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Saturday, January 9, 2016

WW2: 15mm One Hour Wargames Battle - Germans vs Yanks

A reinforced American battalion was ordered to protect the flank of the logistical elements of their division as the division moves towards Germany. Meanwhile the Germans had sent a kampfgruppe to hit the American supply lines. Both forces met at a small farming village in Western Germany. The ensuing battle was bloody for both sides with the Americans prevailing and holding the main road through the village.

The game was quick, it only lasted 10 turns.  We remembered that units cannot move and shoot but must pick one or the other. That has been a hard concept to swallow as years of habit say move, shoot and close combat.  One Hour Wargames is still the best set of rules I've purchased in years.

Advancing German forces.

The Americans reach the village.

American ATG sets up on a hill.

Both sides advance under fire.

The battlefield becomes littered with the debris of battle.

The Americans were able to hold the village and control the road.

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