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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Raid on Kutebbe

Strike Force Jackal led by Lt. Heinrich Pilz was tasked with escorting a UN Peacekeeping team to the small town of Kutebbe.  Word had come that Mafeking Nationalist Front had siezed the town, and killed many of it's folk.  The Nationalists Front sent one of their bloodiest field commanders, Major Umboto Daudee, to capture the town and setup a training camp for young boys being forcibly conscripted into the MNF.  

The UN contacted Prussia and advised that if our forces would liberate the town they would send in peacekeepers to protect it.  So accompanied by a Mafeking Republic political officer the Strike Force set off with the UN team to retake the village.


Mafeking Nationalist Front troops led by Major Daudee.

SF Jackal and UN Peacekeepers

MNF Armored Car takes out a SF HMV and killing the Mafeking Political Officer
 and a Prussian soldier.  The rest of Squad 1 exit the burning vehicle.

Fighting continues as both sides advance.

The UN Team decides to advance cautiously, and comes under fire.
The UN Armored Car fires it's gun but misses.  However just a minute later the
UN armoured  car is hit from RPG fire and takes critical damage.
Luckily the crew survived with minor wounds.

Squad 1 siezes the west bank of the murky Kutebbe Lake and sets up
 a field of fire on the advancing MNF troops.  Squad 2 deploys and
 attacks the MNF in their right flank.  Meanwhile Lt. Pilzs' T-55P tank takes
 out the MNF armoured car.

As their casualties became severe Major Daudee and a follower
 flee the field running for their miserable lives.

Post battle the PDF assists the UN team with clearing the town.  The UN troops commandeer the abandoned MNF cargo truck.  SF Jackal loads up and heads back to Camp Bushbuck.


Phil said...

Very nice! Buildings are great!

Randall Case said...

Looks like the MNF needs to learn how to use cover! Great stuff! I love how you can build a skirmish game with just a handful of miniatures and it's cool to see the Panhard and the HUMVEES in action.