  Anyway the 7th Panzers came out on top in this test, although the 144th put up a serious fight.

Elements of the 144th Armored Division, 10th Corps, 1st Italian Army, North Africa.

Elements of the 7th Panzergrenadier Brigade Schlieffen, Africa Korps, North Africa.

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