Welcome to AGSH. A wargaming blog dedicated to my Dad and the world's most noble hobby; collecting toy soldiers. Here toy soldiers clash in great battles from scales of 3mm to 54mm. Also the historical records of the imaginary states of the 6mm Republic of Prussia, the Kingdom of Aksum, the Principality of Huack, the Khedivate of Turkoslavia and the Duchy of Saxe-Huack.

"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Fantasy Warfare

The Chronicles of Aeyr & The Argonath
Two miniatures wargame campaigns in 15mm scale.
Battles fought using my Not-HotT Mod.
(The Argonath is detailed below the Chronicles of Aeyr.)

The magical continent of Aeyr surrounded by a magical mist which barely conceals an ever changing landscape. The lands beyond the mists are collectively known as "The Wilds." One might step through the mist into a land of snow and ice to turn around and come back through with snow on your boots. However step back across and the landscape may have changed or you might turn around and your way back has vanished and now you are trapped, a stranger in a strange land.

The land of Aeyr is home to humans, dwarfs, elves and more. It is beset on all sides by a strange boundary know as "The Wilds." From the Wilds at times comes odd travelers and merchants. At other times raiding parties and armies. And at others unspeakable terrors. Once the campaign is well underway I will create and upload maps to fit the changing world of Aeyr.

Dwarfs of Ragnaheim
Black Rock Clan Orcs
Wood Elves of Athel Lorien

IN MUSTER (Armies in various stages of assembly.)
Army of the Red Duke (Undead.)The Red Duke is a vassal to the Dark Lord of the Black Tower.))

Frost Knights
Lionmen of the Grass Sea
Duchy of Miln
Duchy of Ravenwood
High Elves of the Silver Tower
 Czardom of Khreon
The Dark Lord of the Black Tower

Tales of the Argonath
A miniatures wargame campaign in 15mm scale.
Battles fought using the book One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas.
Based upon the Bazil Broketail series of books by Christopher Rowley.

 I don't recall, not even the slightest, where I picked up this book and a few of more from the series. I started reading it and have loved it. Bazil is a battledragon and his companion is Relkin a dragonboy. A dragonboy is a human who has been assigned to assist, fight with and help care for his battledragon. At first it starts a little slow, but then picks up. Half-way through battles are being fought and they are well detailed and bloody.

So far the story has dragons, humans, elves, imps, trolls, evil men, wizards, witches and hints of long extinct or forgotten races that might possibly exist in the deep remote, like lionmen. After the first battle I had made my mind up to create an army of imps & trolls as well as battledragons and their allies.

The Imperial Legion of the Argonath will be represented by an existing 15mm army from the Aeyr Campaign. The Imps & Trolls army will be made just for this but could also see service in Aeyr as well.

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