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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Small SYW 15mm Battle

Played my first solo-wargame of 2017 this afternoon. I haven't done much with my SYW models in a while so I brought them out. I setup each with a reinforced battalion sized force. The Bittburg forces had a battalion of line infantry, a squadron of cavalry, an artillery battery and two local militia companies; all under the command of Lt. Col. Aldolphus Busch. His orders from the Lord Protector was to invade southern Saxe-Huack in the hope that it would draw the Saxe-Huack Royal Army out and to attack them. Aldohphus's orders were to not directly engage the army if they showed up but to lead them on a cat and mouse chase to keep them tied up as long as possible while the main Bittburg Army rolled up through Eastern Saxe-Huack.

What the Lord Protector and Lt. Col. Aldolphus did not count on was that there was already a battalion of line infantry nearby and three companies of Royal Jaegers within marching distance. By the time his battalion marched a few miles into Saxe-Huack word had been spread to both these forces. Major Yves Gustoff and Lt. Colonel Frederick Paulus met up on the march to stop the enemy. They both agreed from that based on the local reports coming in from the citizenry that they were facing a regiment sized force and not the main army. They sent word back that they would engage the enemy and report again of their victory.

So outside the southernmost Lutheran church in Saxe-Huack the two forces met with the invaders having a slight advantage in men and combined arms.

Both forces meet on the battlefield.

2 Battalions of the Royal Army.

Lt. Col Busch's reinforced battalion.

As the line infantry advance the Saxe-Huack Jaegers move to the woods.

Both sides continue their advance.

The Jaegers shoot from the woods at the Bittburg line.

The Jaegers destroy an enemy line company.

The Bittburg commander has a 1 on his command dice to help rally his forces.

The Bittburg cannon hits the Royal Army line and spreads some disarray.

The Bittburg line turns to fire into the woods and destroys a Jaeger company.

The Royal Army commander rallies one of his line companies.

The Jaegers bring brutal fire down on the Bittburg infantry.

The Bittburg cannon continues to punish the Royal Army Line.

Lt. Col Busch and his last line company attack the Jaegers and destroy half of those whom remain.

The Bittburg gunners miscalculate their shots.

The Jaegers are tough as nails and destroy the fighting spirit of the Bittburg soldiers.

Major Gustoff is pleased to report the capture of Lt. Col. Busch.

Final disposition of troops. The militia and cavalry fled, while the artillery spiked their guns and ran.
This was my first go at the new wargame rules I am working on. One playtest is worth a hundred opinions on how game mechanics should work. It was a learning experience and some new techniques were developed. More to come...

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Norm said...

Thanks, enjoyed - it is always surprising how a first playtest finds so many holes and unanswered questions in a set of rules that seem fairly tight while being first put to paper. hat first play really does bring a designer closer to their work.