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Monday, May 8, 2017

Second Playtest Battle

This evening I conducted two more playtests of the new homegrown rules I've been writing. Both games played rather quickly. The first with 6 units per side took about 20 minutes or so. The next was played with 10 units per side and lasted about 30 to 45 minutes. I listened to LotR lore while playtesting and also would take a break from the battle to record thoughts or changes to the rules. So the rules are safely fast play which I prefer. They have the movement rules that I like from HotT modified by base depth vice inches however the bases in the pictures below are all 1" square.

I'm really tired at the moment due to work today so words escape me at present....

At the top of the picture you will see on Orc Warband that was fleeing.
However on the turn that I thought it would run from the board
and be destroyed but they rolled a 1 and stopped right on the edge.
 A surprising outcome.

I deployed a Lurker unit in the canyon and caught the Orc Warg unit.
 The Lurker rolled a 1 and a 6 and since the canyon wall behind the Orcs
 is impassable it adds another DP which kills the unit or
disperses them leaderless and frightened in the canyon.

The ending maneuvers of the second battle.
The human force had a come from behind victory.
On their last turn they killed 4 orc units in combat.
 Three of those were with 3DPs from a single combat.
Shocking results, especially three times in a row.
Finally the crossbowmen shoot and kill the troll unit.

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