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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Temptation to Reduce or Project Perculation

There are several of you out there that I follow and read your blogs on an almost daily basis. Either through direct email updates or through the Feedly app. Some of you stick with only scale or period. Others work only in small scales starting at 2 or 3mm and capping at 10 or 15mm. Another I read recently scaled back to 5 specific periods across various scales.

I've always admired the dedication that you have to focus on one area like those mentioned above. Doing so seems to allow others to create, craft and have more adventures. I however have so many varied interests in miniature wargaming that I am often stuck, for lack of a better word.

I do adhere to the excellent principle of keeping my armies small. However the temptation to sell off most of my collection and start over in one scale or one spectrum of scale is always tempting. Even the temptation to cull back to just a few periods. However it seems that I no sooner contemplate this than something novel comes along and WHAM, I've added another project. This must stop. It would be a pity to accumulate a vast collection that see's little use to only one day be sold in an estate sale.

I will use the remainder of the summer to decide what is culled and what remains. I want to have my hobby interest fixed by the fall, specifically by RECRUITS Con. I know there will always be something new that attracts attention but these things must be weighed against time and on-going projects. However my current projects must be scaled back.

As of this post my hobby interest includes:

The Second World War
3mm Project
6mm Project
10mm Project
15mm Company Command
1/72 Skirmish
Naval Warfare
Weird War (Undecided on scale.)

Fantasy Warfare
6mm Generic
10mm Warmaster
15mm Generic
1/72 Generic
25mm Warhammer
25mm Mantic/Generic
Middle Earth (Undecided on scale.)
Game of Thrones (Undecided on scale.)
Dragonriders of the Styx/Plastic Fantasy Toy Soldiers
Generic Cheap Plastic Minis (Ragtag fantasy minis, from several sources including boardgames used to make fighting armies.)

Ancients & Medieval
6mm Ancient Armies Project
10mm Wars of Alfred the Great
15mm Romans, Greeks & Gauls
1/72 Medieval Crusades
1/72 Medieval French-Greco States
1/72 Trojan War
1/72 Neolithic/Chariot Wars
Chinese Ancient Battles (Undecided on scale.)
1/72 Samurai Battles
Late Roman Warfare (Undecided on scale.)

Modern Warfare
6mm Prussia Imagi-Nation
Arab-Israeli Wars
3mm NATO-Warsaw Pact (This covers a wide array of conflicts.)
15mm Chaco War
3mm Weird War One
15mm Great War
1/72 Great War in Africa
African Bush Wars
Naval Battles
2nd Italo-Ethiopian War
The Rif War

Colonial-Late 19th Century
Anglo-Zulu War
Steampunk Wars
Balkan Wars
Russo-Turkish War
Russo-Japanese War
Boxer Rebellion
American Plains Wars
The Sudan
Northwest Frontier
The Boer Wars
Italo-Turkish War
1st Italo-Ethiopian War
French North Africa
French Communards

15mm SYW Imagi-Nations
1/72 American Revolution
English Civil War (Undecided on scale.)
Napoleonic Wars (Undecided on scale.)
American Civil War (Undecided on scale.)
3mm Clockwork Civil War (Weird ACW)
6mm Sci-Fi
10mm Sci-Fi
Spaceship Battles
15mm Sci-Fi Skirmishes
1/72 Asteroid Skirmishes
54mm Toy Soldier Collection
54mm Toy Soldier Wars
Warhammer 40K Skirmish
Epic 40K Battles
15mm Carlist Wars


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Yup, no doubt about the temptations. I'm occasionally sorry for the projects that git no further than one or two minis painted or worse none!

One thing that has helped me tighten my focus slightly is trying to figure out which bits of inspiration or "itches" could be combined or else scratched by an existing project. So want to do the Alamo but don't have the right guys, a forlorn stand by foreign legion or by Colonial Brits vs Zulus or Afghans might work instead. That sort of thing. Won't get you down to 10 or 20 but might let you double up a few.

A. Jeff Butler said...

Appreciate your advice Ross. I have a few that I can do that with. WW2 minis for Weird War II.

Just Jack said...

Sorry Jeff, no pearls of wisdom to offer, I can only commiserate. If you do figure out how to stay more disciplined, please let me know. Or bottle it and sell it ;)


A. Jeff Butler said...

lol, thanks Jack.