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Monday, February 15, 2016

Anglo-Zulu War: Test Battle for New Home Rules

I had the day off today so I decided to get stuck in with a couple of good playtests for some new home rules I've been working on. Well one playtest is worth at least a hundred opinions and thoughts of how a system should work. So far my combat mechanics are not satisfying to me. I suppose that One Hour Wargames has me spoiled now. The good news is that I am completely satisfied with unit movement and firing ranges. Back to the drawing board to work on combat as well as command and control.


Chris said...

Good luck with your endeavor! I play colonials with a group that has used a modified version of Soldier's Companion. Everyone is used to the rules, so the games go OK, but they are still pretty complex. Sometimes I just want a much simpler set of rules that will let me move a lot of figures around without so much fol-de-rol.

Have you tried playing a colonial game with OHW rules? Given the severe limits that Neil has placed on the size and composition of the armies I'm not sure they would work, but it would be interesting to read about experiences people have had trying them.

Best regards,


A. Jeff Butler said...

Thank you Chris. No I have not tried OHW with colonials yet. Like you I have concerns about it. I'm not sure it fits for me post ACW. Now all things prior I think the rules are superb and easily moddable to fit any era. However with that said this evening I started toying around with the idea of rebasing my colonials for a OHW clone. I'll post and let you know if go that route. Cheers.