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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

5Core Brigade Commander - Test Game 3

I started another test game of 5Core Brigade Commander yesterday and finished it up within the first 10 minutes today. Game 3 allowed me to see close assault and that it is deadly. Both sides scurried at least once with the opposing side units that viewed any movement scurrying as well. There is still a gray area for me.
  • I am unsure of what purpose a HQ unit has.
  • Assuming a straight up battle, at what point is the battle over?
  • How to insert the random 100 events and how best to handle them.
  • Also a little unsure on how to designate units, ie armored cars etc.

I will sit back down tonight to review the rules again and decide how best I want to add attachments or artillery units. I'm a big fan of artillery on the battlefield. After all it's the King of Battle.

Now with that said let me be clear. I am absolutely thrilled over the combat resolution system. As a solo-wargamer one roll and done is the pinnacle of efficiency and doesn't wear you down rolling for both sides. I like the possible special actions at the start of each turn.  I suppose part of the fog in my head is my mind is reeling with the possibilities the 5Core system presents my gaming hobby.

More Second World War fighting shown below.

Germans go first and sure enough rolled a scurry action.


Close combat assault resulted in a destroyed Soviet armor company.


Just Jack said...


The HQ stand gets to move for free each turn, so he can move into base contact with units suffering morale or casualties and rally them back into the fight, without having to spend an action.

When is the fight over? That's a tough one as its not addressed in the rules. I like the idea of a force morale mechanism, but the rules don't have one and I haven't bolted one on myself. I usually just quit when it feels right; easy for my side, and for the enemy I lay simple odds and and roll a dice.

The way I handle random events is: rolling activation I use a red dice for the actual orders, and a black dice simultaneously. If black matches red (rolled doubles) a random event has occurred, roll on the table in the rules.

Armored cars: I'd go 1S firing at armor, 1K 1S at infantry in the open. I'd make them -1 in CC with either. Give them a movement advantage over tracks (particularly on roads/good going), and allow them to call (spot) for air/arty.

Regarding arty on table, just make them a stand like any other. 1K 1S vs armor and infantry (or you could mod that based on caliber of guns/accuracy of FO?), can't move and shoot in a turn unless SP.

See, you can do anything you want with the rules and not break the combat and activation systems.


A. Jeff Butler said...

Good stuff Jack! Thanks!

Just Jack said...

No sweat man. Hope you're having fun.