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Saturday, August 13, 2016

5Core Brigade Commander - Test Game 2

Reset my table forces for another test game of Brigade Commander by Ivan Sorenson of Nordic Weasel Games. As before I only played out a few turns. I've been fighitng something this week as I've been tired and generally lethargic since Wednesday. Anyhow I've been reading up on the rules and writing down notes. I also changed the movement rate to better suit my gaming needs. Movement is in base depth vice inches with foot models having a 2 movement rate and (for this game) vehicles having a 4 MR.
Germans roll a Scurry on turn 1. Soviets on right flank see it and counter.

Things seemed to flow a lot smoother this time. While I feel I have the combat outcomes down I'm still learning the different levels of morale that is inflicted on targets and how they must behave with them.
German armored cars engage a Soviet infantry company
 and force them to withdraw.

Hopefully Monday night I will feel better and have the elan to test out an entire battle. I'm going to have to rework the QRS for 5Core Brigade to better suit my needs. I want an explanation of the morale effects and what they must do to overcome them.

Soviets roll up a fire fight.

German infantry company shoots at Soviet armored cars
 but do little to them.

Soviet infantry shoot at a German armored car company and
 send them packing for cover.

German armored car troop regroups behind a hill.
Note the hunkered down morale status marker.


Just Jack said...


First, hope you feel better. Second, how did it go? I see you changed movement to fit your board; the system is incredibly flexible, haven't figured out a way to break it yet.

I see you using white dice; if I may, a recommendation. Use red and black dice. Red are kill dice, black are shock, you can roll them at the same time. And when you roll for activation, roll one of each. The red is the action dice, and if the black matches, you've initiated a random event (roll on the table).


A. Jeff Butler said...

Oh.... Ok. I'll try that.

Adrian Delves said...

Hi, I'm also looking to play WW2 with Brigade Commander. How have you got on with deciding comparative technologies with the different tank types? Have you found any online material for BC WW2 or have you had to do all the work yourself?