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Friday, January 8, 2016

Winter Plans

We are well settled now into our new home. We closed back on November 24th and immediately had the holidays to prepare for. My new war-room is setup but is still disorganized at present. In fact I've misplaced my "One Hour Wargames" book by Neil Thomas and it's aggravating me.  I've consolidated three of my other blogs into this one. Leaving me with a total of three wargames blogs, historical, sci-fi and fantasy.

Now it's time to begin a good campaign, start another terrain board, continue reading to improve the war effort, paint and simply enjoy the hobby.  Where do I begin? Here is my rough draft of things to do for this winter.


  • Finish painting 10mm Warmaster Chaos Army.
  • Finish flocking my 15mm WW2 Soviet Army.
  • Rebase my Lace-Wars armies.
  • Start 15mm WW2 Italian Army.


  • Begin painting/flocking my foam Isandlwana battlefield board.
  • Go to Lowes and buy a 28" square board to set up as a green field for larger battles.
  • Buy hexes and setup a 2'x3' board with hexes that can be changed out.

Army Books
This is a new project I've had in mind. A binder with a collection of rules, scenarios, painting guides, pictures, articles and items that I find to collect on a specific army, period or campaign.

We are expecting snow tomorrow so it will be a good day to start things rolling.  Cheers from Northwest Arkansas.

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