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Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016 Prussian National Elections

Koenigsberg (AP): The Chief Counsel of Prussia Brigitta Olson swore in the new National Assembly today and a few hours later she welcomed back Jaap von Huack as Chancellor of Prussia. This will be his second term in the chancellery.  Chancellor von Huack was a clear favorite over his rival, Conrad Hekel the former first Chancellor.  Outgoing Chancellor Frieda von Moltke and her cabinet have set up their bloc within the National Assembly. She will undoubtedly seek re-election in 2018 when she is eligible to run again. Prussian law forbades any candidate back to back elections to the Chancellery. However the law does not prohibit a future candidacy after a two year term.

Chancellor Jaap von Huack leaving the National Assembly House for the Chancellery following his swearing in by the Chief Counsel of Prussia before the National Assembly.

Chancellor Jaap von Huack in his acceptance speech outlined some key components of his administration for his two years in office.

  • Continuation of his and former Chancellor von Moltke's financial strategy plan that was developed together in 2013 that saw unprecedented economic growth in Baltic Europe. 
  • Military restructuring and to seek out a replacement for the retiring Commandant.
  • To demand free and fair elections in Southwest Lithuania so that those people there of Prussian descent may choose their future, to either join that area to Prussia or remain a part of Lithuania.
  • Further aid to Heinleinist movements across the world; particularly in war-torn Mafeking.
  • Strengthening of Baltic culture noting Prussia's place within the region and history.
  • He also issued a warning that Prussia will not be intimidated by others and that the recent actions of some neighboring states could have dire consequences.


Don M said...

LOL depressingly true to life, and I say this as one raised by Prussian expatriate
grandfather who got to the states in the late 30s and rather than sit in a camp went out to fight the Japanese.....ah the stories I grew up with...)

Chris said...

Glad to see that the Republic of Prussia is still active.

Brigadier General said...

Thank you Don & Chris.