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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Upcoming Projects for 2017

As of this post the projects I've picked to work on for this year are:

  • 3mm American Civil War (With a focus on the Western Theater, primarily the Battle of Prairie Grove, which is just a few miles from home.)
  • The Clockwork Civil War (The forces above augmented by steampunk units such as airships, landships, steamtanks, rocket troops, sparktroopers, etc.)
  • 3mm Modern Warfare
    • Wars of the imaginary Kingdom of Aksum.
    • Arab-Israeli Wars
    • Alto-Cenepa War
    • Nigerian Civil War (Biafra)
  • 3mm Late 19th Century Colonial Wars
    • The Mahdist War
    • The Boer Wars
    • The Northwest Frontier 
  • Grand Victorian Science-Fiction (The forces above augmented by steampunk tech.) 
  • 3mm Second World War 
  • 15mm Fantasy (A campaign covering various fantasy states & races.)
  • 3mm Science Fiction Warfare
    • Neo-Soviets
    • The Grand Alliance
      • The Western Europe League
      • The Papal States
      • The American Confederation
    • Alien Threat 
  • OPTIONAL: 15mm Late 19th Century Colonial Wars with a dose of Steampunk.

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