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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Second World War Marine Corps Exhibit at the Naval Aviation Museum at NAS Pensacola

In July we visited the Naval Aviation Museum. It was my third visit and most worthwhile. The Duchess really enjoyed the visit as well. I got a little choked up viewing the Second World War Marine Exhibits. I was a part of VMA-223 at Cherry Point and am proud of the Bulldogs fighting history.

Anyway without further eloquence here are the pictures.

Yours truly.

Her Grace, The Duchess of Saxe-Huack.


Just Jack said...

Oh for goodness' sake, you were a 'Winger!!?? ;)

But cool pics, thanks for posting.


A. Jeff Butler said...

LOL. Yes sir, 2nd Marine Air Wing OOOH RAH!

Just Jack said...

I started out at Camp Lejeune, with C/1/2.

Several trips to Cherry Point, once to board C-130s, lift off, fly in circles for several hours, land back at Cherry Point, then truck back to Lejeune straight out to LZ Bluebird, pretending we were now in a hostile land...