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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

6mm Rep. of Prussia

The Baltic Republic of Prussia

The imaginary historical records of the resurrected Baltic State of Prussia. An modern miniature wargames campaign.

Name: The Baltic Republic of Prussia
Short: Prussia
Government TypeHeinleinism
Capital: Koenigsberg
Administrative Divisions: None
Independence: 28 January 2010 (from Russia & Poland)
National Holiday: Independence Day (Jan 28th), St. Albert's Day (Dec 6th)
Constitution: 5Core Brigade Commander
Sufferage: Citizens only. Civilians cannot participate in government. Citizenship awarded through republic service.
Population: 336,893
Language: German 33%, Russian 12%, Baltic 55%
Chief of State: Council of Prussia chaired by the Chief Counsel Brigitta Olson.
Head of Government: Chancellor Jaap von Huack
Legistlative Body: National Assembly
Judicial Body: Supreme Court of Prussia

Military: Prussian Defense Force
Military Service Age & Obligation: 18 to 65. Volunteer.



Major General

Prussian Order of the Black Eagle 

Prussian-Polish War 2010 Service Ribbon

Major General Paul von Lettow served for 26 years as an officer in the Finnish Army, retiring from there with the rank of Colonel.  Upon news of the re-establishment of Prussia and the restoration of Koenigsberg; General Lettow moved to his family's ancestral lands and immediately offered his services as a military commander, which the Council readily accepted.

General Lettow fought bravely in the Prussian-Polish War and led our nations 1st Combat Brigade.  General Lettow and his men distinguished themselves in battle.  If not for the 1st Brigades big push into southern Prussia (then northern Poland) it is doubtful that area would be united with us today.

Presently, General Lettow serves as the Commandant of the Prussian Army and as a flag officer sits on the Prussian General Staff, of which he is the present Chairman.



Prussian Order of the Black Eagle
Combat Gallantry Medal.
Prussian-Polish War 2010 Service Ribbon
Karakistan Service Ribbon
(Awarded after 30 duty days in country.)
Frederick's Cross
Combat Wound Medal

Captain Erik von Falkenhuack was born in Berlin on August 30, 1977.  He was a decorated Bundswehr Officer until late 2009 when he immigrated to Prussia and immediately offered his services as a professional soldier.  In late 2011 he was one of the first receipients of the restored Order of the Black Eagle, thus winning him the appellation of "von" in his name.  However in early 2012 he was wounded in action during a military rescue operation in the Russian breakaway state of Karakistan resulting in his award of the Frederick's Cross.  Though having been cared for in a Russian hospital and has since returned home, Captain Falkenhuack's wounds required the amputation of his right leg and right arm.  Captain Falkenhuack has received titanium transplants and can still function but is no longer fit for field service.  He has been reassigned to the Koenigsberg Military Academy as an instructor on small unit tactics and artillery.


Lt. Wallowitz, (Blue Cap) awarding the Karakistan Service Medal to members of Strike Force Hawk.



Prussian-Polish War 2010 Service Ribbon

Karakistan Service Ribbon
(Awarded after 30 duty days in country.)

First Lieutenant Ernst Wallowitz was born in Lyck, Poland on January 24, 1981.  He was a reserve Polish Officer until late 2010 when he voted for annexation with Prussia, when it became clear that Warsaw had no intention of honoring the plebiscite he volunteered for the Prussian Army as an enlisted soldier.  His quality was noticed by his superiors and was quickly awarded an field commission as an officer.  

His first overseas posting was an an assignment to serve as Captain Falkenhuack's XO in Strike Force Hawk.  Following Captain Falkenhuack's wounding in combat, Lt. Wallowitz was given command of the Strike Force and awaits further orders at Camp Condor, Karakistan.

The Karakistani Republic, commonly referred to as Karakistan is a federal subject of Russia.  It is located in Southeastern Europe in the Northern Caucasas Mountains.  The capital city of the republic is the city of Krozny.  2010 Cenus puts the population at 668,903.

The Mafeking Republic is located in Southwest Africa between Botswana and South Africa.  The capital city of the republic is Duharrare.  Mafeking has long been ruled by an elitist military junta led by President for Life Mukofo who took control in 2001 in a violent and bloody coup.  Mafeking has a poor and starving population of 323,487 people with most living in the south.  A socialist revolution, the Mafeking Nationalist Front, led by a corrupt former Mafeking Army major has risen in the west.  The town council of Winhduack which has a small minority population of white farmers has elected and setup a Heinleinist government based on the one in Prussia, and titled the Heinleinist National Party.  They've elected the former mayor of Winhduack as their interim President, Mr. Kabo Mbeki.  As his first act, President Mbeki requested aid along with diplomatic and military assistance from Prussia.  The request was granted and Colonel Johann DeBeers and his Prussian Afrika Brigade were sent to the civil war torn country.

The Prussian military base is located at Camp Elch in the HNP controlled city of Windhuack.

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