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Saturday, May 6, 2017

New Homegrown Wargame Rules Playtest

Like many of you I am still in search of that one set of wargame rules that scratches my itch. I played a short playtest battle last night of some new homegrown rules I've been writing. I picked out 6 Orc and 6 Human units. It was a good first playtest. Although I was so tired I forgot much and left out a few things but the basic mechanics seem good, SO FAR. This has happened before. I play a new set of rules or get an idea and think yeah that works. Start rebasing my models and tailoring army lists and scenarios and then WHAM! Something creeps up and it kills the book or idea. For example One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas are IMHO pure genius. However I don't like tracking so many hitpoints on units. I don't like seeing a bunch of markers on the table. I don't like seeing dice riding along the back of bases. I tried gluing a nail down to my bases and attaching beads as a hit point tracker but this starts to detract from the models after a while and gets fiddly when the points start adding up.

So my favorite rules of my wargames career thus far have been Hordes of the Things, One Hour Wargames and I have started to take a liking to Nordic Weasel Games 5Core series. So I've been trying to come up with an idea that combines things I like from each. Anyway I digress. I was going to post several pictures but have decided against it. Here are some of the battle pictures with notes.

Starting Deployment

First Orc command rolls. 1's are used to remove a hitpoint or disarray point (DP).
A unit can sustain up to 3 of these before routing from the field.

Crossbows shoot at the troll.

A 6 in shooting leaves a DP. A 6 in melee leaves a DP plus the
 unit retreats 1+d6" away from the attacker.

Orcs push back the human line.


Just Jack said...

Cool man, good to see you getting back in the gaming saddle!


A. Jeff Butler said...

Thank you Jack.