Welcome to AGSH. A wargaming blog dedicated to my Dad and the world's most noble hobby; collecting toy soldiers. Here toy soldiers clash in great battles from scales of 3mm to 54mm. Also the historical records of the imaginary states of the 6mm Republic of Prussia, the Kingdom of Aksum, the Principality of Huack, the Khedivate of Turkoslavia and the Duchy of Saxe-Huack.

"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

3mm Modern Campaign


AKSUM: Officially the Huackamite Kingdom of Aksum is a country located near the Horn of Africa. Aksum is bordered in the north and the east by Egypt, in the west by Adal, and in the south by Gambella.  Aksum is an absolute monarchy; though it has a nominal legislative body, the Aksum Senate. The Senate is comprised of 30 members, 20 are appointed by the king and 10 from general elections.

Name: The Huackamite Kingdom of Aksum
Short: Aksum
Motto: الله، الوطن، الملك (God, King & Country)
Government Type: Absolute Monarchy
Capital: Al-Qadim
Administrative Divisions: None
Independence: 3 January 1947 (from Britain)
National Holiday: Independence Day (Jan 3rd), Monarchy Day (Jan 28th)
Constitution: 5Core Home Shako
Sufferage: 18 years of age, universal though there is little the Aksumans may vote for.
Population: 846,993
Language: Arabic & English
Ethnic Groups: Arabs 52%, Tigrayans 40%, Gambellans 8%.
Chief of State: King Al-Nasser Salah ad-Din
Head of Government: King Al-Nasser Salah ad-Din
Legistlative Body: Aksum Senate
Judicial Body: The King's Court
Main Political Party: White Suns
Opposition Parties: None allowed.
Unit of Currency: Askuman Pound
National Anthem: The King is Sent by Allah
Military: Royal Aksuman Armed Forces (Royal Army, Royal Coast Guard, Royal Air Force, Royal Constabulary.)

His Majesty Al-Nasser Salah ad-Din
King of Aksum


Royal Constabulary Border Guard
The Pipes of the Royal Army Band.
Royal Palace in Al-Qadim


GAMBELLA: Officially the Gambella Republic is a country located near the Horn of Africa. Gambella is bordered in the north by Askum, in the west by Adal and Chad and in the south by Sudan.  Gambella is a presidential republic. General Umboto Nkueme is the president. He siezed power in 2006 through a military coup.

Name: The Gambella Republic
Motto:He Who Has the AK47 Makes the Rules.
Government Type: Presidential Republic
Capital: Nkueme City
Administrative Divisions: 100 districts and 1 capital city.
Independence: 3 January 1963 (from France)
National Holiday: Independence Day (Jan 3rd)
Constitution: 5Core Home Shako
Sufferage: 18 years of age universal.
Language: French, Arabic, English and 120 different ethnic languages.
Ethnic Groups: Gambellans 62%, Tigrayans 25%, Arabs 13%.
Chief of State: President Umboto Nkueme
Head of Government: President Umboto Nkueme
Legistlative Body: National Assembly, 202 members elected by simple majority. Half are reserved for men over 40 the other half for women over 40.
Judicial Body: The Supreme Court of Gambella, consisting of 1 chief justice and 10 other justices.
Main Political Party: NA
Opposition Parties: NA
Unit of Currency: Gambellan Franc
National Anthem: Gambellans Grab Your Guns
Military: Gambella People's Defense Forces. Gambella Land Force and the Gambella Air Force.

President Umboto Nkueme

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