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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

5Core Brigade Commander - Test Game

I've been quite excited to play the 5Core series of rules from Nordic Weasel Games. I've buying them up over the past few weeks and some of the supplements. So tonight I had time to sit down and layout a few terrain pieces and setup a couple of regiments to fight each other.  I only played a few turns as I'm not 100% sure that I have the rules correct yet. So I would appreciate any feedback on the notes I display here.

The battlefield, Blue on the South, with Red holding the North.
For Blue they took a SCURRY, which also gives Red a free
 SCURRY, correct?

Blue used scurry so on Red's turn they opened fire at
those in range.  No effect.
Another Red unit shoots with no effect.
Blue turn. Blue Foot shoots (1d6) at the Red Armor and
rolls a 1 on their shock die.
The result of the shock die indicated that the Armor target
 had to withdraw 6" back.
Red turn. They roll a firefight.
Red grunts fire to no effect.
These Red troops delivered harsh fire?
The result of the Red shooting pushes the Blue armor
 back behind closest terrain feature?

Any comments are appreciated.

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Just Jack said...


I'm happy to see you've got 5Core on the table. I'm not at home so I don't have my rules to hand; it shouldn't matter as 5Core uses shared mechanisms between different echelons. But I'm a little scared as maybe Ivan did something crazy/different with Brigade Commander? I dunno, I'll check when I get home and get back to you.

Having said that:
-1 in shock means the target can shoot but not move until rallied, and can't react.
-6 in shock means the target can't move or shoot (or react) until rallied, and if they're in the open they must fall back.
-1 in kill means a man is knocked down/a unit is taking casualties, can't move, shoot, or react until checked on (rallied).
-all of these suffer penalty in close combat.
-6 in kill is knocked out.
-if you roll a scurry,l every unit of yours can move but not shoot, and are not subject to react fire. All of my units that saw one of your units move may then move without drawing react fire. Following this it's my turn and I conduct my activation roll. If I roll 'normal' then then every one of your units is eligible to react (though it's conducted one for one).
-if you roll a firefight every one of your units that are able may fire, followed by any of my units that are able firing. Then it's my turn and I do my activation roll.

FYI - the first time I played 5Core I hated them and thought the author was an idiot. I changed a bunch of stuff and played two more games. Those games got me thinking about the original mechanisms and I went back to them, and it just clicked.

Keep the questions coming.