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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Massive Rebasing & Upcoming Projects

I received some good advice a few months back to keep my armies small. This has proven to be good advice since I have an eclectic wargaming interest, from fantasy (and several variations of it) to historicals and sci-fi. So to that end I've begun rebasing my models on 1" squares to facilitate more complete (but smaller) armies. I expect to begin more campaigns this year and to renew older ones like the "Orcish Steppes."

So far the armies I've rebased are:
Warmaster Chaos
Warmaster Goblins
15mm Wood Elves
15mm Orcs
Some 15mm human armies that can cross from fantasy to historicals.

Tomorrow I will begin rebasing my 15mm Dwarfs by Essex Miniatures. At present I have 8 stands of dwarfs. Three shooters (2 blunderbuss & 1 crossbow) the rest are melee troops. These dwarfs have never seen combat on the game table. That will soon change. Also I've ordered the Osprey book "Dwarf Warfare" and should have it in hand by Wednesday. I'm hoping to draw inspiration from it to apply to my dwarfs.

I still have several armies to rebase/paint.
15mm Lizardmen
15mm Undead
15mm Barbarians

I am still unsure on rebasing my 28mm Warhammer models. I may just keep them at 6 units each and just leave them on their large bases.

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