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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Great Reduction...

The Great Reduction has begun. I hauled off three bags full of printed off paper rules and notes on wargaming that I'd accumulated over the past 16 years. I spent most of yesterday going over my collection and a draw-down document I came up with to assist me in my reduction in force. Here is a partial screenshot of it.

I also spent some time going over my wargame rules binders and set aside one large binder as my 5Core book. I have printed off all of my recent NWG rules purchases and have them setup in page protectors in the notebook. I went through two binders throwing out old rules and resusing the sheet protectors for 5Core. I still have a couple of sacred "cows" so to speak with my large HotT binder and a smaller DBF binder. Those can remain for now.

As my screenshot shows I have culled off a few periods/scales. I spent most of the day pouring over my Second World War collection and gathering my thoughts on that. I've marked my 3mm North Africa stuff to go over to my moderns collection to fight other conflicts like the 1940s South American Wars, the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and other real or imagined conflicts.

My 10mm WW2 items are marked for reduction. However at this point I am unsure of their disposition. I am thinking of taking the vehicles and setting them aside for Memoir '44 or perhaps using them along with the infantry for 5Core WW2 skirmish or Company Command. I am also considering selling the whole lot on eBay.

On my 15mm models I serioiusly thought of keeping them for use with Weird War II. However I began to rethink my desire to do this period at all. Why WWW2? I don't know. I think the excellent Dust Tactics models are the draw and if that is the case you can't recreate that with 15mm very well. Even the Gear Krieg 15mm stuff doesn't appear to be in production any more. DP9 the maker only has the books available and as I am in no way interested in reading another set of rules they are of no use at all. Nor am I inclined to start buying more 28mm models. I prefer a smaller battlefield. My wargame table in my war-room is only 4' square and corners are occupied by various boards like Memoir '44 when they aren't covered with stuff as the entire table is at present, making it of no use beyond storage. So at this point 15mm is in the same boat as 10mm. One scale will go to 5Core Skirmish or Company Command. While writing this I started thinking of keeping the 10mm for 5Core Company Command and the 15mm for 5Core Skirmish. Not sure that really solves the reduction effort. Because that still leaves my 1/72 models that could be used for 5CoreSk.

Now over to Fantasy. I've decided due to cost, basing conversion, storage and time that my Warhammer Project to make a One Hour Wargames army for each Old World Faction is over. I will keep the Empire, Ogre Kingdoms, Skaven, and Chaos forces, maybe some of the Tomb Kings and Goblins, and Orcs but the extra greenskins and Lizardmen will be sold. These forces will have to fight other non-GW models like my Mantic Dwarfs and Elves. However this creates another period to scale conflict due to my Warmaster collection. I have a ton of models for the following factions: Undead, Dwarfs, the Empire, High Elves, Chaos, and Orcs & Goblins. I love the Warhammer Old World setting and will continue to use it. However I am duplicating efforts across scales and this again is a time/money gobbler.

Back to the draw-down board! So far I've only put a dent in paper. This is going to be a greater challenge than I care to admit.

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