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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Wargame Scale Conundrum...

I collect and over the years have fought WW2 battles in 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 1/72. At one time I even had 25mm for skirmish but I let those go and have not regretted it. I have tried to rationalize that 3mm for brigade/division. 6 & 10mm for company on up to brigade. 15mm for company/battalion. And have started 1/72 with the intention of skirmishing but I do have plans to use them in forces up to brigade level. This eclectic interest in scales has created a few problems. And it doesn't stop at the Second World War. I have the same issue exists with colonial warfare, ancients, fantasy, syfy, ACW and Napoleonics.  However I want to focus this post on the Second World War.

1. Storage
The storage options I've chose work well for 15mm and below. However 1/72 presents a storage problem.

2. Terrain and terrain storage.
Terrain for 10mm and below are fairly simple to craft/find and storage is simpler. 15mm and 1/72 terrain items are more difficult to store and until the purchase of my 3D printer was hit and miss on crafting and finding terrain.

3. A feeling of illogical behavior in collecting multiple scales for the same period and operational level.
I feel like I am wasting time collecting, basing and painting up so many different scales. However I also feel that my small army requirement allows me freedom to have as many armies of size and shape as I desire.

4. Time spent painting, basing etc.
Of course how many times can one paint an American army in different sizes before thinking this is wrong in some way.

A wargamer from TMP advised me to ask myself "What does collecting multiple scales prevent you from doing?" The quick answer is fighting battles. However it deserves more thought than that.

Here are the characteristics I enjoy from each scale.

3mm:  Aircraft: I can field aviation units right along side my other units. Price & availability: The costs are dirt cheap for 3mm and they are readily available in the U.S. from PicoArmor. I've always received fast, friendly and dependable service from them. This scale comes closest in my mind to division level wargaming.

6mm: Price & availability: Like 3mm above GHQ and CNC have all the models a 6mm WW2 wargamer would need right here in America and the prices are good. I have enough models to make several armies and have two field ready armies with my Germans and Soviets.

10mm: I picked up a French army and a German army at Recruits a few years ago dirt cheap. They are painted and based, two field ready armies. They bore the brunt of the playtesting I conducted for my Brigadier General wargame I wrote back in 2013. So I did some checking and found out that Neal at the Warstore carries 10mm Pendraken models so I ordered an American army from him. However he is hit and miss on his Pendraken stock and at times it's just as quick to order from them directly. If any scale had to go this would be the first on the chopping block. What saves it are the painted armies.

15mm: I started collecting 15mm WW2 not long after Flames of War came out. Price is fair and availability in the U.S. is great with sources from 19th Century Miniatures, Old Glory, and almost every hobby shop carries Flames of War. I also have painted armies for Germany, the U.S, the Soviet Union and a half painted Italian army. This scale came close to the chopping block too but again painted field ready armies are hard to part with.

1/72: I have loved 1/72 model soldiers since childhood. To me they are another classic branch of toy soldiers. You can't beat their price and their availability is not very hard to find. Until recently you could buy 1/72 models at Hobby Lobby but they seem to be dropping that scale for some reason. However eBay abounds with 1/72 models. I have a good sized collection of 1/72 soldiers and enjoy their appearance. Also it seems that 1/72 is the best scale to conduct battles of the 1935 Italian invasion of Ethiopia.

This may require different scales linked to different theaters of war and operational levels in order to resolve. However perhaps simply culling the herd might be the best outcome. However to date I've only been able to do that with 25mm WW2. Getting rid of that scale was an easy choice, then Bolt Action came but I am not going back on it and neither am I going to play BA.

Perhaps my quick answer to what multiple scales prevents is the answer.

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