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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

3mm WW2: Test in the Desert

(Continued play-testing of my grid-less version of Bob's Portable Wargame Rules.)

1941 Gazala Region, Libyan-Egyptian Border, North Africa. DAK Kampfgruppe Weinkeller was charged with breaking through the border and capture the western Egyptian town of Gazala.

Unknown to Lt. Col. Weinkeller the 9th British Tank Regiment under command of Colonel Paul Allen was speeding to the border to stop him.

The British started with 9 units. A reinforced battalion of armor. A reinforced battalion of infantry and an artillery battalion. The DAK force departed for Egypt with a reinforced infantry battalion, an armored company and an armored car company. They also had air support from the Luftwaffe. A total of 7 units. The exhaustion point for each force was 3 losses.

The British force took a beating before the battle ended but they held the border and pushed the German force back.

After opening moves both sides draw near the border.

German Stukas rain hell down upon a British battery.

A German armored car company routes in after heavy
 bombardment from a British artillery unit.

Two photographs showing the closing moments of the battle.

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